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Companys history 1994 – 2000 – development of two directions in the distribution of consumers goods: - import and distribution of tobacco products; -

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2 Companys history 1994 – 2000 – development of two directions in the distribution of consumers goods: - import and distribution of tobacco products; - import and distribution of tea and coffee products. Strategic partners - Rothmans of Pall Mall (Ltd), «British Ameriсan Tobaссo Inc.», Great Britain и MJF Group, Sri-Lanka 2000 – Company focuses its efforts on tea and coffee distribution after introduction of restrictions on tobacco market run by state. 1994 The company was found in 1994 as the distribution-logistic company selling wide range of food and tobacco products.

3 2000 – 2004 – Active development of HoReCa division. Sales improvement in regions with the help of local sub-distributors managed by companys managers. 2004 - 2006 – launch of the first coffee house «Amato»; – introduction of directs sales in regions; – launch of proper administrative warehouse complex with the area of 8500 m 2 ; – portfolio extension through the fat and oil products and tinned goods. 2007 - 2008 – HoReCa portfolio extension. Companys history

4 Last year we significantly extended our portfolio. Each year we increase our turnover by 30%. Today, Avalontorg is one of the biggest distribution companies in the Republic of Belarus. We work in all trade channels: hypermarkets, trade chains, private shops, wholesalers, open markets and individual entrepreneurs. We offer to our customers the most flexible solutions to meet their requirements. We develop our portfolio on the permanent basis and now it includes world-wide famous brands (soy sauce KIKKOMAN, spices and seasonings Cykoria, Maitre, Knorr, sauces and mayonnaises Calve, cakes and desserts Selezneff, bakery Delifrance, chocolate, syrups, confectionary etc). Achievements

5 Achievements 1 Separate sales division (HoReCa) makes sales to restaurants, bars, hotels and other on-premise outlets 2 We work in regions through local sub- distributors and by completing direct sales.Each sub-distributor has its own logistic system and stocks controlled by our managers. 3 There are more than 300 employees in our company today. All key employees participate in trainings aimed to improve their level of competence. 4 Sales are completed by sales force of our company or sales force of our partners. Our company has its own fleet, including 27 trucks of different carrying capacity. In each region sub-distributors have a fleet from 2 to 6 trucks.

6 Our objectives in HoReCa segment Our objective is to become a leader in supply of provision to Horeca segment through satisfaction of our customers in assortment and service; Further development of logistic line of development; Further extension of coffee house chain «Amato»; Further development of our private label «Amato» (TORREFAZION MUSETTI S.R.L., Italy); 2008 – Introduction of fish and seafood, meat and semi-prepared food, delicacy, cheese, frozen bakery etc in our assortment. Organization of supplies to Japanese, Chinese and Italian restaurants; Further extension of our assortment portfolio.

7 Our HoReCa partners ООО «Unilever СНГ»: тм «Lipton», тм «Calve» MJF Group: тм «DILMAH», тм «t-series» ООО «ORIMI TRADE»: тм «Greenfield» «Cykoria S.A.»: spices, seasonings «Cykoria» ООО «METR»: spices, seasonings Nat Food S.R.L.: chocolate, syrup, confectionary, branded materials Torrefazione Musetti S.R.L. TM «Musetti» Private label «Amato»: TM «Amato»

8 Confectionary house of Alexander Seleznyoff in Moscow: cakes Seleznyoff Delifrance S.A.: French frozen bakery Kikkoman Corporation: soy sauce Kikkoman Tabasco S.A.: spice sauce Tabasco HUHTAMAKI: disposable plates and dishes HUHTAMAKI LA MARZOCCO S.R.L.: coffee machines (Italy) Bunn-O-Matic Corporation: coffee machines Our HoReCa partners

9 Sales overview «Avalontorg» sales volume split: Tea – 33% Coffee – 39% Desserts – 10% Chocolate – 6% «Knorr», «Calve» - 6% Spices and seasonings – 3% «Huhtamaki» – 3%

10 Market overview HoReCa Minsk and regions. Tea Last year due to strong focus on regions we significantly improved our distribution there (19%). Our efforts were directed on customers base enlargement, extension of our portfolio and growth of overall turnover. Thus we improve our presence in Horeca segment on a permanent basis. Our market share in tea horeca segment in Minsk – 35%, in regions – 26%

11 Market overview HoReCa Minsk and Regions. Coffee Average market share in coffee segment in Minsk – 25%, in regions – 13%.

12 «Belarosinter» («Planeta soushi», «Moka-Loka», «Ispansky kutok», «Pechki-Lavochki», «il patio», «Fridis»); Coffee house chain «Amato»; «Tifani» («Planeta Pizza», beer restaurant «0,5», «Gurman», fast food chain «Maxibis», «Teatro»); Coffee house chain «CoffeeBerry»; Fast food restaurant «Lido»; «Territory», «Sem komnat», «Poyushie fontany»; «Triple» («rakovsky brovar», «Salodky falvarok», «Overtime», Ski resort «Logoisk»); Ski resort «Silichi»; Night clubs: «Izum», «Sphera», «Belaya vezha», «Princess Casino», «Dankoff club»; Solimart international («Byblos», «Amazonka»); Restaurant «Renessans», Cafe «Freski»; Hotels: «Planeta», «Viktoria», «Evropa», «Minsk-tourist», «Jubileyny», «Belarus», «Orbita»; «ДорОрс belorussian railway». Our Minsk customers:

