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Bi-Level Car Procurement Status Report

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1 Bi-Level Car Procurement Status Report
NGEC Annual Meeting February 21, 2014

2 Introduction Artist’s Conception of the New NGEC Bi-level Coach Car
Courtesy of Sumitomo Corporation of America & Nippon Sharyo

3 States Involved California
Illinois, representing Michigan and Missouri

4 Funding FRA Grants - Joint Agreement with IDOT for total contract value of $352.3M. IDOT Share - $238.5M (88 of 130 Railcars) Illinois/Midwest – HSIPR: $27.1M ARRA: $211.4M Caltrans Share - $113.8M (42 of 130 Railcars) California – HSIPR: $36.8M ARRA: $54.2M State Match (Prop 1B): $22.8M

5 Number of Cars – Base Order
Illinois/Midwest – 88 Railcars (46 Coach, 21 Cab-Baggage, & 21 Café-Business Class) California – 42 Cars (34 Coach, 3 Cab-Baggage, & 5 Café-Lounge)

6 Deployment of Cars – Illinois/Midwest
8 Existing Midwest “Hub” Routes Out of Chicago & St. Louis 2 New Services Planned to Run Out of Chicago

7 Deployment of Cars – California
Three Corridors San Joaquin Capitol Corridor Pacific Surfliner New Capacity for Secular Growth: 29 cars Replace Borrowed Amtrak Equipment: 13 cars

8 Base Schedule – Design Review:
Notice to Proceed (NTP) Date: Nov. 27, 2012 Preliminary Design Review, PDR Meetings Held: 15 days between Apr. 23& Jul. 11, 2013 Carshell PDR in Japan Held: Apr. 2 through 4, 2013 Intermediate Design Review (IDR) Meetings Held: 12 days between Aug. 13 & Sep. 27, 2013 Final Design Review (FDR) Schedule: 17 days between Feb. 26 & Apr. 30, 2014 Mockup Review Schedule: Mar. 17 through 21, 2014

9 Base Schedule – Pilot Cars:
Completion of First Carshell: Dec. 2014 Assembly of First Pilot Car: Jul. 2015 Pilot Car Testing: Jul – Jan. 2016 Pilot Train Final Acceptance: May 2016

10 Base Schedule – Delivery:
Delivery of First Production Car: May 2016 Delivery Rate – Average per Month: 4 to 6 cars Delivery of Last Base Car: July 2018

11 Proposed Options Number of Option Cars Midwest - 31 California - 11
Accelerated Schedule Average Production Rate: 6 cars Date of Final Car Delivery: Jun. 2018

12 Participants’ Roles Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA)
Contracts with States Contracts with Nippon Sharyo Performs Contract Management Nippon Sharyo Carbuilder Design Production Purchasing Under Contract to SCOA

13 Participants’ Roles (Part II)
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Lead Agency for Procurement Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Partner Agency – Representing Michigan & Missouri

14 Participants’ Roles (Part III)
Consultants Jacobs Engineering, Interfleet Technology, Cambria Solutions, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger & Parsons Brinckerhoff Technical and Project Management Support Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Grant Administration Technical Support

15 Future Acquisitions Caltrans – Additional Option Orders
Long-term Fleet Plans May allow additional services and capacity increases as funds become available Continue to support standardization and rail passenger growth into the future

16 THANK YOU! Questions or Concerns? Please contact Stan Hunter at:

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