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From a good school to a GREAT school…. Principal: Dr. Doran Assistant Principal Mr. Du Boyce

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1 From a good school to a GREAT school…

2 Principal: Dr. Doran Assistant Principal Mr. Du Boyce Science RTMs. Alton Math RTMr. Tucker Arts RTMs. Ingram Resource CounselorMs. Taylor Arts & Humanities Ms. Hanson Coordinator STARS CoordinatorMs. Nostrand AOIT CoordinatorMs. Mattey

3 Wootton Basics Opened in 1970 Comprehensive HS serving Rockville community and students in grades 9-12 Current enrollment – 2, 344 students School day begins at 7:25 and ends at 2:10 School day consists of eight class periods, which includes lunch Students may NOT leave campus for lunch

4 Example Student Schedule A P ERIOD C OURSE T EACHER R OOM 1 P HYSICAL E DUCATION 1A P. K IRK 129 2H E NGLISH 9AK. B OLDON 234 3H S PANISH 3AM. S ALZMAN H US H ISTORY A A. S TEPPLING 167 5L UNCH D. G OMEZ C AFE 6 H M ATTER & E NERGY A K. S CHWARZ C ONCERT B AND A C. H ERMAN 29 8 H G EOMETRY A C. T UCKER 285 Student schedules have 8 periods Lunch is part of a students schedule. It is an important part of balancing a students workload Lunches are either 4 th, 5 th, or 6 th periods Classes are divided into two semesters. (Either section A or B, 1 or 2) Semesters are divided into 2 quarters/marking periods. (MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4) All periods are 45 minutes in length

5 Example Student Schedule B P ERIOD C OURSE T EACHER R OOM 1AP NSL H ISTORY BC RESHAM A LGEBRA 2 W / A NALYSIS B T UCKER 292 3H ONORS E NGLISH 9BD ICKEL 278 4L UNCH D. G OMEZ C AFÉ 5H ONORS C HEMISTRY BC HARUHAS 114 6H ONORS S PANISH 3BS ALZMAN 145 7W EIGHT T RAINING L ONG 16 8 F OUNDATIONS OF T ECHNOLOGY B D ENTON 13 Advanced courses count towards a students weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) Second Semester classes. Most classes culminate in a final exam or final project depending on the curriculum.

6 Population * Total Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior SAT Mean Scores*VerbalMathWriting National Montgomery County Wootton Graduation Rate: 99% Attending College or Military: 98% Data: *Schools at a Glance

7 Popula tion % Tested Critical Reading/ Verbal Mean Score Math Mean Score Writing Mean Score Wootton 2, Richard Montgomery 2, Montgomery Blair 2, Poolesville 1,170 * SAT Data* * School Profile

8 Spring 2012 DataWootton Richard Montgomery Montgomery Blair Poolesville No. AP Exams Given2,7722,0732,0801,750 Total No. Students Tested 1, Percentage Tested within Total Population ( data) 52.1 % 45.8 %30.4 %48.5 % No. Tests Scoring 3 and higher 2,4651,7491,7931,530 Percentage Scoring 3 and higher 88.9%84.4%86.2%87.4% Data: MCPS AP Testing Data Report

9 Wootton Richard Montgomery Montgomery Blair Poolesville Graduation Rate>95.0 %90.3%85.8 %>95.0% Attendance Rate>95.0%94 %93.5 %>95.% Dropout Rate<5.0 % 9.7 %<5.0% Suspension Rate<3.0 %4.3 %3.6 %3.5% % Percent of Students Meeting Univ. of MD System Entrance Requirements 86.4 %70.6 %71.0 %88.4 % * Data: Schools at a Glance

10 Biology, Calculus (AB and BC), Chemistry Chinese Language, Comparative Government, Computer Science, English Language & Composition, English Literature, Environmental Science, European History, French Language, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Music Theory, Physics C (Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism), Psychology, Spanish Language and Literature, Statistics, Studio Art, U.S. History, World History, U.S. Government & Politics (AP NSL)

