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1 Employer Engagement at ACCES Employment

2 About ACCES Employment We provide a range of employment services to job seekers and employers in the Greater Toronto Area ACCES specializes in meeting the needs of new Canadians Over 80% of the job seekers we serve are new to Canada We serve over 16 000 job seekers a year from diverse backgrounds who face a range of barriers to employment

3 Integrated Funding Model We receive funding from all three levels of government, United Way Toronto, and a number of sponsors and donors Our service model integrates all of these resources to support our overall organizational goals We consistently aim to build and integrate an organizational strategy for employer engagement that works across our 15 different program offerings

4 Our results (2013)

5 Engaging our Network of Employers ACCES Employment works with over 1000 employers across the Greater Toronto Area Over 70% of the employers that we work with are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 50 employees 90% represent the private sector 60% of employers are located in Toronto, 27% in Mississauga and 7% in Markham

6 We have two client groups: Employer engagement is not a side activity, it is integral to finding employment for our job seekers We have two highly connected client groups Employers need: Qualified candidates, a knowledgeable and specialized recruiting partner, regular engagement opportunities. Job Seekers need: Meaningful employment, understanding of employer expectations and Canadian workplace, knowledge of sector trends.

7 Creating Opportunities ACCES creates the right opportunities and conditions to bring job seekers and employers together Developing a reciprocal relationship with employers means that we have to: Demonstrate an understanding of their business Deliver on services that meet their goals Remain highly flexible to their changing recruitment and business needs

8 Value of One-to-One Relationships There is tremendous value in one-to-one relationships between our staff and recruiters, managers and other individuals we work with The result is higher quality of service, trust and reliability We engage our employers through 2 staff teams: Employer Marketing and Outreach Consultants (Job Development) Corporate Engagement Team

9 Employer Engagement at ACCES Employment Build organizational knowledge of how to serve employers at various levels and in different ways. Engagement activity demonstrates the incentives for Employers to invest their time and commitment to ACCES. Corporate Engagement Team Multi-faceted relationships benefit organization and recruitment. Recruitment, sponsorship, volunteering, knowledge sharing. Job Development Team Develop employment opportunities for our clients. Deliver customized recruitment services for employers.

10 Sector-Specific Expertise Employers, with diverse areas of expertise, recruitment needs and business structures require an equally diverse and customized approach for engagement ACCES demonstrates the capacity to understand sector-specific needs, trends and changes. We also prepare top talent and candidates to enter these fields of work in Canada.

11 ACCES Employments Sector Teams Employers invest their time, advice and expertise through engagement activities with our sector teams. ACCES clients are prepared through our sector-specific programs for employment in their fields in Canada. Employers gain access to talented, experienced professionals with knowledge about their sector in Canada. Human Resources FinanceEngineering Information Technology Sales and Marketing Supply Chain LeadershipEntrepreneurship

12 Engage Program Advisory Committees Our program advisory committees allow input from employers to be integrated into overall activities Committees are voluntary, include senior level professionals, successful program alumni, academic providers and consultants ACCES has seven advisory committees, with 60 members representing 40 different employers

13 Employee Engagement: A growing priority We regularly receive requests from employers to provide opportunities for them to engage their own employees in volunteer activities Our volunteer program is designed to allow employers to utilize their knowledge and job experience to benefit our job seekers Exposure to diverse and talented internationally trained professionals is also top of mind for employers looking at volunteer and engagement opportunities

14 Volunteer Program at ACCES Technical Presentations and Panel Discussions For sectors with technical requirements (e.g., Engineering and Information Technology), we engage appropriate volunteers to listen and give feedback to our clients on their presentations. Guest Speaking Roles Senior level professionals are invited to share their experience with our job seekers This enhances the practical knowledge we can provide to our clients, and also engages employers by providing them with a space to share what they know. Speed Mentoring® Employers (mentors) enhance their awareness of talented new Canadians Job seekers (mentees) gain advice about their resumes, interviews, job search, and other sector topics. In 2013, we welcomed over 60 employers at 45 events. 500 mentors volunteered their time.

15 Multi-faceted Employer Relationships With nearly 30 years of experience in the sector, we realize the importance of developing all aspects of an employer relationship through our engagement activities The following cases demonstrate how we have supported these multi-faceted relationships

16 ACCES and Scotiabank Scotiabank has been the proud sponsor of the Financial Services Connections program since 2008. ACCES Employment has a unique program model that targets individual sectors and focuses on training pertinent to professionals in a Canadian workplace. We are proud to work with the FSC program, it is an invaluable support for financial services professionals who are looking for new opportunities in Canada. With the ACCES partnership, we have an ongoing conversation that allows us to anticipate new opportunities to connect new Canadians with upcoming positions at the bank, to continue to provide that bridge between unemployment and employment. Our ACCES hires have hugely benefitted the organization. Its a win-win situation for all involved: in addition to their great work ethic, new Canadians have an ability to speak different languages and share valuable experience. Deanna Matzanke, Director of Human Resources, Scotiabank

17 ACCES and Accenture Accenture has supported a number of ACCES services, namely Speed Mentoring®, IT Connections, Supply Chain Connections, START and the Talk English Café®. In 2013, Accenture was pleased to announce their sponsorship of the IT Connections program. Accenture has contributed two pro-bono consultation and implementation projects to support ACCES Employments online service delivery initiative. A member of their senior leadership team currently serves on the ACCES Board of Directors.

18 ACCES and BDC The relationship began with identifying recruitment opportunities from our Financial Services Connections® program Evolved into a partnership that saw the development of a unique program serving new Canadian entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurship Connections It is always a privilege to work with entrepreneurs. ACCESs Entrepreneurship Connections program gives the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) an opportunity to work with new Canadian entrepreneurs. Participants of the Entrepreneurship Connections program bring a passion and enthusiasm to the program which is contagious and BDC employees are equally passionate about assisting participants in realizing their dreams. The collaboration is impactful and a true reflection of Canadian entrepreneurial spirit. BDC is proud to support this important initiative. Ellen Austin, HR Business Partner, BDC

19 In summary, Employer Engagement at ACCES Employment: Involves employers in program design and delivery Offers various volunteer opportunities for them to get involved Proactively develops opportunities and job leads on behalf of our talent pool Involves developing a full understanding of employers expectations to establish credibility and repeat business Involves working with employers to put measures in place that ensure employment retention and enhance career mobility

20 Thank you for your time! Allison Pond Executive Director ACCES Employment

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