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Green Engineering PC Conferences Subcommittee Report

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1 Green Engineering PC Conferences Subcommittee Report
Rich Wahls 2013 Subcommittee Chair SciTech 2014 – National Harbor 15 January 2014

2 Subcommittee Membership SciTech14 …Franz-Josef Kahlen
Topics Subcommittee Membership SciTech14 …Franz-Josef Kahlen P&E14 …Ruben Del Rosario Conference Strategy Old Event Model New Event Model Integration Tier – What is it? Forums for GEPC support? GEPC Call for Papers? Volunteers for 2015 Forums

3 Conference Subcommittee
Dyna Benchergui Ruben Del Rosario** Andy Gibson Franz-Josef Kahlen Nicole Mendoza D.R. Reddy Rich Wahls* ….looking for new members – Chris Hughes *Subcommittee Chair ** Subcommittee Chair incoming after SciTech2014

4 GEPC Sessions At SciTech 2014 Franz-Josef Kahlen, GEPC Tech Chair 13 January 2014
Topics to be covered (not in order) Changes from ASM to SciTech – Opportunities for GEPC “Villaging” Venue Allocation Sessions Extended abstracts Keynote ScholarOne

5 Villaging / Venue Allocation
Villaging: In the SciTech world, many previously unconnected events and groups are coming together for the first time. The organizers want to “village“ events together that address similar audiences. Our villagers: Applied Aero, Aircraft Design, Airbreathing Propulsion, Gas Turbine Engines Venues: From experience, a 50 – 100 seater venue is much too small, and a ballroom is too big. We have requested 170+ seat venues; we were given the biggest venue in the confeence hotel – 600 seats.

6 Case Studies of Operationalizing Energy Efficient Technologies
Five sessions Session Chair No. of papers NASA Aeronautical Sciences Project Overview and Progress Progress Towards N+3 Technologies in NASA's Fixed Wing Project Progress in NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project USAF future mobility fleet centric* USAF legacy mobility fleet centric James Heidmann Rich Wahls Fay Collier Gary Dale 6 7 8 33 *Keynote: From Laboratory to Flightline: Case Studies of Operationalizing Energy Efficient Technologies Dr. D. Erbschloe AMC Chief Scientist

7 Observations / Lessons Learned
ScholarOne AIAA help is usually available fast (thank you, Ann Ames) ScholarOne is not really set up for invited presentations. Many layers of authority must be activated, reviews are still required Changes past conference submission deadline are possible but require significant manual intervention. To minimize administrative post-deadline load, sessions topics should in the future be finalized mid April (accounting for a four week clearance period). Abstracts Recognizing the new environment (other TCs, PCs, etc.) and other conferences, I have asked for (but not enforced) extended abstracts of 2 pages. At some point, I think it would be useful to have some records of what GEPC has accomplished, if only for documentation and archival purposes. Further, the context at SciTech will be different in that the audience is made up from people we have not interacted with. Lastly, looking at the next five years, I expect that the format of the sessions will change and that we will end up with a full review process like many other groups. I have seen it in other conferences that you need to provide some track record to reach the next levels of maturity. Therefore, I believe it will be helpful to get some groundwork covered already today.

8 Questions to raise: SciTech structure:
Morning and evening “shoulders“ take up much time and reduce session durations – does this add value for attendees? Villaging Venue size Earlier commitment - speakers / chairs / topics / AIAA admin Future GEPC format: Should we join the formal call for papers? Is there a desired target size for GEPC – no. of papers or sessions No. of invited sessions? No. of regular sessions? Do we have a reviewer database? Role of sub-committees (invite keynotes, create and organize invited sessions, …) PC meeting format – meeting slot mutually exclusive with “co-villagers”

9 Personal word of thanks
I could not have put these sessions together without the initiative of the session chairs, and certainly not without Richard Wahls soliciting proposals and help in general. Thanks much!

