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Cyber Defence & Cyber Peace

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1 Cyber Defence & Cyber Peace
Presented by S.N Pradhan, IPS, Addl DG Vineet Kumar, CTO, CDRC Dinesh Bareja, CSA, CDRC

2 CDRC is a joint initiative of the Government of the State of Jharkhand (India) and Jharkhand Police. The unit is operational since January It is the first of it’s kind organization in the country, and (probably) the ninth in the world


4 Cyber Security Initiative
Mission Public Outreach, Cyber security Awareness in schools and Colleges through “E-Raksha” Mission Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Security Research (Honeynet, Hardware Security, Malware analysis) Cyber Security Services (Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security etc.) on request Cyber Crime Review meetings (Every district of Jharkhand) Cyber Cafe Controls, ATM Security, Wifi War-driving exercise, Cyber Patrol Operations Trainings/Bootcamps/Seminars/Awareness (Police, Judiciary, Government Employees) Cybercrime Helpline, Web Helpline (eSamadhan), Toll free

5 detection education JH CERT Prevention protection
1 Cyber Patrol Responsible Disclosure, Cyber Intelligence Gathering, Honeynets, Wifi Wardriving Technology Research, System Dev & Deployment eSamadhan Citizen Outreach Tollfree Helpline detection investigation education JH CERT Prevention protection Cyber Secure CDR Analysis, IMS, Cyber Lab, VA/PT, AppSec, Digital Forensics, Own In house tools LEA Training, Capacity & Capability Building eKavach Critical Infrastructure Protection – Training, Intel, Response and Knowledge Sharing eRaksha Statewide Security Awareness program for children, citizens, industry Incident Response, Advisories, Responsible Disclosure

6 A Multi Dimensional LEA
Law Enforcement Technical Services Training Public Outreach Research National Security Jharkhand Secure Investigation, Response, Evidence Gathering, Forensics, Cyber Policing VA/PT, Application Security Testing, Technology Evaluation State Police, Judiciary and Govt, CID, CBI, NPA, IB, Awareness, Toll free helpline, eSamadhan, Cyber café controls, ATM security Cyber Patrol, India Honeynetwork, SCADA and Spam Honeynets, National Infrastructure Protection under CIIP, Responsible Disclosure State Infrastructure Protection, Department al IT Security, State CERT

SCADA honeypot development Testing Vulnerability disclosure system AUGUST India honeynetwork setup with five sensors CISF, RPF training ATS interaction re cyber security APRIL Moved into CDRC Building, PHQ Ranchi Program Launches: - Judiciary Training - “eKavach” Critical Infrastructure Protection - Online knowledge base for Cyber café owners re open source - Bi lingual safety guidelines for Government employees, parents and children JUNE eKavach onsite assessment at HEC CID Training launch FEBRUARY Launch eSamadhan, manual CDR analysis, IMEI database, Lost mobile cases Establishment Planning System Development: Internet Monitoring System and CDR + Location Mapping Analysis System DECEMBER Citizen Helpline Toll free number activated SEPTEMBER Cyber Lab setup plan at PTC Development for Responsible Disclosure system Training delivery at NPA NOVEMBER Joint Meeting – Home Dept, SB Jharkhand Police, All Banks JULY eRaksha program launched Event Partner c0c0n 2012 , Thiruvananthpuram Case: Interstate credit card fraudsters interrogated Disclosure – threat to CBI central server MAY ATM, Cyber Café statewide Threat Survey Wi-fi War driving Team training for forensics tools JANUARY High profile cases – Hazaribagh (Sonia Gandhi threat) Team Augmentation and orientation MARCH Jharkhand Cyber Café Rules sent to Home Dept Development of cyber café software and Cyber Café guidelines for owners ISO Audit of Police Data Center Internal team training 2012 09 JANUARY Formation Day

8 Initiatives Cyber Surveillance, Social Media Intelligence
Internet Monitoring, Social media Intelligence, Inputs from cyber patrol and threat intelligence, Intelligence from Social media (Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.) Critical Infrastructure Protection Inventory, response procedures and proactive security training Responsible Disclosure and Threat Intelligence Vulnerability disclosure and intelligence information to affected parties Public Helpline Web based and toll free helpline Research Indian Honeynet collection and malware analysis Cyber Patrol Underground intelligence gathering activities

9 Cyber Peace Foundation
Cyber Peace foundation, a NGO is founded by senior officials of Jharkhand Police & experts to promote information sharing between LEA across countries to promote the public and private partnership through it’s Public & Private Partnership(PPP) through it’s Cyber Bridge program To promote peace and harmony in the Cyber World

10 Cyber Peace Foundation
Working to promote International Cyber peace Charity Bounty Awareness among LEA’s, netizens about Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Crime, Cyber Forensics Netizens Helpline Request all your support for this organization

11 The CDRC USP Cyber Defence, Offense, Peace organization frameworks in the national, state and enterprise ecosystem How and why is CDRC ahead & the way forward


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