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Welcome to Florida Institute of Technology

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1 Welcome to Florida Institute of Technology
Welcome to Florida Institute of Technology! Business & Retail Operations Dining Services Campus Services Bookstore ID Card Services Mail Room Services Student Health Insurance University Plaza at Florida Tech

2 We are committed to providing the Florida Tech community with quality food and services at an excellent value, in a clean, comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

3 Dining Locations Panther Dining Hall SUB Café Center Court
Located in the center of campus next to the swimming pool complex. Featuring “all you care to eat” dining with a variety of display cooking stations, Pizza, Homestyle entrees, Pasta to order and more. Open seven days per week. SUB Café The Student Union Building Café is an ala carte quick service restaurant with Deli , Grill, Specials, Coffee Bar and Salad Bar open for Breakfast and Lunch Monday through Friday Center Court Located in the Clemente Recreational Center, serves Freshen’s® Smoothies, wraps, pizza, and specialty sandwiches. Center Court is open Monday through Friday.

4 Dining Locations The Rathskeller Black Kats Kafé
Located on the ground floor of Evans Hall, the Rathskeller is open seven days per week for lunch and late night activities. Black Kats Kafé Black Kats, our late night coffee house and lounge, is located adjacent to the Rathskeller on the ground floor of Evans Hall.

5 Dining Locations Panther Dining Hall


7 Services Groceries 4 U Pizza & Sub Delivery Vending
Groceries 4U is Florida Tech’s virtual grocery store. It provides students with a selection of over 800 items that can be purchased through our online electronic catalog Pizza & Sub Delivery The Rathskeller Pizza and Sub Delivery is open seven days per week from 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Vending Dining Services operates the campus snack and beverage vending machines and most are equipped with card readers to accept FlexCredits and Panther Cash Account

8 Sick Trays / Bag Lunches Nutritional Information
Services Sick Trays / Bag Lunches Sick tray and bag lunch service is available from Panther Dining Hall when necessary, contact the manager to make arrangements. Nutritional Information Nutrition information is available at all Dining Locations for most items that we provide. Web publication is a feature “coming soon”. Special Diets Most special and medically necessary diet can be accommodated in our residential dining room. Please contact the Panther Dining Manager to discuss your requirements.

9 Services Catering Florida Tech Dining has a very robust and affordable catering department that can supply everything from simple beverage and snack service for meetings to white glove VIP service for groups up to 500. Also as part of your meal plan, we have a low-cost pick-up program for student events. Whatever your need, Dining Services can help satisfy your requirements. For full scale catering with service, call the catering manager in the SUB Café. To access student pick-up and take-out catering, call the manager in Panther Dining.

10 Freshman Meal Plans Plan Eligibility Unlimited MealCredits FlexCredits Per Semester Cost Per Semester A1 All Students Seven Days per Week $150 $2,440 A2 Monday - Friday $350 MealCredits are unlimited and allow entry into Panther Dining Hall during all business hours, either 5 or 7 days per week according to your plan. FlexCredits are credited per semester and unused portions will roll to spring. Unused FlexCredits have NO VALUE at the end of spring semester Plans are priced per semester but have an annual contract.

11 MealCredits MealCredits are a component of all Freshman Meal Plans.
MealCredits allow UNLIMITED “all-you-care-to-eat” access in Panther Dining Hall either five or seven days per week according to your plan. With UNLIMITED MealCredits you are assured to have food access every day for the entire semester.

12 FlexCredits FlexCredits are part of every meal plan we offer, giving students the flexibility and freedom to purchase food and services from all Campus Dining Locations including: Panther Dining Hall The Rathskeller SUB Café & Deli Black Kats Kafé Panther Grocery Center Court Rathskeller Convenience Store Groceries 4U Discounted Beverage Vending Pick-Up Catering Pizza & Sub Delivery Service Snack Vending

13 Meal Plan Changes Fall 2011 Semester Meal Plan changes may be made until Friday, August 26, Spring 2012 Semester Meal Plan changes may be made until Friday, December 16, Visit Campus Services to submit your request. All changes require university approval.

14 What Do I do If I Run Out Of FlexCredits?
Purchase FlexCredits (Added to your Student Account at Campus Services) Deposit to Panther Cash Account Go to – “Quick Links” drop down list – select “Panther Card Online Deposits” Use Cash or Credit Card

15 Questions?

16 Campus Services

17 Campus Services Services we provide: Housing Residence Life
ID Card Services Meal Plan Administration Health Insurance Waivers / Enrollment

18 Housing Services Services Offered: Housing Contracts
Check-In Check-Out Forms Housing Assignments Room Changes

19 Residence Halls Campbell Brownlie Evans Shaw Roberts Grissom
9 Apartment Buildings Studio, Single, Double, Triple Hartley C Building Farmer 5 Freshman Building 2 Upper Class

20 Residence Life Community Building Live-In Professional Staff
Graduate Residence Directors Undergraduate & Graduate Resident Assistants 24 Hour On-Call Duty Rotation Residence Hall Association Programs - Academic, Social, Educational

21 Questions? Telephone: 321/

22 Florida Tech Bookstore

23 The Florida Tech Bookstore hours:
The Florida Tech Bookstore is located on the 1st floor of the Homer Denius Student Union Building The Florida Tech Bookstore hours: Monday through Friday :30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Saturday & Sunday Closed SPECIAL HOURS: Monday, & Tuesday, :30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Saturday, :00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

24 Textbooks New All titles available Used Selected titles available Rental Selected titles available EBK (Electronic Books-selected titles) * Bring your class schedule with you to the Florida Tech Bookstore. Freshmen bring your block schedule with you.

