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London Info Café. During Summer of 2012, the city would be providing quite a bouquet of events And visitors to the city would be looking for variety of.

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1 London Info Café

2 During Summer of 2012, the city would be providing quite a bouquet of events And visitors to the city would be looking for variety of information including these events and other information related to tourists.

3 Tourist Attractions Culture and Cultural Events Shopping Food Accommodation Nightlife Transportation Games INFORMATION APROPOS:

4 Besides such information, people would also want to know how to reach at any point using modes of transport available in the city.

5 And they should get this information in a language, they are comfortable with.

6 MULTILINGUAL INFORMATION It has been proven that visitor satisfaction increases manifold if they get info in the language they are comfortable in. It gives them more confidence to explore the destination further.

7 Similar issues were faced by Delhi City during 2010 Common Wealth Games. A British company helped them overcome these issues.

8 BE Software Solutions Ltd. Created an interactive system with large touch screen to give out information in multilingual format. INTERACTIVE SYSTEM

9 ABOUT US BESS is a leader in the realm of Interactive Kiosk and Touch Screen Software & Hardware. Our services/products have been used by Starwood hotels (Le Meridian) Delhi City (during CWG 2010) Delhi Metro (with VMG Global) Delhi Airport (with VMG Global)

10 THESE KIOSK OFFERED: Tourist Info in 8 languages Souvenirs Refreshments Ordering a Cab These kiosks were appreciated by various stakeholders involved in preparation for the games.


12 MULTILINGUAL INFORMATION The system can interact with the visitors in their own language. It can support up to 15 different languages.








20 SOS

21 The system would also give information about nearest Cash Machines, Police Stations, Hotels and other important points spread across the city. LONDON INFO CAFE

22 Required information can be taken along using various modes: Printouts E-Mail Mobile / PDA (via Bluetooth) Mobile (via sms) TAKE IT WITH YOU

23 Various locations have been identified where these systems can be useful: - Popular Tourists Points - Airports - Underground Stations - Railway stations - Market Squares - Other similar places

24 The Tourist Info Cafe is proposed to be erected for 100 days at 100 locations across London from 1 st June till 9 th September, 2012* 100 DAYS, 100 LOCATIONS * This period can be extended, if agreed.

25 These kiosks will be self-funded through discreet advertisement & infomercials on outer walls of kiosks. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Cost to the city : £0

26 These kiosks has been designed to run on solar energy to keep the CO2 footprint to the minimum. Regular electricity can be used as backup in case of long bad weather span. ENVIRONMENTAL COST

27 Branding Spaces at Tourist Info Café (in Cms) HeightWidth Façade (Awnings)60230 Top Panel Box60130 Touch Screen Panel8090 Right Wall (Touch Screen Side)160205 Left Wall (Show Window Side)200100 Back Wall170240 Tower Front Side21090 Tower Back Side21090 Inside Branding Poster60100 Tower Top (Title Sponsor)100120 Touch Screen (screen Saver)

28 Branding Tower and Information signage LONDON INFO CAFÉ

29 The Building Tower and Interactive System can be clubbed together LONDON INFO CAFÉ

30 Final Look

31 LONDON INFO CAFÉ - Glass Façade, Signage & Beverage Dispenser. - Different Color Schemes can be considered.

32 Volunteers Printed Map London Info Café Maps & DirectionsYes Opportunity for RevenueNoYes Easy Info Update YesNoYes Visual directionYesNoYes Audio DirectionsYesNoYes Internal AdsNo Yes Feedback mgmt systemDifficult Easy Environment FriendlyYesNoYes Multilingual SupportYesLimited15 languages AvailabilityLimited24x7 London Info Café vs. other options

33 Understanding the business requirements. Customizing the software application. Selection & Delivery of touch screen & kiosk. Integrating and packaging the entire solution. Delivery of the packaged solution. Installation at the client site. After sales support/Warranty/maintenance. Incorporating the ongoing changes in the application. WHAT WE OFFER

34 Amit Yadav: M. Tech (Computer Sc.) – MGAPI Exp: 15 years IT experience across 3 continents. Christa Kallmeyer: Business Graduate - HAW Exp: Supply Chain Planning & Mktg & Consumer Behavior Rupali Varma: MBA – IMT Exp: 4 years experience in IT Operations Shailendra Gupta: MBA - INSEAD Exp: 10 years at Rolls Royce & Citigroup, UK. Sumit Yadav: MS (Software Engineering) - SMU, Texas Exp: 8 years in IT & Telecom, IBM Corp, AT&T Inc Vinod Kumar: MBA- COX. MPAID - Harvard University Exp: 14 years in Energy and Infrastructure OUR TEAM

35 Thank you for your time. BE Software Solutions Ltd. Ph:+44 20 7669 4745 | Fax: +44 871 263 6702 | United States BE Software Solutions Inc. Ph: +1(214) 329 4766 | Fax:+1(530) 326 4766 | Demo of the application can be downloaded from the following link: For further info call Amit @ 07851333013

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