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CENTRE FOR SERVICES AND INFORMATION ON DISABILITY A Centre for Services, Research and Information Exchange CONTACT ADDRESS: House # 676, Road # 13, Baitul.

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1 CENTRE FOR SERVICES AND INFORMATION ON DISABILITY A Centre for Services, Research and Information Exchange CONTACT ADDRESS: House # 676, Road # 13, Baitul Aman Housing Society, Adabor, Dhaka - 1207 Tel: 88-02-9129727, Fax: 88-02-8125669 E-mail:, Url: and

2 Introduction: CSID is a registered Non-profit voluntary organisation established in December 1997. It is registered with the NGO Affaires Bureau of Government of Bangladesh and also registered with the Department of Social Service. CSID is the member of National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD); Member Asia-Pacific Centre for Disability Development (APCD), Asia-Pacific Disability Forum (APDF) and Rehabilitation International (RI). Executive Director of CSID is the Country Representative of International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI)

3 Vision CSID envisions an inclusive society where People with Disabilities are living with equal rights, opportunities, access and dignity in comparison to other citizens of the country. Mission Reducing discrimination in families and community, creating a Physical and Socio- economic barrier free environment, Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and mainstreaming them through promoting their rights and opportunities irrespective of types, age and gender.

4 Values : Disability is a general development issues. Equity of opportunities and dignity including Gender and diversity. Children and Women first. Freedom of expressing opinion and enjoying rights. Accountability and transparency.

5 Program Dimension: Study/Research on Disability and Development issues. Information & Resource networking concerning Disability and Development. Community-Based support services to Persons with Disabilities. Promotion of Inclusive Education. Promotion of Livelihood opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Policy Advocacy including promotion of Self- advocacy by Persons wit Disabilities.

6 Programme Approach/Strategy: Participatory and Inclusive. Community based with Rights approach. Capacity building. Advocacy and sensitisation. Flexibility.

7 STRUCTURE OF THE ORGANISATION GENERAL COUNCIL (21 members) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (7 members) The General Council is the supreme policy level decision making body. The Executive Committee (EC) is elected by General council members every 3 years interval and EC is accountable to General Council.

8 Ongoing Activities: 1.ACCESS: Improving Quality of Life of Persons with disabilities by Creating Access to Information-Communication, Education and Employment in Bangladesh CSID is operating an Internet based Accessible Disability Information Network including an accessible Website and a Disability Resource centre, which is physically accessible and diverse information materials including audio- visual and Braille format are available in the resource centre. Resource Centre

9 Enrolled over 5000 subscribers all over the world. Disseminated 1404 information. Website is fully accessible to Persons with Visual Impairment. The resource centre collected and registered 4020 different types of disability related printed Books, documents, materials; 120 Audio, 140 VIDEO and 50 Braille documents. Achievement as yet:

10 MoU sign with CCOAB MoU sign with BCC

11 Accessible E-centres of Bangladesh Computer Council Project given orientation on to BCC representatives.

12 Computer training at BCC & Certificate distribution ceremony Blind persons using mainstream Cyber cafe

13 Computer Training Garments Training Cyber cafe related orientation for 70 persons with disabilities Orientation to 50 Cyber Cafes representatives

14 Project participated in various Mainstream ICT fair and Conference Digital fair 2012 E Asia Conference 2011

15 Awareness programme RoundtableJob fair UP meeting School meeting

16 MoU with Creative IT MoU with My Outsourcing Ltd.

17 Project facilitate to employ 21 persons with disabilities into the various sectors Litu a VI employed in BGMEA Shahida a VI employed as teacher in a Government High school Sriti a Hearing & Speech girl employed in a computer firm Rayhan working in a Cyber Cafe

18 Ongoing Activities: 2. Implementing Community-Based Rehabilitation Project for Persons with Disabilities in Barisal district. The broad objective is: People with visual impairment enjoy the same rights, opportunities, responsibilities and privileges as the sighted people. Cataract screening camp Cataract operation Distribution of White cane Income generation support Distribution of white cane Demanding rights in white cane safety day

19 Vocational Skill Training 4020 cataract operation ADL Training to 342 VIs Meeting with Hospital Authority

20 Enrolled 104 children into mainstream schools School Meeting Teachers training Adapted School Assistive device

21 Group meeting ICT Training Government officials Cultural group performing

22 Capability Building workshop of CBMC Meeting with Upazila Health Officer (UHO ) Meeting with Field staff of Social Service Department VI persons participated in National sports

23 Ongoing Activities: 3. Implementing Economic Empowerment and Social Inclusion for Child and Youth Labourer with Disabilities in Dhaka City. The broad objective of the project is to reduce child labour among CWDs and promote an inclusive environment where Children with Disabilities will live in the society with equal rights, opportunities and dignity. Some photographs of activities: Drama for awareness raising in school Group therapy and orientation to care givers Art & Photography Exhibition by children Disabled child in mainstream school

24 Ongoing Activities: 4. Removing Cultural Barriers and Promoting Rights of Children and youth with Disabilities. The broad objective is to promote an inclusive society where children with disabilities participate in every sphere of life free from cultural barriers.

