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2012-2013 THOMAS EDISON HIGH SCHOOL THEATER. AGENDA Mission Statement Staff Structure Production Meetings Lettering Season Announcement Plans for Future.

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2 AGENDA Mission Statement Staff Structure Production Meetings Lettering Season Announcement Plans for Future Meetings

3 MISSION STATEMENT Thomas Edison High School Theater is the student- centered, student-governed after-school theater production company of Thomas Edison High School. We seek to work collaboratively to improve our skills of performance and production while growing the greater artistic community of Thomas Edison High School.

4 STAFF STRUCTURE Now is the time for students to take active leadership in the governance of this body. EXAMPLES of great student leadership already: Skye Horton choreographing Smokey Joes Cafe Adam Balvin taking major leadership in Smokey Joes Café lighting design. Morgan Kuikka operating a very complicated lighting plan for Antigone. Alyson Westerhaus facilitating much of the publicity for Charlottes Web Oshana Reich establishing the framework for lettering criteria for T.E.H.S. Theater, and made some super cool certificates this afternoon.

5 STAFF STRUCTURE, CONTD Mr. Athorns Responsibilities as Artistic Director Choose plays that are appropriate for our students, our strengths and our restrictions. Establish budgets and organize adult staff so that we can have successful productions. Assist the student leadership, fill in holes where they may exist, and evaluate the performance of student leaders. Seek opportunities for growth within the communityinside and outside of Edison.

6 STAFF STRUCTURE, CONTD Student Leader Responsibilities Timely fulfillment of duties as described in job descriptions Establish and defend a culture of accountability among student-artists. Represent Thomas Edison High School Theater with pride to Edison classmates/peers, recruitment at community events and elementary or middle schools. Serve as a board of student leadershipdirecting Mr. Athorn and other adults as to the desired direction of the program, especially in times of difficulty.

7 STAFF STRUCTURE, CONTD It is the intention to have two different bodies of student leadersthe two bodies certainly may overlap. First, a YEARLONG PRODUCTION STAFF that oversees the entire program. Second, a student staff for each theater production.

8 PRODUCTION MEETINGS In 2012-2013, we will have weekly production meetings for all of our shows. Twofold purpose: 1. An important teaching and learning time for students interested in all aspects of production and theater administration. 2. A personal recognition of the need for accountability from the adult leadership about the production goals and schedule. Weekly. All individual play staff will attend weekly, all yearlong staff will attend monthly. WHEN?

9 PRODUCTION MEETINGS Company-wide (cast and crew) commitment to STRIKE/POST-MORTEM. Helping with the clean-up associated with the previous production and reflecting on the successes/failures. Will be a required date on the audition form for all participants.

10 LETTERING REQUIREMENTS Oshana Reich has done a lot of great work to set some lettering criteria for Thomas Edison High School Theater, and creating a certificate. IF you are going to get yourself a letter jacket… I have DRAMA Letters that I will give out, but if you would prefer a blank E, then you will have to show the certificate to Mr. Ginther. Then, you can get a bar for each show you do, along with the drama logo for the right arm of your jacket. Oshana will be the administrator of the document that keeps all that information straight!

11 THOMAS EDISON HIGH SCHOOL THEATER LETTERING REQUIREMENTS You receive a varsity theater for theater at Thomas Edison High School for the completion of a production… As an ACTORAs a CREW MEMBER -You were present at all technical rehearsals and performances. -Your absences from rehearsal were excused. -You were present at Strike/Post-Mortem. -Good standing with the director(s) (Citizenship/Leadership) -Fulfilled academic requirements for participation. -You were present at all required technical rehearsals and performances for your job description. -Your absences from required meetings were excused. -You served a pre-determined number of hours of crew work time. -Good standing with director(s). (Citizenship/Leadership) -Fulfilled academic requirements for participation

12 FALL PLAY The fall play that we will perform at Thomas Edison High School in 2012-2013 is…

13 ROMEO AND JULIET BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE AUDITIONS: October 10 and 11 PERFORMANCES: December 12-15 Performed as a festival with Northeast Middle Schools Fall Play. Two performances here, two performances at Northeast Middle School. STRIKE/POST-MORTEM: December 17

14 WINTER MUSICAL So…what about the musical? Ill tell you. The Winter Musical Is….

15 LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Auditions: December 18 and 19 Performances: March 7-9. Strike/Post-Mortem: March 11

16 SPRING PLAY The spring production will be an original play, written by a combination of community members and/or students and rehearsed in a workshop style. The spring play will be directed by a guest director, to be named. Its time for there to be a Thomas Edison High School Theater production that is NOT directed by Mr. Athorn, and I think the spring play will be a great time for that. AUDITIONS: March 18 and 19. PERORMANCES: May 16-18 (into Art-a-Whirl). STRIKE/POST-MORTEM: May 20

17 FUTURE PLANNING Lets make a meeting or two for the summer, and decide how we are going to begin to structure the planning for next season beginning in the fall. Or start some GoogleDocs? Facebook groups? How can we be a functioning communication body? FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Mr. Athorn at

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