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The Nuremberg Trial Frida Misul, “Lagerue (Curfew),” 1945.

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1 The Nuremberg Trial Frida Misul, “Lagerue (Curfew),” 1945

2 Reader Office Hours for Next Week
JASON: Friday, Café Milano on Bancroft JULIA: Wednes, 12:30 – Northside Café on Euclid NANCY: Wednes, Qualcomm Café in Sutardja Dai Hall ( Check website for updates after next week: )

3 U.S. Military aerial surveillance photo of Nazi death camp, Sept 1944

4 Survivors of Mauthausen labor camp after, liberated in May 1945

5 Outside the Auschwitz death camp, 1945

6 Nazi Party leader Hermann Goering defends himself on the witness stand

7 21 Nazi officials face charges in Nuremberg

8 American prosecuting attorney Thomas Dodd, presenting evidence

9 Chief prosecuting attorney for the U.S., Robert Jackson

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