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West Virginia University

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1 West Virginia University
Ophthalmology Residency Program

2 PGY-2 Allison Bardes Alex Voldman Alex Whittington

3 PGY-3 Blake Forcina Chris Groat Brian McMillan

4 PGY-4 Lauren DiGiovine Priyanka Jain Julia Polat

5 Fellows Retina Fellow Frank Ruda Oculoplastics Fellow Laura Gadzala

6 Program Director Geoffrey Bradford, MD

7 Faculty 2 Comprehensive 1 Neuro 4 Retina 4 Glaucoma 2 Plastics 2 Peds
Drs. Moore and Morrison 1 Neuro Dr. Ellis 4 Retina Drs. Leys, Miller, Kesen, and Ghorayeb 4 Glaucoma Drs. Charlton, Gross, Mitchell, and Realini 2 Plastics Drs. Sivak and Nguyen 2 Peds Drs. Bradford and Bonsall 1 Cornea Dr. Wiley

8 Faculty Contact Lens Research Low Vision Drs. Goellner and Pasinski
Drs. Odom, Ramamurthy and Sokolov Low Vision Rebecca Coakley

9 Typical Day 7am – Lecture (Wednesday Grand Rounds)
Daytime obligations – Clinic, OR, or VA Yearly schedule consists of 2 month blocks of all basic rotations First year: Cornea, Plastics, Neuro x 2, Peds, Consults Second year: VA x 2, Peds, Consults, Retina, Plastics Third year: VA x 2, Cornea, Retina, Glaucoma x 2

10 Things that matter but you don’t want to ask
Salary $54,169-$57,037 Call Transitioning to a q6 schedule with first and second years sharing first call and third years as back up (with fellows and faculty) Life outside of work Yes, it does exist “Book money” 1st year – BCSC series (talks of getting this digitally in the future) 2nd year – San Antonio review course (1 wk to prepare for OKAPs) 3rd year – AAO (New Orleans in 2017)

11 Things that matter, cont.
Perks Borrow lenses during residency Meal cards – $675 at WVU, $10/day at VA (or, unlimited ) Free parking Free gym in Eye Institute Vacation 15 days per year + holidays 5 more days available for meetings/conferences 3rd year – 5 additional days for interviews

12 VA Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center; ~45 min drive
Second and third years Comprehensive and subspecialty clinics throughout the week OR days on Thursday Typically ~7 cataract cases per day Second years do at least 2 per week

13 Surgical Simulator Cataract and vitreoretinal interfaces

14 Surgical Experience # = Surgeon (#) = Assistant Surgeon Mean ACGME min
Mean ACGME min Cataract 144 (241) 86 Laser 76 (82) 24 Cornea 5 (40) 3 Refractive 2 (18) (6) Strabismus 65 (99) 10 Glaucoma 13 (23) Retinal 8 (83) (10) Other Retinal 69 (75) Oculoplastics 42 (159) 28 Trauma (26) 4 Total 444 (875) 186 (364) # = Surgeon (#) = Assistant Surgeon

15 Graduates 2000-2013 17 Comprehensive 18 Subspecialty 6 Retina 5 Cornea
3 OPRS 2 Pediatrics 1 Glaucoma 1 Uveitis




19 Morgantown, WV 10 Great Places to Live, 2013
Kiplinger rated Morgantown #7 Population: 129,709 (metro area) Unemployment rate: 4.2% Median household income: $42,100 Median home value: $161,000 What the locals love: Rowing lessons at the boathouse in the city's Wharf District and dining at outdoor cafés along the Mon River Rail-Trail. Even during the economic downturn of , Morgantown was one of the few metropolitan areas in the country that saw job and income growth, thanks mostly to Mylan Pharmaceuticals, a leading manufacturer of generic drugs, and West Virginia University (WVU) and the WVU Healthcare system. The city's unemployment rate remains well below the national average. Morgantown offers a host of cultural activities, from Broadway shows to art exhibitions. Outdoor recreation is abundant. Locals head to the Mon River Rail-Trail to run or bike, or drive 13 miles to Coopers Rock State Forest for 50 miles of hiking trails. Unlike much of West Virginia, Morgantown, located in the north-central part of the Mountain State, is within a few hours' drive of several major cities, including Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Residents don't need to leave town, though, for good health care. WVU Hospitals are highly rated in specialties including cancer and cardiology. Living alongside 30,000 college students can have its drawbacks. During the school year, traffic through town starts backing up around 2 p.m. And if you're not a fan of Mountaineer football, don't tell. Housing costs in Morgantown are above-average for the state -- expect to pay $200,000 or more for an updated, three-bedroom house. But local property taxes are low. And local schools such as Suncrest Primary and Middle schools, Cheat Lake Elementary and Morgantown High School are top-rated.


21 Coopers Rock

22 Cheat Lake


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