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Pro/User Carolinas Q&A October 2006 Martin Duffy, Senior Solutions Specialist, PTC.

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1 Pro/User Carolinas Q&A October 2006 Martin Duffy, Senior Solutions Specialist, PTC

2 © 2006 PTC2 What is the easiest method for displaying wire lengths in a table when working with Pro-Cabling? In the harness drawing, use & for actual cable length, or & for each conductor length. Some other cabling pointers:

3 © 2006 PTC3 Is there a way to run multiple sessions of Pro/e? My license changed when I added Mechanica and now I can run only one session. You can run as many sessions as you have licenses: Check to make sure that your startup is not trying to connect to the mechanica license as well. In PTCsetup you need to select additional configurations. If this fails. and log a

4 © 2006 PTC4 How do you define your bend tables using sheet metal to ensure the highest ACTUAL accuracy? I have a hard time getting actual parts to match the design accurately. Not sure of the context of this question. Id like to discuss this offline.

5 © 2006 PTC5 Is there a way to display the output of an Excel analysis in the model tree? From the analysis feature Then in the tree, feature parameters, type in param name Two Words: Mathcad Analysis. See the demo!!!!

6 © 2006 PTC6 Is there a correct or incorrect way to create external sketches for feature creation or internal sketches in these features? Most tutorials show external sketches, pro/con? I have exp. with RP & correlating with Pro/E, Let me know if I can do anything with this. PTC introduced external sketches to allow more flexibility in the design process. There is no right/wrong way to use it, only personal preference. As a (Martin Duffy) rule of thumb, if you think that a particular sketch is going to be changed a lot, or be used multiple times as a reference, make it external. This allows it to be selected directly from the model tree. Not sure about the second part of the question. Need clarification.

7 © 2006 PTC7 What's new in WF3.0 sheetmetal? Single operation to create Multiple walls and Miter cut Modern, Graphical UI for Flat and Extruded First Walls Dashboard; Interactive Preview Consolidated Solid/Sheetmetal Cut Sheetmetal Reports presented in Embedded Browser

8 © 2006 PTC8 We have one user that is still on WF2.0 because of current work with outside designers who are also on WF2.0. What is the best way to open a WF3.0 file in WF2.0? TPI # 132326 To find,

9 © 2006 PTC9 How do you borrow a license? I would like to work off my lap top at home occasionally and do design reviews at customers. Need to specify the license pack that does not have the _standard_ in the title for flexlm (from PTC license management) Once license pack installed, from pro/e loadpoint/bin directory, run proe_borrow.bat. Tip, to extend borrowing period to up to 9 days, set env variable:LM_BORROW_DURATION = 9

10 © 2006 PTC10 I would like to get training on pro-toolkit. Is there facility from your end regarding that? As of this time Pro/Toolkit training is limited to the help files supplied when you load Toolkit: Documentation can be installed from the Pro/E CD, install "Pro/TOOLKIT" under "API Toolkits" and then view [loadpoint]/protoolkit/README for information about how to find it. One alternative is to get some consulting (Mentoring) from some of our partners. See myself or JJ for recommendations.

11 © 2006 PTC11 We are a small organization sharing files between the US and China. Which data management system would work better for our application? The best solution for controlling and collaborating with Pro/Engineer data is the PTC PDS. For small businesses, there are inexpensive hosted solutions. PDMLink is the vault that controls your data, Projectlink is the collaboration tool. Both are the same database, so there is no copying of data like FTP. Both are completely integrated to the Wildfire 2.0/3.0 embedded browser. The easiest way to get more information is to talk to your VAR/PTC rep.

12 © 2006 PTC12 The how-to on braking a part up for electrode making. I think this is more a process issue than a tool issue. One tool that makes electrode manufacture easy is SmartElectrode from Sigmaxim:

13 © 2006 PTC13 Please show us how to make layer rules do what we want them to!! Wildfire 2 seems to work quite differently (or not at all) than WF1… Demo, if we have time. Otherwise, we can do offline.

14 © 2006 PTC14 How do I modify existing posts (machining) to work with my CNC? 3 options. 1.Pay us (PTC) 2.Pay our partners. 3.Learn how to use the tools we supply: (need a account)

15 © 2006 PTC15 Since Jeff Burton will win the 2006 NASCAR Nextel Championship, do you think Kevin Harvick will be content finishing second to his teammate?! How the H*$# should I know. Im not from around here, boy………….. My kind of motorsport turns in X, Y, and Z axes

16 © 2006 PTC16 We have 11.5 Pro/E users at my office…what can we do about this? Untie the other hand? Shoot the 0.5 to give a nice round number? Training?

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