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Making Every Adult Matter Blackburn with Darwen Kenneth Barnsley &

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1 Making Every Adult Matter Blackburn with Darwen Kenneth Barnsley & Angela Allen @kennethbarnsley @angelaallen

2 Blackburn with Darwen 147,800 population (2011) 28.7% aged 0-19 (approx.) 78%/22% White/Asian ethnic origin split (approx.) 17 th most deprived on 2007 and 2010 IMD

3 Outline We will work with the most chaotic adults currently living in HMOs who are in the revolving door of statutory and voluntary services in the Borough. We will consult with service providers and service users to re-design support and interventions where necessary to best meet their needs

4 Steering Group Angela Allen - Families Health and Wellbeing Consortium and 3 rd Sector representative on the Health and Wellbeing Board Peter Cooke – Council Head of Housing Strategy Ken Barnsley – Public Health Head of Engagement Research Intelligence Karen Cassidy – DAAT Justin Srivastava – Lancashire Police Paul Connery – North West Homeless Link Paul Lee – Head of Safeguarding Peter Dillon – Head of Integrated Commissioning Mark Aspin – Community Safety Manager Sam Jones - CCG Supported by Divisional Police Command, Director of Public Health, Executive Director for People at the Council

5 Reoffending rate – 30.3% of Blackburn offenders reoffend, 26.9 England Reoffending – 0.99 reoffences per offender in Blackburn with Darwen, 0.78 England Drug misuse – 1,297 users, 14.4/1000 in Blackburn with Darwen, 10.8 NW, 8.9 England Drug Treatment – no routine measure BUT 959 in effective treatment Alcohol Related Harm - 3,076/100,000 hospital stays for alcohol related hard in Blackburn with Darwen, 1,974 England Statutory Homelessness – 0.44/1000 in Blackburn with Darwen, 2.37 England Rough Sleepers – 1.4/100,000 in Blackburn with Darwen, 2.1 NW, 4.3 England – anecdotal evidence that this is increasing over the last year or so Contacts with mental health services – 757/1000 in Blackburn with Darwen, 313 England Care Programme Approach – 9.1/1000 in Blackburn with Darwen, 6.4 England MEAM Story DRUGSOFFENDING HOMELESSNESSMENTAL HEALTH

6 Inside Out – Caritass Care Safe Project – (Blackburn Diocese) – female offenders Wish Centre – DV, families, victims, perpetrators Womens Centre – female offenders and those at risk of offending, street sex workers Revolution – integrated offender management Probation – support for offenders YOT – support for young offenders Mutual aid - Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous (or just AA, NA and CA) Café Hub – recovery focussed community interest company, volunteer, training and employment opportunities, social reintegration for those in recovery DAAT – Remodelling of the system /ABCD/ Recovery workshops Evolve – treatment & recovery support provider for less chaotic clients. Relapse prevention, recovery Life Skills, floating housing support, SMART Fast Forward – supporting and training volunteers to enhance recovery, work in substance misuse sector, RAP – Recovery Access Pilot (partnership community assets approach with volunteers, peers, services and key stakeholders) GMW – Pharmacological and psychosocial treatment and recovery, Criminal Justice element to treatment services, dual diagnosis, referral to detox and rehab, SMART Jarman Centre – drug and alcohol training, needle exchange, harm reduction, support for street sex workers Lifeline – young persons substance misuse support, SMART Carers CASH project THOMAS – residential rehab, drop in and housing support Great Places - accommodation and housing support VOICE service user network and breakfast club for the homeless HALs – Hospital Alcohol Liaison Service ELHT/ GMW and CRI Foyer – young people Salvation Army – homeless accommodation, day-centre Thomas – working with homeless adults, drop-in service, floating support, residential rehab (male only), supported accommodation for people through re-hab, prolific offenders Nightsafe – support and accommodation for young people 16-25 James Street (TVH) Homeless Accommodation Lancashire Care Foundation Trust Mind Young Minds Women's centre Brook Child Action North West MEAM Provision DRUGSOFFENDING HOMELESSNESSMENTAL HEALTH

7 Community Safety Partnership Health and Wellbeing Board Alcohol prevention action strategy group DAAT JCG Housing Needs Team H.M.O Partnership Group D.A Strategic Group Local Safeguarding Adults Board Suicide prevention Group MEAM Governance DRUGSOFFENDING HOMELESSNESSMENTAL HEALTH

8 Cohort Identification Estimated 500 adults with complex needs in privately run HMOs In addition there are 85 beds in supported housing for single homeless Using the Chaos Index to identify a manageable group of around 50 with significant issues Cohort profiling for residents in 8 large HMOs is almost completed – available soon

9 Cohort Profile Revolution team produced a detailed profile of 10 people that have been in one of the HMOs that has now been targeted and closed All were prolific offenders - some with more than 200 offences Most with a serious drug problem Some local, but most from many places with history of offending and prison More than half experienced serious childhood trauma

10 Linked Initiatives Transforming Lives –operational model for partnership working with families and individuals presenting concerns, or risk to themselves or communities, to improve outcomes and deliver efficiency savings ACE – local innovative study on the life impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) – to develop screening and early intervention approaches Prison Discharge for homeless –prioritising this currently working with Prisons, Shelter and others in Lancashire. ABCD substance misuse recovery model Supporting People - Review of commissioning intentions 2013 - 2015

11 Transforming Lives MASH Transforming Lives panel North Blackburn Transforming Lives Team East Blackburn Transforming Lives Team West Blackburn Transforming Lives Team Darwen Transforming Lives Team TARGETED SUPPORT SERVICES (Early Help; mental health; alcohol/drug treatment; Revolution project; YOT; Engage; MEAM; Womens Aid; Troubled families; targeted youth services; Channel/Prevent, Long Terms Conditions management; etc)

12 Development September workshop - Business plan – initial business plan completed with partner agreement and funding strategy and options for development Resources – secured £50k from Public Health to kickstart the work Strategic Links – MEAM integrated into Transforming Lives as key part of referral pathway

13 What next? Steering group – terms of reference etc. Continue cohort profiling Chaos index – implement to select pilot Business Plan – finalise year 1 model and secure funding to add to Public Health Contribution Funding Opportunities - work with Integrated Transition Funding group to identify appropriate funding Operating model – partnership agreement Evaluation – options for evaluation

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