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WELCOME FYUP FRESHERS!!! Batch of 2013-17.

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2 AHEM. Thou art in LSR. Doing ‘Eco Hons’. B|
Need we say anything at all, now?

3 THE JOURNEY BEGINS… The Department of Economics has an enviable reputation as amongst the best at the University of Delhi. The Department encourages analytical thinking and a pragmatic approach to economic problems Guest lectures by top economists and policymakers broaden our students’ perspectives The Department organized the first National Students Symposium, Econvista 2013 on the theme ’Economic Reforms and the Millennium Development Goals’. The Department website is a virtual platform for discussions, updates, news and much more.


5 Ms Anjani Kochak Econometrics, Economic theory, Developmental issues Dr Dolly Menon Monetary economics, Development issues and Environment concerns Dr Neelam Singh International economics, Macroeconomics Ms Neelam J. Malhotra Mathematics, Econometrics Dr Divya Mishra Indian economics, Economic systems

6 Ms Shashi Bala Garg Microeconomics, Mathematics, Public Economics Dr Anjana Singh Money and Finance, Macroeconomics Ms Jayshree Sahoo Money and Finance, Public Economics, Economic Theory Ms Kakoli Barua Comparative Economic Development, Labour Economics, Agricultural economics Ms Reshmi Chakraborty Econometrics, Statistics, Law and Economics

7 And The Union President : Charvi Kain (9811545391)
Secretary: Anuradha Rao ( ) Treasurer: Aarushi Kalra ( )

8 Cutoffs maybe undergoing inflation, but university scores definitely aren’t.

9 Four Year Undergraduate Programme
A Brief Outline

10 Course Structure Two Discipline Courses
18 courses & 2 research papers to be completed over eight semesters 16 weeks of teaching per semester Exit Options: After two years – Diploma After three years – Bachelor After four years – Bachelor with Honours

11 DC - I Classes: 14 weeks per semester
Field and Project Work: 2 weeks per semester Weekly schedule: Lectures - 4 periods Tutorials -1 period/subject Class Presentation (in groups of 8-10) – 1period End Semester Theory Exam (75 m) – 3 hours paper Internal Assessment (25 m) Class Presentation (15 m) * Class Test (10 m) ** *Evaluation parameters: Effectiveness in communication, content, Q&A **No reappearance in class tests DC II At the commencement of third semester, DC II and AC will be decided by the college based on availability of teachers and infrastructure

12 DC II At the commencement of third semester, DC II and AC will be decided by the college based on availability of teachers and infrastructure

13 FC 5: Language, Lit & Creativity I*
FC 5: ENGLISH* For students who did not study Hindi in school FC 5: Language, Lit & Creativity I* For students who studied Hindi in school FC 6: Science & Life Science Appreciation FC 7: IT Information Technology Overview Foundation Courses

14 Foundation Courses FC 5,6,7 Classes: 14 weeks per semester
Field and Project Work: 2 weeks per semester Weekly schedule: Lectures - 3 periods Class Presentation (in groups of 8-10) – 1period End Semester Theory Exam (40 m) – 2 hours paper Continual Evaluation of Project Work (35 m) *Integrated Mind Body Heart Course 16 weeks per semester, 2 periods a week foundation courses AC 1: Eng/Hindi translation - FC5: English* (students who havnt studied hindi) FC5: Language Lit and creativity – I (students who have done hindi) FC6: Science and life FC7: IT

15 Applied Course: Eng/Hindi Translation
Classes: 14 weeks per semester Field and Project Work: 2 weeks per semester Weekly schedule: Lectures - 4 periods Class Presentation (in groups of 8-10) – 1period End Semester Theory Exam (40 m) – 2 hours paper Continual Evaluation of Project Work (35 m)

16 Pass marks are 40% but.. For the sky is just the beginning To reach these great heights, the formula is as follows!

17 TIP#2 People respond to incentives. Hence, the invention of attendance registers. PS. Remember your magic number.



20 Attendance Requirements
2/3rd Attendance required in lectures, tutorials, practicals and presentations or student is not allowed to sit for end semester exam Absence due to involvement in NCC/NSS/NSO/ECA activities approved by the college may be compensated. However this shall not exceed 1/3rd of total no. of lectures, tutorials, practicals and presentations. Attendance will be uploaded monthly for verification Discipline Differently abled – considerate behavior REACH EOC No screaming in corridors – in café, common room you can:P Silence in class Pass mark is 40 but our aim is 100. Get up and wish teachers