11 For students who are passionate about literature, history, languages, art, theatre, music…!

12 A unique, flexible, and challenging course of study Cohorted, enriched sections of 9 th /10 th Honors/AP English and Social Studies; 11 th Grade Social Studies Junior and Senior seminar classes Field trips, artists-in-residence, workshops, speaker series Specialty electives such as such as Law, Film Studies, Mock Trial, Debate, and Musical Theatre

13 Course Requirements: Humanities Focus (4)English* (3)Social Studies* (4)Foreign Language (1) Fine Arts (3) Additional H&A Electives (may be in any of the four major humanities or arts disciplines and electives) (.5)Junior Seminar (spring of junior year) (.5)Senior Seminar (fall of senior year) *all H&A students are enrolled in special cohorted classes of English and Social Studies

14 Course Requirements: Arts Focus (4)English* (3)Social Studies* (4 or 5) Fine Arts (3 or 4) Foreign Language (.5)Junior Seminar (fall or spring of junior year) (.5)Senior Seminar (fall of senior year) *all H&A students are enrolled in special cohorted classes of English and Social Studies

15 Off-Campus Experience We believe that these experiences are critical to the understanding of the humanities and arts in culture and society Students must complete one off-campus experience during the program: An internship A study abroad experience A university summer program (arts focus students may also use music lessons or art experiences for the OCE) Private art lessons ( Arts Focus Students)

16 Senior Independent Project The Humanities & Arts Program capstone experience is called the Senior Independent Project (SIP). Students choose OR extended research essay (18-20 pages) OR major art project with a short research essay (8-10 pages) Prepares students for the independent research, writing, and oral presentation skills expected by universities students give an oral defense of their work to a faculty panel

17 Extended Essay Examples The New Suburban Marketplace: New Urbanism, Retailing, and Community in the Internet Age A Bullet-Riddled Defeat: An In Depth Analysis of the Failures of the Merida Initiative in Dealing with the Mexican Drug War Who Gives a Tweet?: The Social and Psychological Impact of Social Media on the Mobile Generation The Final Solution: An Analysis of German Passivity towards the Jews during the Holocaust from a Historical and Psychological Perspective

18 Short Essay/Creative Projects Samples A Comparative Study of the Keyboard Preludes of Bach and Chopin (Piano Performance) Portrait Art Examined: An Exploration into the Psychology and Brain Science of Facial Recognition (Painting Portfolio) Women of Will: The Outspoken Women of Shakespeares Comedies (Dramatic Performance)

19 Class of 2013 Statistics 57 Graduates H&A GPA Avg.: 3.61 Avg. # H&A AP: 5.35 Students are currently attending Princeton, Cornell, Kenyon, Drexel, NYU, Boston University, and the University of Maryland.

20 How Do I Join? Applications will be available online in January of the 8th grade year; the application should be submitted to the guidance counselor together with the registration form for the next year. Application packets may also be submitted directly to the Program Coordinator. Students will be formally notified of acceptance into the program. H&A Program Contact Information Michelle Hanson, Coordinator (301)

21 The ARTS are an essential element of, dance, drawing, painting, and theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment. William Bennett The ARTS

22 Art Music Theatre Dance Family and Consumer Science Foods & Child Development

23 The Arts cultivates skills and discipline. The Arts strengthen academic performance. The Arts challenge student to think about themselves and the world in creative ways. The Arts make learning come alive. The Arts provide leadership opportunities. The Arts open a wide range of careers.

24 The ARTS ArtMusic Foundations of Art Chorus Studio Art/AP Studio Art Chamber Singers Painting Concert Choir AP Art History Songwriting (Pre-AP Music Theory) Fashion Drawing & Design AP Music Theory Ceramics Rock 101 Photography Concert Band Symphonic Band Jazz Band Theatre Percussion Ensemble Theatre Guitar Advanced Acting Concert Orchestra Play Directing Symphonic Orchestra Technical Theatre Chamber Orchestra Musical Theatre Family and Consumer ScienceDance Cultures and Cuisines Dance/PE Food Trends Dance as a Fine Art Child and Adolescent Development Education Internships

25 The ARTS Art Clubs and Exhibits Chamber Singers and A Cappella Concerts Concert, Symphonic and Jazz Band Concerts Concert, Symphonic, and Chamber Orchestra Concerts Theatre Productions Dramatic and Musical The Festival of the Arts The Child Development Lab School

26 Whatever career path one chooses can be admirable, but if you really want to be all that you can be, be a teacher and affect eternity.

