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All Roads (Should) Lead to Sustainers presented by David Glass, World Wildlife Fund Sally Heaven, Convio © 2011 Convio, Inc.1.

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1 All Roads (Should) Lead to Sustainers presented by David Glass, World Wildlife Fund Sally Heaven, Convio © 2011 Convio, Inc.1

2 Agenda Introduction The Sustainer Landscape Case Study: World Wildlife Fund Who to Ask? When? Tips 2© 2011 Convio, Inc.

3 Introductions Who are we? 3© 2011 Convio, Inc. Sally Heaven, ConvioDavid Glass, World Wildlife Fund

4 Introductions Who are YOU? 4© 2011 Convio, Inc.

5 THE SUSTAINER LANDSCAPE © 2011 Convio, Inc.5

6 Its a Jungle Out There Acquisition is tough and getting tougher Renewals and lifetime value are flat Direct mail is a mature channel Donor loyalty is on the decline …are you depressed yet? 6© 2011 Convio, Inc. Sources: Fundraising down from 2007 – Giving USA 2011, The Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University, 2011 and Target Analytics Donor Centrics Index of National Fundraising Performance: 2011 First Calendar Quarter Results

7 Sources: Convios Generational Giving study, 2010 and 2009 Washington Nonprofits ConferenceGenerational Giving study2009 Washington Nonprofits Conference The Good News Sustainers have: –Greater Lifetime Value (LTV) –Greater Loyalty –Revenue you can forecast and count on –Are more likely to make a planned gift –Gen Xers are twice as likely to make a sustaining gift 7© 2011 Convio, Inc.

8 Im Huge in Europe In Europe, sustaining giving is the default –Most donors give via EFT/ACH –One-time giving is not always even an option –Can we bring this spirit to U.S. nonprofits and donors? –Canadas already on its way… 8© 2011 Convio, Inc.

9 Why So Valuable A subscription model A lifetime donor A lifestyle choice –Convenient, easy, self-managed A sustainable choice –Fewer resources, no postage 9© 2011 Convio, Inc.

10 Why So Valuable 1-2% of your members as sustainers can drive 5-10% of annual revenue, with minimal ongoing expenses Example: -500,000 members -$25,000,000 revenue -10,000 sustainers @ $15/mo = $1.8 million = 7.2% of total revenue 10© 2011 Convio, Inc.


12 WWF Case Study David, if sustainers are so important, then why dont you make your main donation page a sustaining ask? Okay, we did! –But first we tested it. 12© 2011 Convio, Inc.

13 13© 2011 Convio, Inc.

14 14© 2011 Convio, Inc. Control Page – 50%

15 15© 2011 Convio, Inc. Test Page – 50%

16 Test Goal & Details GOAL: can we increase sustainers without harming one-time gifts? DETAILS: A/B split from Donate Tab 50% to one-time / 50% to sustaining - similar look and feel - but some differences to help minimize accidental gifts 16© 2011 Convio, Inc.

17 Test Results 17© 2011 Convio, Inc. FormDonorsRevenueDonor Change Total Conversion Rate CONTROL - one-time 361 6.6% CONTROL - link to monthly 65 TEST - link to one-time 307-10%-15% 6.5% TEST - monthly 141+191%117%

18 Test Results 18© 2011 Convio, Inc. If the value of a sustainer is 3 times more… The test form: –Lost 50 one-time donors –But gained 76 from sustainers Total Return is >3x higher!

19 WHO TO ASK? WHEN? © 2011 Convio, Inc.19

20 Who to Ask? When? What do you want your donors to do? –Join a select group? –Give to a special campaign? Surefire way to Not Get Sustainers Beware the Downgrade 20© 2011 Convio, Inc.

21 Who to Ask? When? High Asks…and Higher Asks When to upgrade? 21© 2011 Convio, Inc.

22 TIPS © 2011 Convio, Inc.22

23 Sustainer Programs Premiums can boost participation Branded programs help donors feel like a part of something © 2011 Convio, Inc.23

24 Dont Leave Money on the Table Convio Luminate Online feature that enables card recycling –Allows you to retry failed cards –Allows you to process expired cards –Who uses it? –Contact Convio Client Care 24© 2011 Convio, Inc.

25 Where to Begin? 25© 2011 Convio, Inc. A Plan of Action Calculate your average gift for last year Use Google Website Optimizer to test 3 donation forms Form 1 pre-selects as minimum the average gift Form 2 pre-selects a HIGHER amount Form 3 pre-selects a LOWER amount Analyze your results!

26 Wrap-Up David Glass – Sally Heaven – Evaluate us! Session code 1105 © 2011 Convio, Inc.26

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