21 Golden Rules Ragging is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence under the Supreme Court directive If class begins at 8:45, it means 8:45:00! Lateness isn’t allowed! Screaming in corridors and in classrooms is strictly prohibited :P Greeting teachers and staff would be much appreciated! Be sensitive to the needs of differently abled friends :)

First Floor: Reference Section or “RefSec” Ground Floor: Library Cyber Café adjacent to Café

23 Facilities: The Library
Well stocked library for books and journals Digitalised : Journals, articles, books can be accessed online in the library Books can be issued from the stacks for one week From T section, books can be issued overnight Bookbank – three books at a time issued for a semester Separate detailed library orientation will follow

24 Once you reach these great heights, there are rewards!

25 Scholarships Department scholarship- Dr Saroj Gupta Memorial Scholarship Former distinguished faculty Preceded by a lecture on contemporary topics Award for excellence in academics A number of scholarships and freeships are available at college level. (KPMG etc) Contact Prof Ruksana Shroff Student Welfare Advisor

* Conditions Apply

27 TIP#3 Thick readings, 9 to 5 classes, back to back lectures, club meetings, guest talks, Ecofests… Oh wait. Aren’t we all dead in the long run? 


29 Department Activities: Guest Lectures

30 Department Activities
Annual Economics Journal - Ecolloquial

31 Department Activities - Online
Student website Facebook Group

32 Keep Updated and Stay Connected
Attend the College Morning Assembly – An integral part of the College experience to make you a proud member of the LSR Community and to imbibe the College ethos. Its a major platform to showcase the versatility of the students and a great way to keep up with the day to day happenings of the College.


34 ECON-WHIZ CLUB Conducting workshops to train members for participation in Economics related events like Paper presentation, Quiz, MockStocks etc Coordinators Osheen Tripathi Rhea Khosla Sharvanee Saundarya Adwitiya DattaRay

Coordinators Vedika Agarwal Lavanya Bhamidipati Sharduli Raghavendra Vrinda Mittal Sushmitha Naidu Gargi Rao Reviewing various documentaries, articles in order to discuss important economic events – current and past.

Coordinators Priyanka Roychoudhury Nilofer Rao Kavya Saxena Shubhika Jain Combining the theoretical knowledge gained within the four walls of the classroom with its practical implementation and use in the real world. BTC organizes trips to major corporates, government organizations and other institutions relevant to the field of economics which enable students to gain a first hand experience.

37 ECONVISTA: National Students Symposium
Flagship event of the department 2 day National Students Symposium 2013 theme- ‘Economic Reforms and the Millennium Development Goals’ Sees participation from colleges in DU and across the country Entirely organized and coordinated by teams formed within the department

38 Achievements Numerous laurels and awards give weight to the enviable reputation of the Economics Department, LSR. The First National Students Symposium, Econvista (March 2013), which evolved from the Annual Economics Festival, Equipoise. International Autumn School (November 2011) in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation Students of the Department have also won awards at various National level Economics Festivals. Every year, several of its students get selected in top graduate programs of Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and several top MBA institutes. Excellent placements through the LSR Placement Cell.

39 That was food for thought. Now how about some REAL food?

40 #1: Erm, Let’s Eat? POP: Café GK I M Block Kailash Colony Market ALT:
Nescafe stall Bombay Bhelpuri Waala National Park Momos

41 THE LSR CAFÉ: A Foodie’s Delight

42 THE LSR CAFE We recommened: Masala Dosa Kathi Rolls Idli Sambar
Butter Chicken Naan Mac n Cheese Chocolate Tart Varieties of Tea – Jasmine, Lemon, Green Cold beverages – Lemonade, Fizzy drinks Ice Cream 

43 Manasi and Kinnari, Third Year Econ Students

44 THE LSR CAFE Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t ignore ‘em.
Love me or hate me, you can’t ignore meow!!!

