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#807 Byucksan Technopia, , Ojeon-Dong, Uiwang-City,

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1 SEJUNG Trading Co, Ltd
#807 Byucksan Technopia, , Ojeon-Dong, Uiwang-City, Gyunggi-Do, , Korea

2 Salutation II Vision & Mission III Introduction & History IV Business Organization Chart Business Performance Customer & Partnership

3 ▣ Salutation Sejung trading Co. provide technical support and process solution Established in 2004, Sejung Trading Co. Ltd keeps growing and expanding, and is now one of the most well-known solution providers in Semiconductor packaging assembly business and used equipment market and in Korea, with seven engineers specialized at various technical expertise and field application experiences. All engineers are with >10 years’ experience in Semiconductor assembly know-hows, providing technical supports and process solutions, not just only equipment. Sejung Trading Co. is now specialized in promoting advanced bonding equipment from Hesse & Knipps, and Peco capillaries. We have 2700 members of Internet café which is a profound sales network for Sejung Trading Co., inside which members can share technical information and request technical support as well. We conduct regular technical seminars and equipment trainings on quarterly basis. Sejung Trading Co. handles more than 100 units of used equipment yearly, and monthly 50,000 capillaries’ sales and service, as well as technical supports. We do have joint-development projects with various customers, collaborating with our customers and pot. We provide technical support and process solution and equipment as well. 

4 ▣ Introduction Corporate : Sejung Trading Co, Ltd
Location : #807 Byucksan Technopia, 196-5, Ojeon-Dong, Uiwang-City, Gyunggi-Do, , Korea Area : Building 300㎡ Office : 90㎡ Refurbish room : 170㎡ Clean room:40㎡ Class 10,000 Pilot Line Equip Current State (2011.3) SAW : DISCO DFD640 WEDGE BONDER : KNS 8060 WIRE BONDER : KNS 8028 KAIJO FB170 DIE BONDER : ALPHASEM SL9002 ASM AD / ASM AD829A DISPENSOR : VOIM RS2000 TESTER : ROYCE 552 HIGH POWER SCOPE : LEICA INM20 Ware House 1 : Building 200㎡ Ware House 2 : Building 390㎡

5 ▣ History History 2011 2007 .03 Samsung Electro-Mechanics
.02 CLEAN ROOM Samjin BJ820 x 3set PO .01 AMST BJ820 x 1set PO 2010 .04 AMST BJ820 3rd PO .02 SL-TECH Joint Project Military device 2009 .12 Samsung Advanced Institute Technology BJ820 x 1set PO .10 S-PECKAGE JOINT PROJECT .06 SEMIMC Refurbishment Team .07 AMST BJ820 2nd PO .05 LG Innotek .03 AMST BJ820 1st PO .03 Internet Cafe Open-Semiconductor No. of members : 2700 (Mar.2011) 2007 .09 Hynix Semiconductor 10 ASE Weihai Wire Bonder /Saw .08 AMKOR Korea 2006 .06 Samjin BJ815 x 1set PO .04 Samjin BJ715 x 1set PO .03 Samsung Electronics .01 Samjin BJ815 x 1set PO .01 HESSE & KNIPPS Agent 2005 .10 Signetics 05 STATS CHIPPACK .07 ASE Korea .06 STS Capillary .03 Hanamicron Capillary .12 PECO Capillary Agent .10 Sejung Trading Co. start

6 ▣ Business Partner Ship ☞ PECO Capillary Agent : Capillary
☞ Hesse & Knipps Korea Agent : Fully automatic thin wire bonder: BONDJET BJ820 BONDJET BJ715/815 Fully automatic heavy wire bonder   BONDJET BJ93X  BONDJET BJ920  BONDJET BJ915L Available options: PiQC E-Box SEJUNG Trading WEDGE BONDER Sales Equipment ReFurb &Sales Capillary Sales ☞ Korea Business Semiconductor Ass’y Equip ReFurb& Sales Wire Bonder / Wedge Bonder / Die Bonder / Saw Dispenser / ETC - ASM / K&S / Shinkawa /KAIJO PKG Development sample Business PKG Process Technical Application PKG OEM Production

7 Alliance Agent Company

8 ▣ Business–Joint project
SL-Tech - Military PKG 24CDIP : Production Start Dec. 2011– need BJ820 - Production Volume: Min. US$ 400K (enough budget for BJ820($40K x 5years) - 10 years contract project - Sejung Trading support R&D and Equipment (Furnace, Dispenser, Laser marker) S-Pack Solution - Temp & Humidity sensor (Package Saw, Wire Bond, Dispenser) -CEO is from KEC R&D center, he was director of R&D center. GE Sensing - Automotive pressure sensor / TPMS Sensor / Temp pressure sensor - Packaging Sub Assembly contract - Wafer Sawing, Die Bonding, Wire Bonding, Welding, Encap, Testing etc.

