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Arch 3502 – Design IV S_06 Introduction of Project 1 – Retail Store/Gallery/Café for the San Antonio Riverwalk.

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1 Arch 3502 – Design IV S_06 Introduction of Project 1 – Retail Store/Gallery/Café for the San Antonio Riverwalk

2 Project 1 ARCH 3502 Schellhase S_06 Texas Tech UniversityTexas Tech University College of Architecture Design IVCollege of ArchitectureDesign IV updated Architecture and Design Shop/Gallery/Café San Antonio, Texas P1 issued Jan 13, 2006 P1 r1 Team Case Studies Due Jan 20 P1 r2 Preliminary Presentation Due Jan 30 P1 r3 Schematic Design Mechanical/Structural Analysis Due Feb 6 P1 Final Project 2 Due Feb 24 Scenario You have been approached by a client to prepare preliminary design proposals for a new shop/gallery/café to be located on a very expensive piece of real estate on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. The site was chosen because of the visibility and range of visitors to the Riverwalk, a tourist destination of international renown. The functions of the building to be designed are rather unique, in that it will simultaneously be a shop, a gallery and a café. The shop will sell primarily books and magazines on art, architecture and design as well as prints, and small utilitarian items designed by architects and designers of international renown. About twenty five percent of the floor space will be devoted to a gallery for temporary art and design displays. There will also be a café (coffee and desserts) seating 60 to 80 persons. Two thirds of the cafés clientele will be accommodated in one location while the remainder will be provided with opportunities to sit in small groups of 4-8 in various locations throughout the building. There will also be a place on the roof for social events such as openings of exhibitions, book signings, etc. The rooftop will be accessible except during extreme weather conditions. Movable sun shading and rain protection must be considered in all outdoor spaces. Any devices that are used for protection against the weather must be architecturally integrated with the design of the building. "Umbrellas are not an option." Useful links and references: Virtual San Antonio: deshow/photos.html ayes/SA_Downtown/

3 Texas Tech UniversityTexas Tech University College of Architecture Design IVCollege of ArchitectureDesign IV updated Additionally there will be 2 or 3 private offices, each approximately 100 sq. ft. for store personnel. Storage will be 10-15% of the total floor space. Consideration must be given to discretely placed restrooms, delivery, and trash removal. Code allows construction to the property lines. The East boundary will be a party wall. The design must convey exemplary architectural design. The client intends the building to be "a billboard for good architectural design". In addition to meeting functional needs, there must be "structural clarity" and "compositional unity". Attention must be paid to "organization and relationships of spaces, massing, fenestration, scale, proportion and use of materials". It is the clients wish that "all levels and spaces in the building must be architecturally and visually linked" and that "one must be able to maintain a sense of orientation" as one moves through the different sections and levels of the building. The total indoor floor area to be provided is approximately 7500 sq. ft.

4 Project Requirements The design must address the following: Retail/display/dining Materials in relationship to site, context, building program, and building envelope/structural systems Daylighting and sun shading Natural ventilation and environmental systems Definition of public/private space Relationship to street and Riverwalk Entry from street and Riverwalk 2000 International Building Code and Life Safety compliance Accessibility compliance Presentation Requirements Identification of design issues and responses Concept Diagram: 2D/3D diagrams and verbal expression Site plan, site sections Floor plans, building sections, elevations, structural axonometric Architectural design details that communicate visual characteristics of materials, assembly, and how they relate to the context Communication of the design in its context (3D): combination of model/perspective drawings/axonometric drawings Grading Criteria Process o reviews o analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of alternatives o analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of final Product o response to site and context o response to program needs o architectural character o details o other Presentation o communication o visual appeal Note: Requirements and criteria are minimums. Additional requirements and criteria may be added and will vary by Section.

5 Other program requirements: Entry/Foyer:120 s.f. Ordering Bar:150 s.f. (16 linear feet of counter top) Food Storage:75 s.f. Food Preparation:300 s.f. Outdoor patio:200 s.f. in the Riverwalk circulation area (this is a minimum and outside the required building s.f. and must accommodate 16 people {15 s.f. per person}, this will be deducted from the total dining capacity) Riverwalk width:20 at bridge 25 at other building corner Other items for consideration: Cuisine and or Café/Coffee Bar design theme is of your choice Location of main dining versus the dining to be scattered throughout the structure Roof access and weather protection/sun screen design elements Two Offices required Storage should be considered for each floor level Restrooms Retail/Café-Coffee Bar deliveries and trash removal consideration Facility access from both streets and from the Riverwalk Outdoor dining/patio area Kitchen/food prep/storage layout Sense of orientation Accessibility Elevator – Elevator Lobby Street side building facades, above the 1st floor, may cantilever over the street/sidewalk area (sidewalks are 5) the distance of the 6 feet Preliminary review: Monday, January 30, 2006 1/8 scale floor plans Riverwalk level plan First floor and multiple levels 1/8 scale study model/mass model Final review: Friday, February 24, 2006 1/8 scale floor plans Riverwalk level plan (include Riverwalk and river areas) First, Second, Third, Roof levels (etc.) must indicate tables, seating, circulation/pathways throughout building, and any special site features 1/16 scale structural framing plans (all floors) & HVAC plans 1/8 scale final building/site model (model must show both streets and river) – model will indicate all exterior finish materials !/8 scale North, South, West Elevations North – South Building section 1/4 scale Interior color perspective indicating materials, colors, textures, etc. Extra credit work – perspective of roof top with sun shading/weather protection device(s), in color.

6 Market Street Navarro Street Downtown Aerial Photo

7 Aerial Photo Navarro Street Market Street

8 Site and Topography




12 December March/SeptemberJune 7:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. noon

13 December March/SeptemberJune 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

14 Past Projects






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26 Ft. Worth Museum of Modern Art


28 Street Façades







35 Museums






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43 Museum of Modern Art Retail Store

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