10 P&E 2014 A few words of status from Ruben Del Rosario July 28-30, 2014 Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center

11 GEPC Conference Strategy – OLD EVENT MODEL
Green Engineering – spans scope of the TC’s Create a “Green Engineering” Track at conferences Target JPC and ASM (SciTech & P&E Forum beginning in 2014) Add value, but minimize additional room space required Sponsor/create several technical paper/panel sessions appropriate to Green Engineering Avoid open “call for papers” and reviews … for now. Co-sponsor/leverage technical paper/panel sessions appropriate to Green Engineering created by TC’s GEPC has primarily been in the Technical Program Sessions

12 GEPC Conference Strategy – NEW EVENT MODEL
Green Engineering – a PC that spans scope of the TC’s Forums have 3 Tiers Plenary, Integration, Technical Integration (ideal for PC cross-cutting, system-view contribution) Technical (tech sessions as have historically existed) Recommended approach for GEPC Contribute to SciTech, Aviation, and P&E Forums Integration Tier and Technical Program Integration Tier – suggest/sponsor specific sessions (1/forum?) Technical Program Invited Sessions as we have done Participate in the formal Call for Papers to create 2 to 4 sessions

13 Integration Tier in AIAA Forums
January 2014

14 Call for Papers Template – first for GEPC

15 GEPC Conferences & Tech Chair Assignments
JPC13 San Jose, CA GEPC Tech Chair = Dyna Benchergui July San Jose Convention Center SciTech14 National Harbor, MD GEPC TechChair = Franz-Josef Kahlen January Gaylord National AV14 Atlanta, GA GEPC Tech Chair = Rich Wahls June 16-20 P&E14 Cleveland, OH GEPC TechChair = Ruben Del Rosario July Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center SciTech15 Orlando, FL – Gaylord Palms GEPC Tech Chair = Franz-Josef Kahlen 5-9 January 2015 AV15 Dallas, TX - Hilton Anatole GEPC Tech Chair = Andy Gibson 22-26 June 2015 P&E15 Orlando, FL – Hilton Orlando GEPC Tech Chair = 27-29 July 2015 SciTech16 San Diego, CA – Manchester Grand Hyatt GEPC Tech Chair = P&E GEPC Tech Chair = Chris Hughes SciTech17 Grapevine, TX – Gaylord Texan SciTech18 Orlando, FL – Gaylord Palms

16 Aviation Forum 2014 -- DRAFT Atlanta: June 16-20, 2014
Wahls is the Aviation2014 Integration Chair Overall Theme: Aviation 2014 – Aviation’s Global Promise – Challenges & Opportunities Plenary structure (8-9a Keynote daily; am/pm parallel Integration sessions): Monday: Conference kick-off; lay out and discuss themes/days (operational, business, policy, technical) Tuesday: Operational Challenges and Opportunities Wednesday: Business Challenges and Opportunities Thursday: Policy Challenges and Opportunities Friday: Technical Challenges and Opportunities Do we have ideas for a “Green” Integration Tier Session?


18 GEPC Green Aviation Subcommittee
Members (Gaudy Bezos-O'Connor , Ruben DelRosario, Brien Seeley, Ryo Amano) Responsibilities Provide technical oversight GEPC Conference Tracks Leverage GEPC technical committees liaison efforts for relevant research topics Leverage GEPC subcommittees efforts to grow/promote Green Aviation research topics Grow/engage Industry, Academia and Government (DoD, FAA) leaders to share Green Aviation technology development program progress and future needs Support abstract reviews for GEPC conference tracks Provide items and contacts for Year in Review Article 2013 Activities Supported planning for Green Aviation related panels at SciTech 2014 2014 Plans Develop goals for 2014 Add GEPC Green Aviation Panel (Industry, Academia and Government) Propulsion and Energy Forum 2014 Aviation Science and Technology Forum 2015 Evaluate/plan for one additional AIAA Conference to add GEPC tracks

19 GEPC Green Energy Subcommittee
Members (John Blanton, Michael Houts) Responsibilities Provide technical oversight, support abstract reviews and sessions, support year in review article 2013 Activities None 2014 Plans Develop goals for 2014 Develop role/scope/vision for what is “Green Energy” mean for the AIAA

