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People, Activity, Context, Technologies

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1 People, Activity, Context, Technologies
Ebba Thora Hvannberg

2 Objective To be able to analyse situations with respect to People, Activities, Technologies and Context (PACT) to scope design projects.

3 PACT examples People use technologies to undertake activities in contexts. For example, teenagers use mobile (cell) phones to send text messages to their friends whilst sitting on a bus. Secretaries use Microsoft Word to write documents in a firm of solicitors. Air traffic controllers work together to ensure the smooth operation of an airport. A woman in her seventies presses various buttons to set the intruder alarms in her house. People use MySpace to contact with other people when sitting in an Internet café.

4 Activites and technologies
Requirements Activities in context Technologies People Opportunities

5 People Physical differences such as height, weight, disabilities, visual and hearing impairment. In Europe there are 2.8 million wheelchair users so designers must consider where technologies are placed, and many people have dexterity impairments involving the use of their fingers. What if Apple designed ATMs?

6 Psychological differences
Memory Spacial intelligence Communication Languages Attention

7 Mental models

8 Activities First, you need to decide on the goal of the activity
Temporal aspects (1-4) How regular or seldom an activity is Peaks, time pressure Continous work Response time Collaboration (5) Complexity(6)

9 Triaging of casualities

10 Activities Safety dependent (7 og 8) Nature of content (9 og 10)
Can work lead to injuiry or death? What consequences do errors and mistakes have? Nature of content (9 og 10) What type of data are processed? What steps are executed?

11 Context Physical context Social context Inside / outside
Wide/narrow, clean/dirty How is the whether? Social context Who is there to help? Alone or in public

12 Different work environment
In a closed room At a window

13 Organizational context
Context of an organization Hierarchy of power Division of work Different paths of communication and management


15 A technological environment
Ways and media which help us to finish an activity Which content do you work with Technology development is fast and hence it is important to be able to distinguish technology from other factors such as actvities, context and people.

16 People Activities Context Technologies
In design you need to take into consideration all these factors (PACT) Who uses, what is he or she doing, in which context and what technology does he/she have?

17 Challenge Write down a quick PACT analysis for a point of sale system for a café at a motorway service station.

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