9 ▣ Organization Chart

10 ▣ Staff Profile Sales & C/S Team Technical Support Team YK Lee
Thin Wedge Bonder SL-Tech Process Engineer Team STATS ChipPAC Korea Equip Eng’r Hynix Semiconductor Equip Eng’r Wedge – KNS 8060 Wire – KNS 8028 / KNS Maxum Technical Support Team HJ Yoon Heavy Wedge Bonder / Wire Bonder ASE Weihai Discrete Line Support TSPS Korea Power PKG Set-up KEC Thailand Power PKG Set-up Woosuk Semiconductor Equip Eng’r Wire - KNS14xx / 80xx Heavy Wedge- Orthodyne M360, Orthodyne 7200Plus Die – NEC CPS400 / CPS4000 Tosok DBD2500 / DBD3550

11 ▣ Staff Profile Equipment Technique Team Technical Support Team JY Kim
Die Bonder / Saw Signetics Equip Die Bonder Overhaul AMKOR Korea Equip Technical Team Die Bonder / Saw Overhaul Die – Alphasem- SL9002 ASM AD809 / AD889 / AD898 / AD8912 Saw- Disco DFD6xx / DAD6xx Equipment Technique Team WY Ban Wire Bonder / Die Bonder ITM Semiconductor Product Team Manager Seoul Semiconductor Process Manager AMKOR Korea TQFP Maintenance Wire- ASM AB339 / AB330Eagle AB Eagle60AP / I-hawk Twin Eagle Kaijo FB780 Die- ASM AD809 / AD896 /AD8930 Canon Bestem D01

12 ▣ Staff Profile Equipment Technique Team Technical Support Team MJ Kim
Wire Bonder Signetics Equip Wire Bonder Overhaul AMKOR Korea Equip Technical Team Wire Bonder Overhaul Wire : KNS 14xx / KNS 80XX ASM AB339 / AB339 EAGLE AB Eagle60AP / I-hawk Twin Eagle Kaijo FB118 / FB128 / FB137 / FB150 Technical Support Team DJ Kim Wire Bonder Heesung Metal Wire R&D AMKOR Korea QFP/TQFP/MLF Maintenance Wire : KNS 14xx / KNS 80XX ASM AB339 / AB339 EAGLE AB Eagle60AP / I-hawk Twin Eagle

13 ▣ Business Performance
Revenue Revenue H&K Wedge Bonder

14 ▣ Customer Capillary sales-Major customer
H&K Wedge Bonder Sales-Major Customer

15 ▣ Customer Corporation Equipment Refurbish sales-Major customer
Optowell SPACKAGE Samsung Electro-Mechanics GE SENSING Asia Semiconductor Insem COBON Sangsin Elecom GE SENSING Mikwang Electron Glotech Poongsan Opticis Seoul Technopia Epivalley Lumitech Samsung LED DS LCD MICROINFINITY Point Engineering

16 ▣ Customer National Institution Educational Institution
Equipment Refurbish sales-Major customer National Institution Korea Sensor Research Association Educational Institution Yeungjin College Chungbuk Semiconductor High School Defense Industry Automotive PeopleWorks Co, Ltd Brodern Co, Ltd ICHIPS co.Ltd GE Sensing PoongSan F&S

17 ▣ Partnership Café Statistics
Internet Café * Technical internet Café for Semiconductor Assembly Equipment engineers. Technical Support between members Wafer Sawing, Die Bonding, Wire Bonding, Dispensing, etc. Customer join café to get technical information and make technical network. Most powerful sales tool for Sejung trading Co. Conductor Technical Seminar 2-3 times per year No. of Member : 2700 (Mar. 2011) Café Statistics

18 Sales partner for SE Korea
▣ Partnership Strategic Alliances SEJUNG TRADING Strategic Alliances CAPILLARY Agent WEDGE BONDER BS TEK Partner for SE Korea Bond tool Korea Sales Sales partner for SE Korea H&K Wedge Bonder Thin Wire Bonder Heavy Wire Bonder

19 Thank You.

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