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Un proyecto divertido para engrandecer la sabiduría cultural

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1 Un proyecto divertido para engrandecer la sabiduría cultural
Ojo de Dios Eye of God Un proyecto divertido para engrandecer la sabiduría cultural

2 Objetivos del Proyecto
To understand the symbol of the “Ojo de Dios” To know how they were utilized in the past and how you may use them in the present To be able to make an “Ojo de Dios” To make connections with your own cultural background

3 What is an¨Ojo de Dios¨ The Ojo de Dios or Eye of God is a symbol of the power of seeing and understanding unknown things.

4 Where did it come from? It is commonly found among the Huichol Indians of northwestern Mexico and the Aymara Indians of Bolivia.

5 Naming Named after the Sikuli God by the Huichol Indians from Mexico

6 Why make an¨Ojo de Dios¨
Making an Ojo = prayer that the eye of God will watch over us (or the person we are making it for) and grant us (them) health, fortune, and a long life. They can be used as good luck symbols (talisman of spiritual protection) The Ojo becomes a physical representation of the prayer.

7 What it means? The four points represent earth, fire, air, and water.
The colors used have different meanings: RED/ROJO - life itself YELLOW/AMARILLO - sun WHITE/BLANCO moon & stars; BLUE/AZUL - sky & water BROWN/CAFE – soil/earth GREEN/VERDE – vegetation/nature BLACK/NEGRO - death. ORANGE/ANARANJADO-happiness

8 How was it used in the old days?
In Mexico, the central eye was made when a child was born. Each year, a bit of yarn was added until the child turned five at which point the ojo was completed. In Bolivia, “God’s Eyes” were made to be placed on an altar so that the gods could watch over the praying people and protect them.

9 How is it used today? Good luck charm Hung on the wall In ceremonies
In prayer Fiestas (decoration)

10 How is it made? Simple or complex weaving made across two or more sticks You'll need a few things to make one: Assorted colors of yarn/lana. Small craft sticks/palitos Scissors/tijeras Glue/goma (optional)

11 How to put it all together?
Here's how to make an Ojo De Dios: Step 1: Hold two sticks together with your thumb & forefinger. (You can also super glue the sticks together so it makes it easier to handle). While holding the sticks, wrap the yarn around the sticks diagonally two to three times and then two to three times the opposite directions.

12 How to put it all together?
Step 2: Next, wrap the yarn around one side of the cross, as shown:

13 How to put it all together?
Step 3: Carry it over, diagonally following the line of the previously wrapped yarn

14 How to put it all together?
Step 4: Continue to wrap the yarn over each side and across diagonally (see video below for further visual explanation). It should begin to look like this.

15 Need more help? Here’s a counple of links to help you complete your project: ?v=0doOTz5Wckk gods-eyes-craft.html How to make pompoms? SFZ42uq6x4

16 Vocabulario Learned Colores/Colors
Azul= blue Negro= black Blanco= white Rojo= red Amarillo= yellow Verde= green Anaranjado= orange Café= brown

17 Vocabulario Learned Verbos/Verbs
Cortar= to cut Pegar= to glue Cruzar= to cross Crear= to create Hacer= to make

18 Vocabulario Learned Adjetivos/Adjectives
Colorido= colorful Fácil= easy Difícil= hard/difficult Interesante= interesting Bonito= pretty

19 Vocabulario Learned Sustantivos/Nouns
Dios= God Símbolo= symbol Ojo= eye Tijeras= scissors Lana= whool Palitos= sticks Goma= glue

20 Ready to make your very own “Ojo de Dios”??????
¡Vamos a hacerlo! Let’s do it!

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