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Why do you choose KHU. contents 1.Seoul life 2.Campus life.

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1 Why do you choose KHU

2 contents 1.Seoul life 2.Campus life


4 Seoul, the capital city The capital city of South Korea The capital city of South Korea One of the largest cities in the world The city of national importance for more than 2,000 years One of the worlds top ten financial and commercial centers The centre of South Koreas economy, culture and politics G eneral I nformation

5 Whats so fascinating about Seoul ?

6 Low Price Level - Seoul ranks 37 th the worlds most expensive city. (London 10 th, Helsinki 11 th ) (The reports of prices and earnings 2012 released from UBS ) (The reports of prices and earnings 2012 released from UBS ) - I EURO = 1385.15 KRW (2 ND week of Nov,2012) - Monthly living cost 250-400euro (rent is not included) 250-400euro (rent is not included) Seoul life School life

7 Awesome Dining Experiences - Generally, Korean dishes are spicy - So many great restaurants with reasonable price reasonable price - Try out Korean Barbeque - Coffee Shops everywhere Seoul life School life

8 You can go everywhere in Seoul with subway and bus Transportation card - Prepaid card - Used in subway, bus - Price only about 2 euros - Transfer is free if you change it in 30 minutes (depends on situation) You can go anywhere with this card! Seoul life School life Best Transportation system

9 Seoul life School life - Lots of stores open 24/7 including convenient stores. - Sauna opens for 24hr. - Excellent bars and clubs that open 4-6 in the morning - Public transportation operates until 12-1 in the morning The City That Never Sleeps

10 Seoul life School life The City of History

11 Towards Global Eminence Kyung Hee University

12 Seoul life School life Kyung Hee University - Ranked 7 th top university in Korea - Ranked 2 nd the most globalized university - Two campus, Seoul campus & Global Campus - Offer various ranges of academic courses - Famous for beautiful campus

13 Seoul life School life Schools and College Seoul Campus College of Humanities College of Law College of Politics and Economics College of Management College of Hotel & Tourism College of Medicine College of Oriental Medicine College of Dentistry College of Nursing Science College of Human Ecology Global Campus College of Engineering College of Electronics & Information College of Applied Sciences College of Life Sciences College of Management and International Relations College of International Studies College of Foreign Language and Literature College of Art & Design College of Physical Education The School of East-West Medical Science

14 Seoul life School life Business Management & Tourism management

15 Seoul life School life Academic Years

16 Seoul life School life Student life in Kyung Hee. Reading in Library Great Festival Studying in Cafe Strolling in campus

17 Seoul life School life Dont worry you are not alone Buddy program for exchange student Kyung Hee University arranges a buddy program for exchange students. Each of student will have one personal tutor who will help them adjust life in Korea.

18 Hope to see you in Korea ! Thank You

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