20 2014 CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS VIII) – Brien Seeley
April 25, 26, 2014 in Santa Rosa, Calif. 2014 CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS VIII) – Brien Seeley Preliminary Program Speaker Reservations 1.    Dr. Ajay Misra, NASA Glenn Research Center, “2X Powerful Nano-magnets and 3D Printing of Ideal Motors” 2.    Dr. Qichao Hu:  MIT, SolidEnergy, “Ultra-high Energy Density Lithium Battery” 3.    Dr. Gecheng Zha, Univ. of Miami, "Forward Sweep in ePropeller Blades" 4.    Barnaby Wainfan, Northrop Grumman, “Aircraft for Extremely Short Runways” 5.    David Calley, CEO PlaneRider,  “A New Low-RPM, High Power Density Motor” 6.    Christopher Cook, CEO Lithium Start, “Li-ion Battery Packs for Light Aircraft” 7.    Dr. John Langford, CEO, Aurora Flight Sciences, "The Manned Unmanned Aircraft: Where the UAV Revolution Is Headed" 8.    Dr. Case van Dam, Chair, Aeronautical Engineering UC Davis, “High Tech Solutions for Ride Quality Enhancement in Small Aircraft” 9.    Dr. Brien Seeley, President CAFE, “Wheel Motors for Extremely Short Take Off” 10. Roman Susnik, CEO Strojnik of Slovenia “EMRAX Motors For Electric Aircraft Propulsion” 11. Brian Carpenter, CEO Rainbow Aviation, "Electric Ultralight Twin Motor Glider--Affordable Flying for All" 12. Jim Rust, CEO Whirlwind Propeller, “The Design and Construction of Ultra-Quiet Propellers” 13.Bruno Mombrinie, CAFE Foundation, “San Francisco’s First Sky Taxi Service—with Robotic Battery Swapping” 14. Dear Sigler, CAFE Blog Editor, “The Here & Now of Electric Aircraft—Off the Shelf Ingredients” 15. Dr. Krish Ahuja, Regents Professor, Georgia Tech, “Precision Autonomous Synchrophasing of Electric Propellers” 16.Tom Leite, Eurosport Aircraft of Portugal, “The Crossover—Electric Twin, Retractable, Fowler-Flapped Glider” 17. Panel Discussion: (CAFE and Faculty) “5 Potential Sky Taxi Designs” 18. Dr. Sebastian Thrun, Founder of Google X, Self-Driving Cars, "Autonomous Car Technologies and Their Application to Aircraft" 19. Mark Beierle, “The Joby Powered eGull Ultralight" 20. Jean Luc-Soullier, Founder, Luxembourg Spécial Aerotechnics, “First Solo Electric Trans-Atlantic Flight” 21. Dr. Avetik Harutyunyan, Honda Research Institute/Rice Univ., “Boron-laced Graphene Nanotubes for Extreme High Energy Batteries” OTHER INVITED FACULTY FOR 2014: Dr. John Holdren, President’s Senior Science Advisor, “Aviation’s Grand Challenges” Dr. Ernest J. Moniz, Secretary-Department of Energy, “Sustainable Transportation” Eric Raymond, SolarFlight, Slovenia “SunSeeker Duo—Flying on Solar Energy” Dr. Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse, Switzerland, “Solar Powered World-Flight” Dr. Mark D. Moore, NASA Langley, “NASA’s Electric Aircraft Efforts” Chris Anderson, CEO DIY Drones, “Autonomous Technologies in Personal Aircraft” Tian Yu, CEO Yuneec Aircraft (China), “Production Power Systems for Electric Aircraft” Dr. Harry Atwater, Professor, Cal Tech, “Toward Extreme PV Capture Efficiency”

21 SciTech 14 Meeting Notes Mark Melanson – the lead for Program Committees - discussed the Integration Tier Rich Wahls and Franz-Joseph Kahle briefed us on Conference status and plans. Chris Hughes volunteered to represent the GEPC at P&E 15. We had extensive discussions about our first “call for papers” being for SciTech15. Concerns were too much overlap with other committees and our ability to review abstracts. We agreed to develop a draft call for papers and run it by the P&E leadership.