13 Restaurants. Minsk. Total number – 91. avalontorg – 32 (35%) Restaurants. Minsk. Total number of seats - 10012. avalontorg – 3103 (31%) Cafes. Cafe-pizza places. Minsk. Total number – 281. Avalontorg – 102 (36%) Cafes. Cafe-pizza places. Minsk. Total number of seats – 15503. Avalontorg – 6201 (40%) Market overview, Minsk HoReCa market analysis Minsk Total number of customers / number covered by «Avalontorg»

14 Cafeteria and bars, summer cafes (3-rd category). Total number – 252. Avalontorg – 152 (28%) Total seats HoReCa Minsk Cafeterias and bars, summer cafes (3-rd category). Total seats – 12510. Avalontorg – 3439 (27%) The government policy of Ministry of Trade is aimed to increase number of seats by 57-65% on the whole territory of Republic of Belarus. There are 897 HoReCa places in Minsk, with total number of seats 38 025, 286 of Horeca places (32%) and 12 743 seats (34%) covered by Avalontorg. HoReCa market analysis Minsk Total number of customers /customers covered by «Avalontorg» Market overview, Minsk

15 Hotels: «Gomeltourist» (Gomel), «Luchesa» (Vitebsk), «Semashko» (Grodno), «Vesta» (Brest); Entertainment places: «Metro» (Mogilev, Grodno), «Plaza» (Gomel), «Matrix» (Brest); Cafe «Krez» (Brest), Coffee house «Davinchi» (Mogilev), Restaurant «Anfilada» (Grodno), bar «Pub house» (Brest), Brest cinema theatre «Belarus», restaurant «Station one» (Gomel). Our customers in regions We sell in regions through our local sub-distributor and through direct sales of our Horeca department. The delivery to regions is done 3 times per week which allows to keep necessary stock of products in outlets.

16 Restaurants. Regions. Total number – 12. Avalontorg – 4 (33%) Restaurants. Regions. Number of seats - 420. Avalontorg – 158 (38%) Cafes. Pizza places. Regions. Total number – 106. Avalontorg – 39 (36%) Cafes. Pizza places. Regions. Total number of seats – 3 815. Avalontorg – 1 374 (36%) HoReCa analysis. regions. Total number of customers / customers covered by «Avalonotorg» Regions (only regions centres) Market overview, regions

17 Cafeterias and bars, summer cafes (3-rd category). Total number – 435. Avalontorg – 97 (22%) Total seats number HoReCa, regions Cafeterias and bars, summer cafes (3-rd category). Total number of seats – 15225. Avalontorg – 3880 (26%) There are 556 HoReCa places in regions, with total number of seats 19 460. 140 Horeca places (25%) and 5 412 seats (28%) are covered by «Avalontorg». HoReCa analysis. Regions. Total number of customers /customers covered by «Avalontorg» Regions (only regions centres) Market overvies in regions

18 The network of cafes AMATO COFFEE The network of cafes Amato coffee is a new kind of establishments where a visitor can spend his or her time in cosy atmosphere drinking a cup of coffee. Besides, while being in a hurry to the work he or she can buy some coffee in a disposable cup or can buy some weighted coffee in order to prepare it at home. Today we can make a comparison of our network with the similar one - American network of cafes Starbucks. The peculiarity of cafes Amato coffee is the individual impressive interior, combining the modern shapes with the bright expression of retro trace.

19 Avalontorg structure General Manager EMG logistics Legal department EMG marketing Regional sales department EMG development Finance department EMG administrative Sales department IT department HR department Purchase sector Customs department Ordering sector Certification department Warehouse Fleet department Accounting department Security department Tec. department Construction department IT specialist HR specialist Secretary Retail Agents project Wholesale HoReCa sales department Minsk Regions Tec. service Regional sales department Minsk reg. Mogilev Vitebsk Brest Gomel Grodno Regional branches: courier инженер по охране труда Marketing department

20 HoReCa department structure EMG Marketing Technologist Development sector Development specialist MD Sales - Minsk MD Sales - regions MD Driver Delivery Driver Tec. service Horeca specialist HoReCa department Marketing department

21 We deliver products to our customers all over the Belarus within 48 hours from the time when the order was placed by our fleet or fleet of our sub-distributors. Key work principle

22 Storage Avalontorg company owns warehouse area of 5 000 m2, specially devoted for products storage with different requirements to temperature and humidity. There are deep freeze chambers with minimal temperature -18 °С, chamber with temperature 0 °С and chambers without temperature regime in our warehouses. There is multi-shelves storage system for work with the wide assortment of products. The work of warehouses is atomized due to the special machines.

23 Storage The product placement system is done in a way to minimize risk of smell transfer to products. Spilled or droped products are removed immediately. Warehouse equipment, including fork-lifts, cleaning machines, palletizers and other are kept in clean. Service diagnostic is done on a permanent basis according to instructions. All employees are trained and are qualified for this type of work.

24 Fleet The main objective of fleet department is to deliver product to necessary point, by optimal route with the lowest costs. We have all necessary for the effective work of fleet department: professional specialists; own trucks – Today we have 27 trucks of different carrying-capacity from1,5 to 5,0 tons. In each region each sub-distributor has from 2 to 6 trucks; necessary infrastructure, Including transport objects, warehouses, offices with necessary connection tools and data-processing devices; during delivery the products are convoyed by forwarding agent. This helps to keep the product saved and to deliver it in time.

25 Республика Беларусь Минская обл., Минский р-н, 3-ий км МКАД, склад для хранения продуктов питания 7 с административно-бытовым корпусом ООО «Торговый Дом Авалон», комн. 27 Тел.: + 375 17 290-53-32 (33, 34, 35, 36, 37) Факс: + 375 17 290-53-00 avalon@avalon.byContacts

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