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RNA Science Cafe.

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1 RNA Science Cafe

2 Bellwork 1. What does RNA stand for?
2. What are 2 differences between RNA and DNA? 3. The central dogma of biology says DNARNA_____ 4. What are the three types of RNA? 5. Which type of RNA reads the copy of DNA? 6. Which type of RNA has an anti-codon and can carry an amino acid to the ribosome? 7. Set up a lined paper like the board

3 RNA video- Part 1
Show: 0:00- 2:49 Questions: 1. How does RNA make YOU? 2. Why might it be more important than DNA?

4 RNA video- Part 2
Show: 2:49-8:48 Questions: 3. How does your cell defend itself against viruses? 4. How is this related to the purple petunias? 5. Why is the RNA named RNAi?

5 The RNAi Cure? Please read the first two paragraphs
Why was RNAi named breakthrough of the year in 2002? Please read the section on Macular Degeneration What gene are they using RNAi to try and shut off? Why does this gene need to be shut off?

6 RNA video- Part 3
Show: 8:48-12:21 Questions: 6. Does RNAi therapy work? 7. What else could RNAi therapy be used to treat?

7 The RNAi Cure? Please choose one other disease to read about
8. What disease did you choose? 9. How would RNAi work to treat this disease? 10. What challenges do researchers face trying to treat this disease with RNAi?

8 Compare/Contrast Since the discovery of RNAi, scientists have found MANY different types of RNA. Please read the article about “RNA’s Secret Life Outside the Cell” Be ready to compare/contrast RNAi with a microRNA

9 Closure- underneath the 10 questions
Write a 1-2 paragraph response to the article, comparing/contrasting what you learned about microRNA with what we discussed about RNAi earlier. Suggestions: Compare/constrast their structure Compare/Constrast their functions Compare/Constrast their health applications

10 EXTRA: RNA video- Part 4
Show: 12:21 Questions: 10. How can we use RNAi to learn more about our genes?

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