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Grand Canyon Xanterra South Rim L.L.C. Jobs at National Park.

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1 Grand Canyon Xanterra South Rim L.L.C. Jobs at National Park

2 Recreation Hiking Photography Biking Camping Wildlife Viewing Rafting Bus Tours Employee Trips

3 Isolation –Flagstaff, the nearest city, is 144 kilometers away –Phoenix is 4 hours away –Las Vegas is 5 hours away Lifestyle Changes Image from Google Maps

4 Climate GCNP is a high-altitude desert 2400 meters above sea level –Some feel mild effects of altitude sickness Low humidity, very dry –Drink lots of water and use moisturizer Summer –Temperatures are high during the day and low at night –Arizona has monsoons, isolated afternoon thunderstorms Winter –Temperatures can stay below freezing for extended periods –Annual snowfall on the South Rim is about 40 centimeters

5 Shuttle Buses –Provides shuttle services to popular destinations around the park. Xanterra also provides an employees shuttle for transportation to and from work. General Store Clinic Post Office Chase Bank Many Religious Services Resources Photo by Gary Barnes

6 Employee Housing Housing is shared dormitory or cabins. Housing costs 42.5¢ per hour worked and no more than $17 a week. TV w/ basic cable in lobby Free laundry facilities Free linens, a pillow is $5 Send roommate requests to

7 Employee Meals Public Cafeterias Employees may also eat at the two public cafeterias for a 50% discount. Employee Cafeteria Inexpensive meals are provided at the Employee Cafeteria. Lunch and dinner specials as well as a vegetarian selection are prepared daily.

8 E-Café Menu

9 Recreation Center Featuring pool and ping pong tables, free Wi-Fi, a big screen TV, karaoke nights, classes and programs, video games, and video rentals. The Recreation Center also coordinates trips and sports activities. For a $10 per month membership fee, you can use the weight room, high-speed DSL computer stations, and get discounts on some activities.

10 Rooms GRAs clean and prepare the guest rooms and cabins for occupancy. This work requires constant movement, bending and lifting. Guest Room Attendant $8.00

11 Food & Beverage Takes food order requests from the guests and plates the food and presents it, clears tables, stocks side stands and beverages. High-volume and fast-paced position. Lots of public contact, long periods of standing, heavy lifting. Cafeteria Worker $7.80

12 Food & Beverage Responsible for dish and pot washing machine operation, employee dining room operation, maintaining sanitation standards. Continual movement, heavy lifting required. Kitchen Utility $7.80

13 Dates of Availability You will be required to work the dates listed on your job offer If you do not, you will not be considered a completion Conflicts with University start date need to be worked out before you arrive

14 If you are hired: Book return flight at least 2 days after last work date on your offer. Apply for your Social Security Card in Flagstaff, before coming to the Grand Canyon. Arrive before 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of your scheduled arrival week (date of offer). First day of work will be Thursday following your arrival.

15 The Canyon Informer It provides important information about how to get to the Grand Canyon and what to bring Review information carefully and thoroughly

16 Bring Correct Footwear F&B Jobs: Color should be black Should be labeled Kitchen- Safe or Slip- Resistant Other Jobs: No open toe or open heel Flat bottom Dark in color Comfortable We provide rest of uniform for FREE!

17 Incorrect Footwear for the job Heels are dangerous in working environments Open toe footwear is unsafe when working Shoes need a closed back to make sure it does not come off Shoes need non- slip bottoms to prevent injuries

18 Xanterra Grand Canyon South Rim On-Line Toll Free Telephone 1-888-224-0330 follow us on Facebook® and Please feel free to ask the Xanterra South Rim L.L.C. Representative for additional information

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