27 Child and Adolescent Development 1 Advanced-Level Child and Adolescent Development 2 and 3 Lab School for Pre-K Children Advanced-Level Education Internship All Subjects All Grades All Schools Foundations of Education College Classes – 4 credits Partnership with Montgomery College LEARN LEAD INSPIRE

28 The secret of life is in the ARTS! Oscar Wilde Carla Ingram Arts Resource Teacher


30 The mission of the Thomas S. Wootton Science, Technology and Research Signature Program is to provide an environment in which each student is challenged to excel personally and academically through a comprehensive educational experience in science, math and research. STARS fosters problem solving, leadership, and an appreciation of science through independent research that is supported by rigorous classroom academics.

31 STARS provides students with a small group environment, while maintaining all of the resources of a large, comprehensive school experience. Freshman Cohort Extensive Science Club Selection Science Lectures and Extra-curricular Learning Activities

32 Students participate in outside lectures each year. Students take additional years of science and math. Students take 1 semester research class. MANY internship opportunities are available Community service opportunities

33 AP Sciences, AP Computer Science, AP Calc AND Multivariable Calc available Multiple sections of many APs to make scheduling of electives possible Individualized, science-focused academic guidance for STARS students

34 Performance and Participation AP Calculus BC mean score: 4.47 with 101 participating 2012 mean: 4.73 AP Calculus AB mean score:4.32 with 134 students 2012 mean: 4.40 AP Statistics mean score: 3.94 With 97 students 2012 mean: 4.10

35 College level Math Courses & Beyond AP Calculus BC AP Calculus AB AP Statistics Multi-variable Calculus Differential Equations Mathletes Interstellar Online Competition County Math League American Mathematics Competition International Mathematics Olympiad University of Maryland Mathematics Competition Continental Math League Princeton University Math Competition

36 AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Physics Total Students Average AP Score

37 Intel Semifinalist Siemens Semifinalists- 3 last year! MCPS Science Fair Awards Biology Olympiad Semifinalist Chemistry Olympiad Semifinalists National team member Physics Olympiad Semifinalists BioGenius Finalist for Northeast region

38 Physics Bowl Competition- Year 1 team-1 st Place Year 2 team- 1 st Place Chemathon- Held at U of MD for multistate competition JETS (Junior Engineering Team Score) Grade 9/10 and 11/12 were BEST in STATE Competition held at GW School of Engineering

39 All students take Research Project (.5 credits) in order to prepare them for research internships Minimum of 4 science credits (honors/AP)- many take more! Many students complete off-site research through an internship Out of class lectures- 3-5/year Community Service Involvement-bake sales, Fall Festival, March Madness, etc Overall 3.0 GPA for science


41 Contact For additional information and STARS application : Visit the Wootton website under "Signature Programs(STARS) Wootton Math RT: Wootton Science RT: For STARS Program:

42 The A cademy Of I nformation T Thomas S. Wootton HS Presented by: Monica Mattey – AOIT coordinator

43 The A cademy O f I nformation T echnology Academy Mission: Our mission is to support the personal and professional success of youth by creating career- themed learning experiences; and building partnerships between high school and businesses. Academy Vision: Our vision is to provide highly-qualified graduates who are prepared for college and for careers in information technology

44 Academy Structure Enrollment: Limited to 50 students each school year Program Sequence: Students select pathways to content areas within information technology, such as: – Programming – Networking/Hardware – Information Resource Design

45 Meetings We have homeroom meetings. – Attendance is taken We have scheduled speakers to enlightened our students on career choices. Visit the website to see up to date information It can be located on our homepage under special programs (AOIT-Information Technology)

46 Student Internships All students are required to do a paid internship during the summer of their Junior and Senior year. Students will actively look for internships that interest them in the field of study they have chosen. Mock Interviews are set up for students to learn the process of interviewing with local businesses.

