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KCJS C ULTURAL O RIENTATION 2012-2013 Scott Parks, Student Advisor –

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1 KCJS C ULTURAL O RIENTATION Scott Parks, Student Advisor –

2 I NTRODUCTORY V IDEO ! oad.ViewLink&Parent_ID=2EE21ECC-BCDE- E7F3-5C &Link_ID=8EA88E6B- BCDE-E7F3- 59FD24E4AB20AB88&Program_ID=10320




6 D OSHISHA U NIVERSITY Fusoukan ( ) International Center KCJS! KCJS Library ( ) Meitokukan ( ) Cafeteria ( ) Conbini ( ) International Lounge Stationary Store Coffee Shop ( ) Doshisha Library ( ) Kanbaikan ( ) Study spaces Cafe

7 KCJS C ENTER Program Director: Lindsay Yotsukura Librarian: Michiko Nakanishi Assistant Director: Fusako Shore Housing Coordinator: Tazuko Wada Financial Officer: Yoshiko Hollstein

8 C LIMATE Summer Winter

9 T RANSPORTATION Train / Subway Bus Bike

10 T RANSPORTATION Train / Subway

11 H OUSING Three options: Apartment Home Stay Kajiwara House

12 L IVING W ITH A H OST F AMILY Meals / Food Toilets, bath Saving energy Internet Provided House expectations Follow Customs Gifts IT VARIES A LOT

13 L IVING W ITH A H OST F AMILY Dos Say Yes Engage Invite Respect Help Out Dont Be Wasteful Discuss Money (and other sensitive topics) Wait Be Shy

14 M EETING J APANESE S TUDENTS DESA / KIXS Joining Clubs (CIP) Student Auditors Other International Students Be Outgoing!

15 T YPICAL D AY 7:15 Wake Up 7:15 – 8:15 AM Breakfast / Get Ready 8:20 – 9:00 Commute 9:10 – 12:00 (2 hours only) Language Classes 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch 13:10 – 19:00 Afternoon Classes Free Time Commute Homework + Host Family Time 19:00 – 20:00 Dinner 20:00 – 23:00 HW + Host Family 23:00 Sleep!

16 L OGISTICS - S AFETY Very Safe! Chikan / Womens Only Cars

17 L OGISTICS - M ONEY CASH BASED SOCIETY ¥ ¥ ¥ Utilize CitiBank and Post Office ATMS ( ) Exchange rates. Have access to multiple sources of money Transportation and food stipends from KCJS Exchange rate / Endaka ( ) $1 ~ ¥80

18 L OGISTICS - C OMMUNICATION Cell Phones 3 companies – Softbank, NTT Docomo, Au Try to get phones from SCTI??? Prepaid plans buy phone cards at convenience stores Use texting (mail / ) over calling. ¥3000 for unlimited Mail Send it to the KCJS center Have a reliable way of staying in touch with loved ones

19 (K ANSAI - BEN / K YOTO - BEN ) Ooki ni arigatou Akan dame Meccha totemo Chau chigau Honma hontou ni Aho baka ~ya da ~wa ~yo ~de ~yo Tabeharu taberu (only Kyoto)

20 C ULTURAL D IFFERENCES AVOID SMASH Talking on the phone and eating on trains Talking on the phone in confined spaces Take shoes off indoors Punctuality Avoid eating while walking Dont leave chopsticks in food Nomikai ( )

21 KCJS P ROGRAM S TUFF Community Involvement Project (CIP) Language Partner Fall Trip Bowling


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