22 Green Engineering PC– Member Positions (2)
Conferences – Rich Wahls, Ruben Del Rosario taking over after SciTech 2014 See Conference Subcommittee charts Note: All PC Members should also volunteer when sessions chairs and abstract reviewers are needed Communications chair nominees will be forwarded by Dora. 22 22 22 22

23 Notes from Propulsion & Energy Group Meeting
JPC 2013 – Attendance down by 24%, but positive feedback by attendees, especially on panel sessions P&E 2014 – “Leveraging Aerospace and Energy Technology Synergies to Address Future Challenges”

24 Integration Tier in AIAA Forums
January 2014

25 New Event Forum Organization SciTech, Aviation, P&E, Space, Defense
Executive Steering Committee High-level program development ESC Chair as needed Product Developer CMAC Chair ESC Members Forum General Corporate Sponsor Reps Organizing Committee Integration/Execution of Forum activities Forum General Chair Forum Project Manager Integration Forum Technical Public Policy Chair International Chair Education Chair Member Engagement Chair Young Professional Chair Recognition Chair Exposition Chair Social Media Chair Technical Program Committee Organization of Technical Program Conference Chair (for 2014 only) “XXX” Technical Chair Tech Papers Coordinator Others as needed Organizing Committee members supported by staff liaisons to Institute program areas. Forum General Chair can add other positions as needed. Forum Project Manager leads staff Integrated Event Project Team. XXX refers to individual Technical Committee or Program Committee.

26 Guiding principles for AIAA forums
Ensure our Institute is relevant to aerospace professionals Ensure our conferences integrate a spectrum of topics of interest to the profession (technical disciplines, systems, policy, operations, etc.) and other areas of the Institute Ensure our overall events provide meaningful professional development and interaction opportunities to the broad aerospace community (conference papers/presentations, networking, education, exhibits, etc.) Ensure our events are financially viable (both for the attendee and for the Institute) Ensure that our conferences are “must attend” events for all those in our profession and can accommodate expansion into new technology and program areas

27 What do we want to accomplish with the Integration Tier?
Expand the products that AIAA offers at its events to a broader swath of aerospace professionals than the R&D community, to whom it has most appealed historically Entice design engineers, analysts, systems engineers, etc., to join AIAA, or to become active if already a member, by offering compelling and topical subject matter, speakers and presenters Bridge gap between plenary and technical sessions and offer relevant and instructive topics and materials to the great number of aerospace professionals who may not think of, or see, AIAA as offering much to them in terms of professional career development, training, or networking   

28 What is the Integration Tier anyway?
Content Operational topics System integration Technical program management topics Cross-disciplinary topics Emerging technologies Test, verification, reliability, safety, quality issues Policy and regulation topics Workforce and professional development issues Supply chain discussions Topics related to the intersection of government/industry/ academia

29 What is the Integration Tier anyway?
Format Not envisioned as traditional technical paper sessions but as sessions to allow dialogue and provide information that participants can apply at work Includes various format types including but not limited to: Panel discussions focused on lessons learned, best practices, and case studies Tutorials, seminars, workshops Joint sessions typical at current conferences when multiple committees have an interest in the same topic 

30 How to build a strong Integration Tier
Must be a combination of member and staff efforts Technical Group Directors have the big picture about their areas and can help identify topics Program Committees have insight into relevant topics in their area Corporate members have insight into industry issues Emerging Technologies Committee can help identify new trends in technology Staff has insight into industry wide trends and movements Students/professors have insight into academic/education topics

31 Outcomes of a well executed Integration Tier
Creation of new technical communities in AIAA Creation of new program communities in AIAA AIAA recognized as being on the forefront of industry issues AIAA provides valuable workforce/professional development information to members/attendees AIAA viewed as relevant–attracting more members We all go home from AIAA forums a bit more informed about a wider variety of topics