47 College Level Course Students are required to take the necessary courses within the pathway. Recommended that they take a college course during their senior year. As a result, Academy students are prepared for post-secondary studies in information technology.

48 Scholarships Our 2011 graduates received $16, worth of scholarships One student was given the NSA Stokes Scholarship. Full tuition to any college of his choice and a guaranteed job with NSA upon graduation Maryland is the National Cyber Security Headquarters for the nation. Over 100,000 jobs expected to be filled.

49 Dynamic Employer Partners Employer Partners: – Lockheed Martin – Montgomery County Public Schools – Cisco Systems – InfoStructures – Montgomery College – Intervise – Booz, Allen &Hamilton – TalentShip, Inc. – IBM

50 College Institute at Wootton Early College Access Programs Summer college courses After school or weekend courses Montgomery College Early Placement Concurrent Enrollment AOIT Capstone course Education Academy

51 College Institute A Partnership in Excellence between Montgomery College & MCPS since 2002 Wootton High School Gaithersburg High School Kennedy High School Seneca Valley High School (Kennedy and Seneca Valley joined the partnership in 2005) Early College Access Programs

52 CI Program Coordinators and Staff Dr. Jay Bass, Wootton School Counselor Ms.Amy Evans, Woottons Dual Enrollment Program Assistant 12 th Grade Level Administrator , Mr. Joseph Du Boyce

53 Primary Objectives To provide high achieving seniors an opportunity to earn college credits while still a high school student. To provide further opportunities for students to demonstrate maturity & responsibility To offer challenges beyond AP classes To support the success of the students participating

54 Students senior year is enriched by: Becoming academically and socially oriented to college Expanding their academic reach beyond the AP level while still in high school Selecting college courses that build on the AP classes of interest Enjoying more freedom in their course schedule

55 College Institute Course Selections Working together with students, MC, and Wootton administrators and staff, various course offerings are generated. Many academic departments participate, including: Anthropology Business Computer Science Criminal Justice Engineering English History Math Meteorology Philosophy Political Science Psychology Sociology Speech Theatre Womens Studies

56 Universities at Shady Grove (USG) Classes are held in classrooms or computer labs with state-of-the-art technology and equipment The CI program is housed in Building III, USGs LEED Gold Certified Camille Kendall Academic Center, which was constructed to be both energy efficient and environmentally sensitive. ( Satellite campus encompassing the innovative partnership of nine Univ. System of MD universities, USG offers more than 60 of the best and most popular degree programs from across the state. (

57 Student Eligibility On track to complete primarily all high school graduation requirements by the end of junior year (17 on average) Achieve a minimum score on the verbal/English & math sections of the SAT (at least 550) or the ACT (at least 24) Earn a minimum weighted GPA of 3.5 An Appeals Process exists for highly motivated students with strong academic records whose achievements fall slightly below the criteria cited above Students will apply for the program when they complete the scheduling process with School Counselors in the middle of junior year. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

58 Benefits of this program Extends opportunities beyond the AP level Experienced college faculty work with students during their first foray into the college experience Small class sizes, typically no more than students per class Opportunity for students to earn college credits that can be transferred to their future college or university (students have earned an average of 6 credits in the past) Courses taught at the nearby Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus in state-of-the-art Green classrooms Transportation provided by MCPS bus to and from USG Enhances college admissions profile Schedule planning, course registration, guidance and support provided by Wootton College Institute staff during junior year Financial Aid available through Montgomery College specifically for high school students concurrently enrolled

59 For More Information, check out our websites The Office of Dual Enrollment Programs artment.aspx?id= o Scroll over the Special Programs option o Select the College Institute link

60 We ARE the Wootton PATRIOTS.

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