25 Ongoing Activities: 5. Implementing Promoting Rights and Dignity of Children with disabilities project in Sylhet City Broad objective is: To ensure Equal Rights and opportunities of Children with Disabilities in Sylhet City. School awareness meeting School Sensitisation meeting Support for corrective surgery and assistive devices Income generating activities withdrawing from begging on the street Workshop with Religious leaders Self-help group performing Drama for awareness raising National Disability Day Rally

26 6. Support Disabled Beggars in Dhaka City. Broad objective is: Engaging 15 Street beggars with disabilities in dignified professions withdrawing from begging. Ongoing Activities: The beggars on the street Counseling Skill trainingIG support

27 Ongoing Activities 7. Access to Livelihood for Persons with Disabilities Project. The overall objective of the project is to create enabling environment, skill development and job placement of persons with disabilities. Meeting with Govt. high officials Preliminary meeting & selectionComputer training

28 Achievements of CSID CSID provided/facilitated training for 866 Persons With Disabilities Sl.Title of trainingTotal 01. Advanced Training e.g., Computer, IT, any other Sector 377 02. Hospitality/Tourism/ Garments 92 03. Others, if any trade than above Karchupi 37 04. Retail /marketing /Banking Sector Training 111 05. Office Management 10 06. Entrepreneurship Development Training 239 TOTAL: 866

29 Project facilitated to 247 persons with disabilities initiating self employment Self Employment Wage Employment Project facilitated to employ 429 persons with disabilities in different organizations

30 Computer outsourcing training at CSID Beautician training Entrepreneurship development training

31 MOU signing ceremony with BGMEA Some employed Persons with Disabilities

32 Self employed person with hearing impairedSelf employed persons with disabilities Fruits Shop Hand Embroidery

33 Ongoing Activities: 8. Investment in Children. Broad objective is:. To influence government through constructive criticism and suggestion for allocating adequate resource in the national budget for children with particular focus on poor and vulnerable children Roundtable at Prothom Alo Workshop on Making National Budget Work for the Children

34 Launching Ceremony on Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights

35 Pre budget analysis conferencePost budget analysis conference National Capacity Building workshop on Investment in Children

36 9. Strengthening the Organisations of Urban poor Home-Based Workers for greater visibility and participation in City Governance. Major Activities: Identification and situation analysis through base- line. Formation of Groups of Home-based workers and capacity building. Sensitisation and advocacy for ensuring decent work environment. Increase accountability of relevant authorities to ensure civic amenities and other facilities for Home-Based Workers.

37 Title of ResearchesIn partnership with 1. Visualising Invisible A Baseline Study on Situation of Home-Based Workers HomeNet South Asia - 2013 2. Conducted study on National Budget Tracking in Child related Ministries Save the Children – 2012 3. Tales of Darkness A Baseline Study on Situation of Child Labour and Potential to be Child Labour among Children with Disabilities. Save the Children – 2009 4. Preparing a Directory On Training Opportunities, Programmes and Resource Persons Contact List in Education Equity. RDRS Bangladesh – 2007 5. Conducted study on National Database on various Government Policies, Strategies, Laws, Programmes and Services With regards to Education of Children with Disabilities from Equity point of view. RDRS Bangladesh - 2006 6. Participated in a World Bank Study "Disability Mapping in Bangladesh" as partner.World Bank – 2004 7. Together In Education - Promoting Education of Children with Disabilities through BRAC Non-formal Education Approach B R A C - 2004 8. Study on The Situation and Prospect of the use of Computer for Persons with Visual Impairment Peace Corps- Fredskorpset, Norway - 2003 9. Study on Good Practice on Inclusive Education in BangladeshUNICEF Regional Office South Asia- 2003 10. Study on Educating Children in difficult circumstances- Children with DisabilitiesDepartment of Primary and Mass Education, Government of Bangladesh under ESTEEM project- 2002 11. Study on Situation Analysis of Women and Adolescent Girls with Disabilities of Bangladesh Grameen Trust of Grameen Bank - 2002 12. Research on Existing situation and opportunities of Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh ActionAid Bangladesh - 2002 13. Study on Possibilities of integrating Street Children with Disabilities in to mainstream development services Save the Children Sweden -2000 14. Study on Situation Analysis and need assessment of Street Children with Disabilities of Dhaka City Save the Children Sweden- 1999 15. Study on Situation of Persons with Disability at the time of Natural Disaster.ActionAid Bangladesh- 1999 15 STUDY/RESEARCH


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