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Umbrella Music Aydenne Simone. Umbrella Music Aydenne Simone has performed with her band Jazz Culture in some of Londons finest restaurants and venues.

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1 Umbrella Music Aydenne Simone

2 Umbrella Music Aydenne Simone has performed with her band Jazz Culture in some of Londons finest restaurants and venues across the south of the UK, including Jazz Café, Jazz in The Park, The Chop House, and an 18 month residency at Mezzo, Wardour Street, before flying to Singapore to take up a three month residency at the 5 star Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore. Since returning from Singapore, Aydenne and Jazz Culture have completed their first album Black Coffee, recorded in memory of Aydennes beloved mother Valentine, who sadly died whilst Aydenne was in Singapore. The last year and a half has been fabulous for Aydenne Simone & Jazz Culture. Every single show has been packed or sold out, up to one month in advance! Starting with an extremely successful Isle of Wight Jazz Diva Festival 2006 with standing room only, sell out appearances at the Joogleberry Playhouse, Brighton in April, July, October and December 2006 with fans queuing down the street!, The Boathouse, on the Isle of Wight, in September 2006, The Fat Cat Bar Isle of Wight, New Years Eve (2006), George Smith Design Week annual event 2006, Oylvia Oriental Gallery exhibitions, Pizza Express, Beckenham, Kent, Joogleberry March, June, September and December 2007 Isle of Wight International Jazz Festival 2007 (and 2008) and so on and so on... Aydenne and her team can create a beautiful subtle atmosphere for dining, or a powerful jazz night with great party numbers which will get your customers dancing and calling for more. In our memory Aydenne has never, in 16 years, delivered an evenings entertainment without the audience calling for an encore.

3 Umbrella Music Aydenne attracts sophisticated audiences, who know and love the style and songs of the greats such as Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald etc. We have a list of over 125 songs of Jazz, Soul and Pop which we would be happy to send you if you have specific requests. The Nigerian News said This lady has one of the best voices in the industry Time Out said They make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, Jazz Café said With a vocal tone reminiscent of Sarah Vaughan and Aretha Franklin she has fronted several hit house and R&B records but tonight returns to her roots in jazz. The Conran restaurant Mezzo, London said SASSS! - With Aydenne Simone. The Lady positively oozes sasss and class as she wings her way through her extensive repertoire. No one can resist Aydennes effervescent charm. The Joogleberry Playhouse, Brighton – Aydenne Simone and her band Jazz Culture are true ambassadors of jazz music. Glittering old-school jazz diva who oozes sass and charm, and has one of the best jazz voices out there

4 Umbrella Music What a Voice – Jazz Café Fleur, Bournemouth Glittering old-school jazz diva who oozes sass and charm, and has one of the best jazz voices out there The Joogleberry Playhouse, Brighton. What a gig! Isle of Wight Jazz Diva Festival April 2006

5 Umbrella Music Aydenne is a truly awesome singer, and she brings her well chosen blend of original material and jazz standards to the stage with a sassy charm all her own. This powerhouse of a performer requires a formidable band, and Aydenne has the Jazz Culture Band. Led by pianist Roger Limb, they are a tight, fluid yet sensitive part of Aydennes appeal, and features Joe Harris on bass, Nick Polley on drums and Clinton Paul on guitar. The rich sensuous velvety tones of Aydenne Simone have already wowed an island crowd at this years IW Jazz Festival, to the point that this gig is already selling well some two months in advance! Dont miss this chance to catch a wonderful, powerful performer. Ventnor Blog – IOW International Jazz Festival 2007

