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1 Nonprofit Overview Presentation: Americas Second Harvest of South Georgia, Inc. By: Davind D. Burks

2 Overview of Topics Mission History Legal Description Donors Benefiting Agencies Donor/Agency Growth Community Programs Obstacles (Interview) What can you do?

3 Mission The mission is simple: to end hunger in South Georgia to create a means to easily and affordably access food for every person in South Georgia to feed children and provide a safe environment for children to grow and learn to provide the means to rescue and safely store all donated excess food in our region To ensure that every community that relies on the services of America's Second Harvest of South Georgia, Inc. is adequately assisted in the fight against hunger.

4 History Founded in 1979 A network of 13 food banks distributed 2.5 million pounds of food during its first year in operation! Current network consists of nearly 200 regional food banks, each distributing 1 billion pounds of donated food annually

5 Legal Description The Valdosta Food Banks is a 501(c)(3) organization which solely depends on the donations of individuals, corporations, and charitable foundations for their operation and food supply.

6 Donors The food bank has hundreds of donors who help maintain the abundant supply of food and grocery products. Monetary donations are given once or pledged for a period up to five years. Donors also have the option to donate stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Those who give annually include Kraft Foods, General Mills, and more.

7 Benefiting Agencies Several churches and non-profit agencies benefit from the food and other products that the Food Bank distributes. They do not serve individuals directly, but give to non-profit organizations who in turn distributes goods throughout their community.

8 Benefiting Agencies The only individuals who directly benefit from the Food Bank (without being connected to a non-profit agency) are those who receive food from the Community Soup Kitchen and the Kids Café.

9 Donor/Agency Growth The Food Bank is constantly growing with the addition of new donors, agencies, and volunteers daily!

10 Community Programs Community Soup Kitchen Beginning in 1999, the Food Bank provides all food whichfeeds more than 200 people each day. Rescue Valdosta Food is recycled from restaurants, delis, bakeries, and produce marts. This food goes to the Kids Café and Soup Kitchen.

11 Community Programs Kids Café Providing meals and enrichment activities for children in after school programs. Some locations: Boys & Girls Club Valdosta and Thomasville, Quitman Elementary, Southside Recreation Center, and more.

12 Community Programs Reclaim Program Damaged grocery items are salvaged, cleansed, and repackaged saving over 1,500,000 pounds of food from being thrown away!

13 Manna Truck Various products including fresh produce are delivered to agencies, programs, and other authorized drop points in the community via the Manna Truck.

14 Obstacles I interviewed Will Robinson, V.P. of Operations for an insight on obstacles that the Food Bank faces.

15 Obstacles First, briefly describe your duties as Vice President of Operations. Oversee operation of inventory: receiving controlling, distribution Set employee projects See that overtime is non-existent Monitor and implement Osha and other food safety standards

16 Obstacles What are some general obstacles that the Food Bank faces? Rotating perishable goods and distributing them in a timely fashion. There is currently 10,000 sq. feet of refrigeration space: this is not big enough!! More expensive items that are needed (hygienic, personal care, meats) do not get donated enough. Short handed for servicing member agencies

17 Obstacles What plans are being made to aid the obstacles faced by the Food Bank? Plans are in place to increase perishable food storage areas (may take up to five years) In your opinion, what is the agencys most prided (in terms of success and growth) community program? Kids Café: feeds many children!

18 Obstacles In terms of growth, where do you see the Food Bank in five years? Increase in member agencies served, increase in servicing families among working poor (not necessarily poor and homeless) that do not make enough for ends to meet

19 How can you help?... DONATE! Cash or check: fully tax deductible Give through your will or trust for major contributions: property, cash, jewelry, etc. There are other ways to donate as well. Contact the Food Bank for more information. VOLUNTEER! 9am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 5pm-8pm Thursday Reserve Saturday for group (10 or more) volunteering Volunteers are always needed and welcomed, especially throughout holidays!

20 Contact Information Americas Second Harvest of South Georgia, Inc. (Valdosta Food Bank) Address: America's Second Harvest of South Georgia D/B/A The Valdosta Food Bank, Inc. 1411 Harbin Circle Valdosta, GA 31601 Phone: 229-244-2678 or 1-888-453-4143 Fax: Administrative Offices: 229-244-FOOD (3663) Agency Relations/Fax on Demand Service: 229-244-3587 or 1-877-E-Hunger (348-6437) Email: General Agency

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