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Sanjoy Narayan (Design Editor) helped a lot to develop an understanding regarding HT Media.

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3 Sanjoy Narayan (Design Editor) helped a lot to develop an understanding regarding HT Media.

4 Hindustan Times edit room

5 HT Media Limited is one of Indias foremost media companies, and home to three leading newspapers in the country in the English, Hindi and business segments – Hindustan Times (English daily), Hindustan (Hindi daily, through a subsidiary) and Mint (business daily). Hindustan Times was started in 1924 and has a more than 85-year history as one of Indias leading newspapers. The Company also has four FM radio stations - Fever 104 in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. The Company has also made a foray into the Internet space through its subsidiary Firefly e-Ventures Limited and has launched a new job portal These are in addition to the existing websites and

6 The Company has entered into 65:35 joint venture with Velti Plc, one of the worlds leading providers of mobile advertising solutions, to provide these services in India. In addition, the Company has also entered into 51:49 joint venture (JV) with German media group Hubert Burda to leverage HT Media's expertise in printing and publishing and capture opportunities in the booming high-end magazine and catalogue printing space in India and the Asia-Pacific region. HT Media also publishes two Hindi magazines Nandan and Kadambini through its subsidiary Hindustan Media Ventures Limited.


8 Hindustan Times readership grows to 35.2 lacs; Maintains its No. 1 position in Delhi; with a significant lead over competition in premium segments (SEC A and AB) Becomes No. 2 in Mumbai in broadsheet format, while continuing to be the fastest growing daily Readership increased by 5% to 5.9 lac readers with more than 4.3 lacs exclusive readers that are not reached by competition Hindustan further consolidates its third position with 7% readership growth; overall readership increases to 1.08 Crore Maintains its No. 1 position in Bihar with 74% readership share Consolidates its No. 1 position in Jharkhand with 58% readership share; while continuing to be the fastest growing newspaper in the state Strengthening presence in the UP & Uttaranchal markets – Readership grows by ~10% to 34.1 lacs

9 Mint consolidates its No. 2 position in business daily segment Overall readership in Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru increased to 1.73 lacs; 25% readership share in these markets 81% of the readers are exclusive, that are not reached by competition Readership to get further impetus as Kolkata, Chennai & Ahmedabad editions start getting captured in the survey. Significant improvement in advertising spend across sectors driving growth in ad volumes and yields 25% growth in advertisement revenues from English segment to Rs. 2,754 million from Rs. 2,208 million 35% growth in advertisement revenues from Hindi segment to Rs. 945 million from Rs. 700 million

10 Fever 104 and entertainment business maintains revenue traction Revenue growth of 80% to Rs. 182 million from Rs. 101 million EBITDA at Rs. 39 million compared to negative EBITDA of Rs. 0.8 million last year Fever 104 maintained its No. 2 position in Delhi and No. 3 position in Bengaluru; while consolidating its presence in Mumbai Digital business register encouraging results Revenue from internet segment increases to Rs. 21 million from Rs. 11 million, job portal operating through a subsidiary, continues to gain revenue traction Over all resume database increases to 6 million; new registrations close to the run rate of industry peers HT Mobile, launched in partnership with Velti plc, continues to gain momentum with increase in mobile ad campaigns

11 The Hindustan Times, an English language daily newspaper, was introduced in 1924. One of the earliest newspapers of India, its history can be traced back to the independence movement period. The name Hindustan is the historic name of northern India. Hindustan Times is owned by the KK Birla branch of the Birla family and managed by Shobhana Bharti, daughter of KK Birla and granddaughter of GD Birla. The newspaper produces editions specially designed for various cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai. The offices and staff of Hindustan Times are spread across the whole country and the whole family of this prestigious newspaper works to serve the people. A career at Hindustan Times means working with professionals in an organization with experience that is decades long.

12 The Hindustan Times circulation was over 1.41 million in 2008. The Readership Survey rated the Hindustan Times the second most extensively read newspaper in 2010, with its 34.67 lakh readers spread throughout the country. The Hindustan Times revenue reached INR 1,454 crore in the financial year 2010–11. The Hindustan Times is the third largest English language newspaper in India. The newspapers advertisement revenue has shown a modest growth of 1%. The newspapers radio vertical outscored others by posting a healthy revenue growth of 52% taking the revenue to INR 43 crore. It is expected to improve further in the near future. With synchronized publications in all the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal and Chandigarh, the Hindustan Times has high prospects of further progressing with no chances of a slowdown

13 Brunch: An exclusive lifestyle magazine, every Sunday. The readers of HT wake up to Brunch every Sunday morning, which is one of best-loved offerings from its stable. HT City and HT Cafe: The entertainment & lifestyle supplement, every day. The Hindustan Times reader wakes up to a bundle of fun, frolic, entertainment and masala everyday called HT City (in Delhi) and HT Café (in Mumbai). HT Education: Education Supplement, every Wednesday (earlier known as HT Horizons). HT Estates : Real Estate supplement, every Saturday. HT Estates as a supplement partners and corroborates the readers with information that helps them buy or sell their properties.


15 Entertainment is a very broad term. The "entertainment industry" usually refers to celebrities, music, movies and television. Entertainment can also mean video games, DVDs, books and other pastimes that amuse us and keep us occupied. In order to write a good entertainment article or review, research the topic fully to provide factual information about your subject.

16 How do I feel when viewing news that omits a viewpoint or hypes another? Is the news or opinion politically or personally motivated, slanting truth to manipulate rather than inform? When I see a "hole" in a story missing viewpoints or sources how can I fill it with facts using online resources?

17 Doubt a healthy skepticism that questions everything. 2. Detect a nose for news and relentless pursuit of the truth. 3. Discern a priority for fairness, balance and objectivity in reporting. 4. Demand a focus on free access to information and freedom of speech.


19 Journalists are beginning to realize that generalized newspapers are not cutting it anymore. The Internet has taught readers that they can easily find and read about their interests. Writing for a certain audience is one of the smartest things a journalist can do to survive in the digital age. To keep up with online, journalism has become a juggling act. Articles, blogs, videos and tweets have become daily tasks for the average beat writer. Ten years ago, there were reporters, photographers and a staff that produced the website. Now, a single journalist has to know how to do it all for the same pay as before.

20 The newspaper industry is not what it used to be. As much as any journalists like to deny it, print is the expensive past and the Internet is the free future. The Internets new trends have impacted newspaper companies greatly in recent years. The financial losses from a decreased interest in newspapers has cut jobs and reorganized the news industry.


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