6 Umbrella Music © Copyright exists in all logos and details above. DO NOT COPY.

7 Umbrella Music Roger Limb PIANIST Roger Limb, Arranger, Pianist, Producer (Producer of the Black Coffee album)..... A man with talents of the highest order. Played piano from age of 4, gigging on bass from age of 15 in mainly jazz based groups one of which had Brian Jones (later Rolling Stones) on Saxophone! Bought first bass guitar and toured Germany. Worked his way up through the jazz world and eventually played with Chris Barber 's Jazz and Blues Band. Worked a lot as a solo pianist, interval spots etc. then started deputising for band pianists. Now does 50/50 bass and piano. Worked with Aydenne Simone for some 13 years both as a permanent member and Musical Director of Jazz Culture, but also as one half of the perfect Jazz Duo for many delighted audiences including our Queen. Aydenne is very proud of the fact that Roger is the producer of the 'Black Coffee' album, she says "Roger comes with pretty loaded credentials, and I am truly blessed to have him producing my album, in fact I'm so happy I'm fit to burst, he's fabulous!, an amazing producer, very talented, and one of the most efficient and timely producers I have worked with. If he says it will be done, it will be! and my goodness it's done well" After a spell as a newsreader, (many times dashing off the stage at the 100 Club at 1140 pm to get to the studio in time to read the midnight news on the World Service) he became a composer at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Here he wrote more than 100 title tracks, at least 200 songs for kids programmes, soundtracks for wildlife programmes and scores of scores for such shows as Dr Who.

8 Umbrella Music Clinton Paul GUITARIST Think Martin Taylor, George Benson, yes that is the quality of playing, simply an absorbing, passionate talented guitarist, Clinton started playing guitar when he was just 14. Clinton has played with Lyndon David Hall, Hot Chocolate, Sweet Sensation and now the Jazz Culture Band for a little over 3 years. His contribution to the sound of the Jazz Culture Band is evident throughout. Influences; Charlie Christian, George Benson, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin, Bob Marley, B.B.King Clinton has a very natural talent, and plays with such passion, always producing wonderful moments. Throughout the Black Coffee album Clinton's talent just glows over the tracks. He has a way of being so incredibly significant to a track, yet so subtle at the same time.

9 Umbrella Music Joe Harris BASS Joe started playing rhythm guitar and piano in his fathers church at the tender age of 10 years old. He later added singing, composing music and playing drums to his musical endeavours. An accomplished musician, Joe has worked in session with, and produced for, a number of performers/bands including Natural Touch, Profile and Surface. He has also worked alongside many notable artistes including: Sandra Cross Lynden David Hall Winston Reedy Chosen Few Rocky Campbell Linda Muriel Frankie Paul Dennis Brown plus many more… Joes musical influences include Stanley Clarke, George Benson, Queen, Sly & Robbie, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Third World.

10 Umbrella Music Nick Polley DRUMMER For those who don't know me I'm an Essex based Drummer & Percussionist working around the UK and abroad with various bands & artists. I'm just about to complete a BA (Hons) Degree at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Surrey. Joined Jazz Culture earlier this year with a huge bang at the Joggleberry in Brighton. Great solos and instinct. A vibrant quality player with a fabulous feel. Marius Rodrigues DRUMMER Marius is a recent addition to The Jazz Culture Band, and how! Marius is just wonderful, his feel is simply great. An asset to any Jazz band. You only have to listen to his work with Nick Kellie. Marius is now our lead drummer, a natural talent with a superb feel. Has a wonderful instinct for knowing precisely what is required at just the right moment. Marius Rodrigues & Joe Harris (Bass) – The Boathouse, Isle of Wight Sept 2006 NEWS We have now added Sax to the band – pictures and biog to follow.

11 Umbrella Music Andy Dummett Tenor Saxophone Andy concentrates on Soul, Blues and Jazz. He is very lucky to have played with many great bands, singers and musicians, including The O.T. Band Eddie Floyd Solomon Burke Percy Sledge Dorothy Moore The Memphis Horns and Steve Cropper. He is now proud to be playing with Aydenne Simone and Jazz Culture

12 Umbrella Music BOOKING FORM Contact (full name): Company Position Tel. No./ Mob. No. Fax. No. Email Address: Web address: Address POSTCODE: Your Event Event Date: Event Time: Event Location Budget: Event Style or Theme: EASYBOOK DUO (Piano + Vocals) DUO (Instrumental) TRIO (Instrumental) TRIO (Instrumental + Vocals) FULL BAND (5 Piece) FULL BAND (6 Piece) Just tick! And fax to 020 8680 1447

13 Umbrella Music Aydenne Simone Thank you for your interest.

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