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Oregon State University Healthy Eating Options for Students.

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1 Oregon State University Healthy Eating Options for Students

2 Why its important The average college student is usually pressed for time, under a lot of stress and eating on the go. While It may seem that our health is doomed during the school year, the truth is that it isnt hard to make healthy eating a part of your normal routine.

3 In Fact… A healthy diet can help us in many ways. In the case of college students, it can help you feel better, cope with stress and perform better in the class-room!

4 A Healthy Balance As with anything in life, the key to health is balance. Our campus has many places to find foods like these, you just need to know where to look!

5 Where to go? You can dine at one of 28 locations all over campus! From stores and coffee shops, to restaurants and food courts, there is always some place nearby to grab some food on the way to class.

6 Central/North Campus The Central/Northern part of our campus has the largest assortment of stores and eateries.

7 Bings Café Bings Café is located inside Weatherford Hall, and is a popular place to grab a quick wrap on the go. Bings also serves fresh fruit and salads.

8 Bites Bites is located right next to the OSU Book Store. This mini-mart has a great selection of healthy soups, snacks and drinks.

9 Take-Home Soups and Juices

10 E-Café E-Café, inside of the Kelley Engineering Center, is OSUs newest café and offers Build-Your- Own: Salads Soups Sandwiches

11 Java Stop The Java Stop, located in the MU, is a wonderful place to relax and study. They serve yogurt as an alternative to the usual cookie or muffin.

12 Java II Study sessions in the library can be long to say the least… Java II has healthy soups, salads and drinks to help you stay focused. Fresh veggies also served.

13 Pangea Pangea, also located in the Memorial Union, is a very popular eatery that offers a large variety of low priced healthy dishes.

14 West Campus Marketplace West is the main dining option for students residing in OSUs Western part of Campus.

15 Clubhouse Deli The Clubhouse Deli has one of the largest assortments of healthy foods on campus including: Fruit Salads Soups Sandwiches Yogurt Juices And more!

16 Clubhouse Deli Goodies

17 EBGBs EBGBs is another great store with a large variety of healthy snacks. Organic Chips Hummus And Dried Fruit just to name a few!

18 Veggie Chips and Herbal Teas from EBGBs

19 East Campus The East side of campus is home to the Mcnary Dining Center.

20 Boardwalk Café The Boardwalk Café has an ever- changing menu that is always full of freshly prepared meals such as: Fresh Stir Fry Salads Roasted Meats

21 McNary Dining Center

22 Main Squeeze Smoothies This store doubles as a mini-mart, offering fruit, nuts and bagels in addition to smoothies.

23 South Campus Whether youre working out equations or simply working out, the Southside of campus has great dining options nearby.

24 Arnold Country Store The Arnold Country store is the largest on campus. They have everything you would expect from a normal mini-mart, but the great surprise here is a Healthy Food section full of great snacks.

25 Organic/Natural Section and Fruit

26 Arnold Bistro & Deli The Arnold Bistro & Deli is a cafeteria style dining center with a wide variety of foods that is always changing. This includes: Salad Bar Deli Sandwiches Burrito Bar And more

27 Dixon Café Dixon Café offers many healthy and refreshing items perfect after a workout including: Wraps Smoothies Fruit and Yogurt

28 Did You Know? As an OSU student you have access to two free Nutrition consultations! This is a great opportunity to talk to an expert and figure out a healthy eating plan that can fit into your lifestyle.

29 Questions? If you would like more information, please feel free to contact: Student Health Services (541) 737- WELL Dixon Wellness Center (541) 737-7556

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