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Evaluation Cafe Toronto Improvement Survey Results Prepared by Paul Bakker and Sarah McNeill Sponsored by:

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1 Evaluation Cafe Toronto Improvement Survey Results Prepared by Paul Bakker and Sarah McNeill Sponsored by:

2 Brief profile of survey respondents Total of 41 people responded 59% have attended at least one Evaluation Cafe event, whereas 41% have not. Majority have attended an Evaluation Cafe event between 1 to 5 times. For 70% of survey respondents, evaluation is the main focus of their work.

3 Preferred Evaluation Cafe Location Most preferred locations: 1.Downtown Toronto South of Bloor, east of Bathurst, and west of Jarvis. 2. Central Toronto Downtown or Midtown Toronto; easily accessible to transit. 3. Midtown Toronto North of Bloor; South of Eglinton.

4 How can we increase participation at Evaluation Cafe events? Most popular suggestions: Schedule regular meeting times or provide advanced notice of event dates Structure the events around interesting evaluation topics : Attendance from evaluation professionals who can share their experience Creative problem-solving; interactive case studies; innovative evaluation ideas Presentations on work that some CES-ON members have done Diversify the type of events held (i.e. something other than a pub setting) Other suggestions: Attendance from possible evaluation clients Have a designated event host who facilitates the introduction of event attendees Providing a quarterly bulletin on evaluation news in Toronto, Ontario, and/or Canada Host the evaluation cafes during the day

5 Which event formats are liked best? Small group round-tables on pre- decided topics 64% Guest Speakers & Presentations 49% Just open networking 36% Small group roundtables where groups select the topics at the event 31% Other suggested formats: Open space approach where we surface topics for knowledge sharing Hearing case studies and discussing best steps to addressing challenges

6 Preferred modes for receiving Evaluation Cafe updates and announcements Emails sent through the Meetup group 37% Emails sent directly from one of the Organizers 44% LinkedIn Group posts 10%

7 Evaluation Cafe purpose Making new connections and learning about new methods, approaches, and ideas were deemed as the most important aspects of the Evaluation Cafes. Current Purpose: The Evaluation Cafe is an informal networking and knowledge sharing event for professionals working in the field of Program Evaluation. It's a chance to meet new people, share ideas and build a sense of community among evaluators in the Toronto area.

8 How well are Evaluation Cafes helping to… Have fun: 45% - very or extremely well; 30% - moderately well Make new connections: 40% - very or extremely well; 35% - moderately well. Vent about evaluation issues: 37% - very or extremely well; 21% - moderately well. Learn about new methods, approaches, and ideas: 29% - very or extremely well; 43% - moderately well. Find solutions to problems attendees are dealing with: 15% - very or extremely well; 40% - not at all well or somewhat well Finding new work opportunities: 11% - very or extremely well; 66% - not at all or somewhat well.. N=19 to 21

9 Our Performance 63 % of survey respondents have recommended the Cafes to a friend or colleague. - 27 Out Net Promoter Score is quite poor. Signals shirking participation in the events. How can we make the Evaluation Cafes better? Increase attendance/expand network Specify the event topics and format Allow for more input on the topics Have all attendees introduce themselves at the beginning of the event

10 I have enjoyed hearing from people who have been involved in research and evaluation much longer than me - great experiences I can learn from. It gives an opportunity to learn about what's going on in evaluation world and stay connected to my colleagues. It has helped me to put my own evaluation experience in perspective; understand what problems are common to evaluations and what are specific to what I do; to see how other people use methodologies I have heard of but not used and what they have learned from it. Evaluation Café Attendee Benefits

11 Key Takeaways There is a variety of preferences. We will try to experiment and continually offer different events at different times in different places. Will create a calendar of events at the beginning of the year, with some flexibility to change. Aim for Wednesdays. Open to Tuesdays or Thursday if need to accommodate presenters. Set up direct email newsletter for updates and announcements. Do round of formal introductions at the beginning of each event. We need more help to find locations, guest speakers, and organize more engaging events.

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