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Crime Scene In Motion. University of Alabama Science In Motion Joint Training Forensic Science Julie CovinBeth SherrillLorrie Robinson PhysicsChemistry.

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1 Crime Scene In Motion

2 University of Alabama Science In Motion Joint Training Forensic Science Julie CovinBeth SherrillLorrie Robinson PhysicsChemistry Biology

3 Scenario: A well to do student from a private school has been reported missing. The police released the names of the suspects that were questioned and a newspaper reporter provided its readers with a brief description of each of the suspects. This activity is based on Theta Technologies Crime Scene 2, Kidnapped, the Case of Dr. John Boddy

4 Abducted: Jason Worth. Age 18, son of millionaire. Last seen at school after French class. Was to have been picked up by the family chauffeur. FBI has been alerted due to threats against the family during the last month.

5 Suspects Joey Two Thumbs Russo Miss Avoirdupois Reputed leader of the local crime organization. Never convicted of any crime, he is proud of his groups growth. Jasons French teacher and the last person to see him alive. Parking tickets from near the Café Bistro are her only police incidents. When questioned about her movements, she commented, Its no bodys business but mine.

6 Bill Blascome Buddy St. Louise Highly respected servant of the Worth family for almost 25 years. He was to have picked Jason up from school. Noted philanderer and owner of Café Bistro located near Jasons downtown school. His real name is Bartholomew Stanton. Has been married and divorced 10 times. Jose Sanchez-Diaz Recently dismissed from Worth Museum for Union organizing. His attorney states that he is under a doctors care for Stressful Stress syndrome. A lawsuit is pending regarding the job dismissal.

7 Evidence

8 A piece of a shirt supposedly worn by the victim arrived with a note. An oily spot believed to be suntan lotion was noted on the shirt. A reddish stain, not resembling blood, was also noted. Shirt cutting sent with note.

9 Fiber analysis The fibers that compose the shirt were examined. These were compared to clothing of the kidnapped student and of suspects.

10 Oily spot This was thought to be suntan lotion. It will be analyzed using a spectrophotometer. Swatch of shirt with oily spot

11 Red Stain This stain did not test positive for human blood. Preliminary tests indicate the stain was caused by wine. It will be tested using gas chromatography. Swatch of shirt with red stain.

12 A note A ransom note contained in a hand addressed envelope was received by a reporter.

13 The letters were cut from pieces of newspaper. A fingerprint was detected on the note.

14 Fingerprint analysis Comparison of the unique fingerprint on the paper can isolate suspects and rule out others. Do you notice the differences?

15 10 points of commonality will be needed to make a positive identification.

16 Chromatography of the inks and ink colors helps to narrow the source of the ink used to address the envelope. Ink analysis Ink from envelope Ink from suspects pens

17 Paper analysis A comparison of the paper fibers, bond type, and thickness, will show similarities and differences.

18 This is used to determine the blood types of the suspects and also the victim. Known specimens are compared to the sample sent by kidnappers. Blood analysis

19 Blood typing can be used to quickly eliminate some suspects. DNA analysis is used to differentiate between individuals with the same blood type.

20 Your tasks: Complete the analysis using: gas chromatography of suspected wine Spectrophotometry of suntan lotion blood typing fingerprint analysis fiber analysis of shirt fabric paper chromatography of inks fiber analysis of envelope paper

21 It will thenbe up to you to complete the guilty partyor puzzleand bringthe partiesto justice.

22 Data Analysis Results of Fiber Test Match Results of Blood test Results of Paper test Match Sample of evidence shirt matches Jasons school shirts. Samples of blood sent by kidnappers matches Jasons blood type. Samples of paper match stationary found at the residence of Bill Blascome.

23 Results of ink test Results of fingerprint test Match Ink from the envelope matches ink from pens found at the Café Bistro (where Miss Avoirdupois and Buddy St. Louise are often sighted) AND also matches a pen found in Bill Blascomes room. The fingerprint from the ransom note is a match to Bill Blascome.

24 Match Results of spectrophotometer test Results of gas chromatography analysis Match Wine stain analysis shows a match to wine found at the Café Bistro AND also to the Ft. Worth Country Club. The suntan lotion (SPF 30) matched the stain on the shirt swatch sent by the kidnappers and to the back seat of Bill Blascomes personal car.

25 For whom will arrest warrants be issued?? ?

26 We hope that you have seen some of the Many applications of this type of activity For your students. The kit may be purchased And used alone, or with some imagination You may add other crime scene tools that Will bring the investigation to life. The equipment provided by Alabama Science In Motion can be a powerful tool for student motivation. We urge you to take full advantage of this valuable learning program.

27 Acknowledgements The presenters gratefully acknowledge the assistance and contributions of the following individuals, businesses, and schools. Their help enabled us to make this presentation possible. Brannons Business Supply, Sylacauga, AL Science Kit by Boreal Larry Banowsky Alabama Science in Motion – University of Montevallo Inservice Area

28 Acknowledgements University of Montevallo, Montevallo AL B. B. Comer Memorial High School, Sylacauga, AL Homewood High School, Homewood, AL Hoover High School, Hoover, AL Jemison High School, Jemison, AL Munford High School, Munford, AL Sylacauga High School, Sylacauga, AL Talladega High School, Talladega, AL Thompson High School, Alabaster, AL Vestavia High School, Vestavia, AL

29 Acknowledgements Rebecca Richardson, ASIMvan driver FRIEND motivational coach Mentor fearless leader Thanks, Rebecca for all you do for us.

30 Crime technicians

31 Paper chromatography analysis of ink from the ransom note. Crime technician: Brenda Rinehart Gas chromatography analysis of red stain Crime technicians: Peggy Downing Blood analysis from specimen sent by kidnappers. Crime technicians: Ramona Jones and Leslie Wright

32 Fingerprint analysis from all suspects and all evidence. Crime technician: Dianne Batson Fiber and paper analysis of evidence. Crime technician: Roger Bittinger Spectrophotometry of oily spot believed to be suntan lotion. Crime technicians: Tommy Lenoir and Kelly Reaves Lab Director : Rocky White

33 Thank you for your participation. It is our hope that you will try this type of activity with your own students.

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