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Lessons Learned by Fran Mauney

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1 Lessons Learned by Fran Mauney
ISTE 1:1 iPad Initiative Lessons Learned by Fran Mauney

2 Vision, Plan, Goals for School
To be successful, a one-to-one initiative requires much more than simply providing devices for students and teachers. It requires a shared vision for learning.

3 Began with one grade level
Teachers received their devices first, completed 8 hours of PD, and explored over the summer. iPad iMovie Began with one grade level 4th grade students received their iPads in August.

4 Lesson Planning and Procedures
iPad mission statement and Hopes and Dreams How to use the camera, take screen shots, use Safari, and Skitch. Established procedures and routines for iPad distribution and collection. iPad contracts were signed.

5 Focused on Basic Content Creating Apps

6 Students Worked as Independent Learners in Stations
Gradual Release of Responsibility: We taught the App to the class, they experimented, then the teacher designed lessons that promoted differentiation. Students became the experts and shared their findings with classmates.

7 Focused on Curriculum: Research and Assessment
Students demonstrated their learning using Screen Chomp, Ask3, Skitch, Edmodo. 2 of the Most Powerful Outcomes from the 1:1 Initiative: Research and Assessment Focused on Curriculum: Research and Assessment Students enjoyed researching and publishing their findings.

8 Edmodo Workflow Solution
Teachers and students shared work via Edmodo: links to websites, assignments, photos, quizzes, polls, leveled-readers, PDFs, PowerPoints, videos.

9 QR Code Crazy Greenville County iPad Blog QR Codes for Math and Behavior Rewards

10 Most Powerful PD: Field Trip to 4th Grade Classrooms
In February, we received funding for the rest of the school to receive iPads. Creating a vision with reluctant teachers was a challenge. It was solved by visiting the 4th graders and seeing how the culture and climate of their classrooms changed.

11 4th Grade Teachers On-Site Experts
Identified Key Teacher Leaders Assisted their grade level teachers load Apps, shared resources and ideas with them Encouraged each other Supported Adult Learners

12 726 iPads in the Hands of Students
In February, one K5 class received their iPads Then a 3rd grade class Next all 2nd grade students, Then all 1st graders, Next all 5th graders, Then all K5 students, Finally, all 3rd grade students received iPads

13 Professors redesigned curriculum for students after the visit
Set up Field Trips/Tours for the university students next semester Partnered with a private university to provide training for pre-service teachers in child development centers using iPads Led Professional Development for ECC in iTeach Café environment Furman University USC Upstate Bob Jones University Invited Local University Education Majors and Professors in for Showcases Toured Classrooms Led sessions before and after the tours

14 Successes, Challenges, Next Steps
Infrastructure Core Apps Content Creation Research and Assessment MDM Touching each iPad to install apps Accounts, ads, under 13 years of age Begin the year with procedures and lesson plans in place Meet with teachers about Common Core and Apps PD for new teachers

15 Presentation is available on my blog. Thank you for coming!
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