25 Textbook Returns Students have one week from the first day of class to return their textbooks August 26th is the last day to return for a full refund Receipt is needed at time of return

26 Textbook Buyback Textbook buyback is all year round
Students can receive up to 50% of the original price of textbook back. Prices vary for new and used textbooks A Florida Tech ID card is required for textbook buyback.

27 Florida Tech Merchandise
Emblematic (logo) merchandise is available at the Florida Tech Bookstore…from t-shirts to coffee mugs to key chains. Sundries are also available at the Florida Tech Bookstore…from greeting cards to snacks and candy.

28 The Florida Tech Bookstore accepts…
All major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Panther Card Cash Student Financial Aid

29 Florida Tech Bookstore is also on-line…
Located under Campus Life Textbook orders require 24 to 48 hours to process. Florida Tech Bookstore is operated and managed by Barnes & Noble College

30 Questions? Telephone: 321/

31 Your Florida Tech ID Card Your key to CAMPUS

32 Your Florida Tech Panther ID Card
The Panther Card is the official identification card of Florida Tech Meal Plan Access Debit Card PNC Bank ID Card Linking – activation required.

33 Your Florida Tech Panther ID Card
Provides you with …. Food at all Campus Dining Locations Access to your residence hall, various classrooms & labs and the Clemente Center Services in the Student Health Center Beverage and snack vending machines Products from Groceries 4U Laundry machines in the residence halls Campus pizza and sub delivery Books and apparel from the Florida Tech Bookstore Services from participating off-campus retailers Copies and services in Evans Library Discounts from participating retailers PNC Bank ID Card Linking – On campus ATM and Cash Machines - activation required

34 Your Florida Tech Panther ID Card
The Panther Cash Account is a perfect complement to your meal plan. The university offers the Panther Cash Account as a campus debit card that uses your ID card for access. The Panther Cash Account is a convenient, fast, safe and simple method for students to access goods and services available throughout the campus. Panther Cash can also be used at various participating off-campus retail establishments. For a listing of participating off-campus retailers go to

35 Your Florida Tech Panther ID Card
The Panther Cash Account is a pre-paid debit account encoded to your ID card. Once a Panther Account is opened with a minimum deposit of $25, students and family members can make deposits from their room or from home electronically at

36 ON-Line Card Access
Your Florida Tech Panther ID Card ON-Line Card Access On-line Deposits to the Panther Plan No Credit Card FEES Track Spending Lost Cards Low balance warning and warnings Parents Access with Student permission

37 Your Florida Tech Panther PNC Bank ID Card Link
PNC Bank ID Card Linking Your PNC account can be linked with your Florida Tech ID Card so that you can easily access bank funds through the PNC Bank ATM located at the Student Union and the PNC Bank Cash Machine located at Panther Dining Hall. You can open a PNC account at a local bank branch or on-line: Visit 2. Complete the online application 3. Click to open your account! If you have questions or want more information, just visit, stop by any PNC Bank branch.

38 This is your ID Card Protect it!
Your Florida Tech Panther ID Card This is your ID Card Protect it! Don’t let anyone borrow your card. ID cards will be confiscated from unauthorized users. If you lose your ID Card contact the Campus Security office at ext and the Campus Services Office at ext Lost ID card replacement charge is $20 Your card has a VALUE.

39 Questions? Telephone: 321/ For information and to process an electronic deposit visit:


41 The Florida Tech Mailroom is located at the Homer Denius Student Union Building 1st floor
The Campus Mailroom is open: Monday through Friday :00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Saturday :00 A.M. to 11:45 A.M. Sunday Closed

42 Mailroom Services: Mailing parcels, envelopes and small boxes
Overnight, global priority and priority mail Certified, registered and insured mail Package weighing and delivering to post office Change of address forms Post office boxes Stamps

43 CORRECT ADDRESSING NAME OF STUDENT FIT BOX W. UNIVERSITY BLVD MELBOURNE, FL 32901 PACKAGE HOLD TIME (30 Days) Package received by the Florida Tech Mailroom will be held for 30 days after which it will be returned to sender.


45 Cash only please… The Florida Tech Mailroom accepts cash only. The Mailroom cannot accept credit cards for purchases or postal services.

46 Questions? Telephone: 321/

47 Florida Tech Student Health Insurance

48 Bollinger Insurance Solutions is the Student Health Insurance provider for Florida Institute of Technology The Florida Tech Student Health Insurance Office is located at University Plaza at Florida Tech Suite L1 Office Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

49 The Florida Tech Student Health Insurance Policy
Florida Tech Student Health Insurance policy information is available on line at

50 Questions?
Telephone: 321/

51 University Plaza at Florida Tech 3150 South Babcock Street
Metro PCs Cell Phone 24 Hour Laundry Brevard Traffic Institute Middle Eastern Aromas Chumley’s Pub Angela’s Full Service Salon Check Cashing King of the Gyro Florida Tech Business & Retail Operations Alternative Connection Enaba Hookah

52 Thank you Once again… Welcome to Florida Tech and let us know if we can assist you.

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