Cappucino, Latte, Macchiato, Hot Chocolate, Nesquik anyone? Maggi and Pasta: The Hot Favorites on cold winter mornings

46 ‘THE ALTERNATIVES PART II’: Bhelpuri Bhaiya
Rs 20 per lip-smackin’ relief between classes

47 #2: SOCIETIES@LSR Prakriti HIVE Projekt ENACTUS : SIFE Interface
Public Speaking Soc DanceSoc IMS & WMS DramSoc Expressions Prakriti HIVE Projekt ENACTUS : SIFE Interface

48 #3: CELLS@LSR REACH WDC Dhyana Placement Cell Alumna Cell E-Cell
NOTE: Meghna Jain from Reach will talk about the DIFFERENTLY ABLED. Aruneema and Vidhi from PCELL will talk about Placements

49 Let’s celebrate our distinguished alumna!
LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST... Let’s celebrate our distinguished alumna!

50 Prominent ELSAs from the Department of Economics
OUR LEGACY Prominent ELSAs from the Department of Economics

51 Our Distinguished Alumna
Gita Gopinath is Professor of Economics at Harvard University.  She received her Ph.D from Princeton University. When French President François Hollande unveiled a plan in November for a business tax credit and higher sales taxes as a way to revive the economy, he was implementing an idea championed by our very own ELSA. Her strategies for the Euro Zone have been proclaimed “very influential”

52 Our Distinguished Alumna
Naina Lal Kidwai is currently the Country Head at HSBC India. "I remember my three eventful years in LSR with joy. LSR gave me a firm grounding in Economics which has stood me in good stead till date. An active involvement with debates and plays and inter college events, Student council activities as Secretary and then President of the LSR Students' Union and the friends and relationships cemented through those years comprise the invaluable memories I carry with me. It is great to see the college improve its rankings and position."

53 Our Distinguished Alumna
Vinita Bali is the Managing Director of Britannia Industries Ltd. We take deep pride in recognising her outstanding contribution to the field of business and industry. For her courage in taking up the most challenging ventures and scripting success stories; For her energizing innovativeness in changing business models; For her pioneering spirit that refused to accept the existence of any glass ceiling.

54 Our Distinguished Alumna
Usha Thorat served as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from November 10, 2005 to November 8, Prior to this she was the executive Director of the RBI With vast experience in banking and finance her proficiency has been internationally acknowledged.

55 Our Distinguished Alumna
Justice Gita Mittal is a sitting Judge of the Delhi High Court. A student of Economics she was also the President of the College Sports Union. Her landmark judgement in the 1984 Sikh Riots case won her much acclaim from Human Rights organisations around the world and is a true testimony of her courage and legal acumen. Her assertion that, " is the responsibility of the State to safeguard the life and liberty of an individual from mob violence", resulted in several persons injured during the riots getting compensation

56 Our Distinguished Alumna
Anjali Bhardwaj is the founder of Satark Nagrik Sangathan, a Delhi-based citizens' group committed to promoting accountability in government functioning. She believes that the biggest hurdle in the way of effective development is the fact that public funds never reach the intended beneficiaries. Till date, Anjali has succeeded in helping residents of both low-income slum settlements and higher-income colonies access records of several departments like the MCD, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Police and the DDA.

57 The Road Ahead for ELSAs…
Economics DSE ISI JNU TISS IGIDR Oxford, Cambridge, LSE Yale Management IIMs XLRI FMS MICA ISB Placements McKinsey Deutsche Bank BCC Google PWC E&Y Teach for India Idinsight

58 TIP#4 Be nice to Rinku Bhaiya. He saves lives.
Most important person in the college! :D

59 Other important people
FACULTY: HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: Ms Anjani Kochak ADVISOR, STUDENTS WELFARE: Ms Ruksana Shroff Library: Wll stocked lib for books and journals Digitalised Journals, articles, books can be accessed online in the library Books can be issued can from the stacks for one week From T section, overnight Bookbank – three at a time issued for a semester Separate library orientation will follow

WEBSITE: The Department Board and Faceook group (The Economics Department, LSR) also carry notices and updates.


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