32 Integration Tier in AIAA Forums
End of Integration Tier Charts January 2014

33 GEPC Conference Tech Chairs
xxx Summer Fluids – Hawaii … Murray/Wahls JPC11 – San Diego … Slagle/Lyons ASM12 – Nashville … Wahls JPC12 – Atlanta … Wahls ASM13 – Grapevine … Wahls JPC13 – San Jose … Benchergui SciTech14 – National Harbor - Kahlen Aviation14 - Atlanta - Wahls P&E14 - Cleveland - Del Rosario SciTech15 – Kissimmee - Kahlen Aviation15 – Dallas - Gibson P&E15 - Orlando - Hughes SciTech16 - Aviation16 P&E16

34 GEPC Conference History
Summer Fluids 2011 Hawaii (Murray/Wahls working with other TC’s) 3 co-sponsored sessions with ASE/APA/FD/GEPC The Science Underpinning Aviation Impacts on the Environment (7 papers, attendance stats uncertain, but full room est in the range of 50-60) …. ASE-led Technology Addressing Aviation Impacts on the Environment (7 papers, attendance stats uncertain, but full room est in the range of 50-60) ….. ASE-led Aero Efficiency and Laminar Flow (5 papers + 1 oral only; avg attendance 75, max 82) …. APA-led JPC2011 San Diego (Slagle/Lyons) 1 GEPC session Alternative Fuels and Sustainable Energy Systems (attendance uncertain, but est 50-60) ASM2012 Nashville (Wahls) 2 GEPC Sessions NASA Subsonic Fixed Wing: Fundamental Technical Challenges (7 oral only, avg attendance 125, max146, 90 person room!) NASA Environmentally Responsible Aviation; Technologies and Integrated Vehicle Solutions (4 oral only, 1 panel, avg attendance 185, max 192, 250 person room) All presentations posted at JPC2012 Atlanta (Wahls) 1st time with an AIAA recognized GEPC Tech Chair to my knowledge 1 GEPC Session (co-sponsored by GTE) Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiments (AAFEX) I & II (4 oral only, attendance stats uncertain, but est 30)

35 GEPC @ ASM2013 (Wahls) 6 GEPC sessions GEPC-01/02 Monday 0800-1200
5 GEPC created; 16 papers (minus 1 withdrawn) + 5 oral only 1 co-sponsored with ABPSI Texas 4 (the largest room at the conference – 130) GEPC-01/02 Monday NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program (oral only) ….135 max Progress Towards N+3 Technologies in NASA’s Subsonic Fixed Wing Project (4 papers, 2 oral only) 145max GEPC-03 Monday Environmentally Responsible Aviation Overview (2 oral only) ) ….135 max GEPC-04 Tuesday Environmentally Responsible Aviation Progress I (6 papers) … 110 max GEPC-05 Tuesday Environmentally Responsible Aviation Progress I (5 papers) … over 135 max ABPSI-07/GEPC-06 Thursday Propulsion Systems and Integration for Next Generation Vehicles IV (Invited): Innovations in Civil Aviation (3 papers, 3 oral only)

36 GEPC @ JPC2013 (Benchergui)
2 GEPC sessions GEPC-01 Monday Propulsion Systems & Integration for Next Generation Vehicles (Invited) ( 4 papers) …~35 attendance GEPC-02 Tuesday DoD Energy Panel (livestream, Q&A from web)

37 GEPC @ SciTech14 (Kahlen)
5 GEPC sessions 5 GEPC created; 15 papers + 17 oral only Woodrow Wilson A (the largest room at the conference – 600+) GEPC-01 Monday Progress in NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project (4 papers, 2 oral only) , avg ~62 GEPC-02 Tuesday Progress Towards N+3 Technologies in NASA’s Fixed Wing Project (5 papers, 1 oral only) , avg 74 GEPC-03 Wednesday NASA Aeronautical Sciences Project Overview and Progress (7 oral only)…58-104, avg 74 GEPC-04 Thursday Energy Efficiency for the Future USAF Transport Fleet (2 papers, 3 oral only) … , avg 69 GEPC-05 Friday Legacy Fleet Fuel Efficiency – Reducing the USAF’s Multi-Billion Dollar Annual Fuel Bill (4 papers, 4 oral only) … 34-54, avg 43

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