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Your insider’s guide to the city

2 Transport in Stockholm
SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) The city’s public transport network Metro = Tunnelbana Bus = Buss Commuter Train = Pendeltåg Tramways = Spårvagn Ferry= Färja SL cards Can be purchased for various time intervals at various locations At Pressbyrån and 7-11, SL Center, ticket vending machines, SMS tickets 30- / 90-day passes: best option, and the most convenient for long-term Your student union membership makes you eligible for SL’s student discount (1540 SEK v 2300 SEK for 90 days)

3 Transport in Stockholm
The metro runs 24/7 on Fridays and Saturdays; however, services come to a halt around 01:00 on weekdays and Sundays. There are night buses that run all night (with reduced frequency at each stop) Always be sure to check to see which night bus you should take and what route transfers (if any) will have to be made Avoid potential penalty fees during random pass checks by having your student ID on you at all times!


5 Travelling outside Stockholm
SJ is Sweden’s national rail service and a good way of reaching other destinations in the country (as well as our lovely neighbours, Denmark and Norway). They have special prices for students! You can find more information and book tickets at Veolia: A slightly more afforadable alternative (for selected destinations), also with student prices. Tradera: Cheap, last-minute auctions on SJ tickets. Charter buses are also available, should you want to travel with a larger group or just prefer to avoid trains:

6 Feel like working out? On campus you’ll find a great gym, Frescatihallen, with excellent weight training facilities and fun group workout classes in English. All students get to work out at discounted prices! Buy your card at Frescatihallen. Check out the various offers and membership plans at

7 10 musts while in Sweden Have fika at least once a day
Try the Swedish most popular pastries like : kanelbullar, lussekatter, semlor and prinsesstårta Go to IKEA and eat their most famous menu: mashed potatoes with meat balls Eat lingonberry jam with almost every meal (!) Try a glass (or several!) of glögg Visit Lapland to see the Northern Lights Catch a ferry to the Stockholm Archipelago Iceskate on a frozen lake Take off your shoes while entering private residences …..whatever you do, do it outdoors!!

8 The famous fika We know that Swedes have a certain reputation as heavy drinkers. But we probably drink more coffee than we drink vodka! To have a fika is one of the most Swedish thing you can do. Here are some classic Swedish cafés to try out: Vetekatten, Kungsgatan 55 Sturekatten, Riddargatan 4 Tössebageriet, Karlavägen 77 Blå porten, Djurgårdsvägen 64 Café Ektorpet, Prins Eugens väg 3 Lundbergs konditori, Sjöbjörnsvägen 2

9 And don’t forget to try a SEMLA!
Swedes love to eat semlor. The traditional way is to eat them is on Fettsidagen (4th of March), but you will find them in cafés already in January. They are made of a wheat bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream, and they are delicious!

10 Utekvällar i Stockholm
A quick guide to Stockholm nightlife

11 Skål! There is certainly no shortage of alcohol here in Sweden; however, it can be expensive and it is probably not as easily accessible as it is in your home countries. All beverages with an alcohol content over 3.5% are only sold at Systembolaget You must be at least 20 years old to make a purchase at Systemet (so bring photo ID!) Hours of operation: Monday – Friday: open until (average) Saturdays: open until 15.00 Sundays: CLOSED …so, if you need to buy drinks for a party or any other special occasion, we advise that you plan your trip accordingly! And, of course, drink responsibly!

12 General tips and advice
Double-check a particular club’s or bar’s age limit before you go. Some places only admit 23+ Most clubs are open Bars often close at 01.00 Femställen: Meaning ”five places” Förfesta responsibly! Because the cost of drinks at a club/bar can be considerably pricy, many in Stockholm arrange förfester (preparties) at home to get a bit of a buzz going before hitting the city. But don’t overdo it. (Bouncers will deny admission to the visibly intoxicated! Especially guys!)

13 Plan your night out - For concerts and tours – find out everything about nightlife, restaurants and culture in Stockholm - Current happenings in the city – city guide directed towards LGBT people - Free fun in Stockholm! - English-language resource - Special offers and discounts And, of course, read our newsletter regularly – we’ll always keep it up-to-date with information on what’s going on in Stockholm!

14 Campus Pubs Faculty Associations have on-campus houses where they host events and pubnights. Law House Yellow Villa Green Villa Café Bojan Business House Private parties and dinners. Calm and cozy pubnights on Wednesdays. Pubnights every Thursday. Tuesdays Office only. Pubs hosted by the teacher students association – open for all. Game nights on Tuesdays. Good selection of bottled beers. Thursdays theme parties and pubs Find them on facebook or through


16 Södermalm / Söder / SoFo

17 Södermalm / Söder / SoFo
Södermalm is the hub of Stockholm’s ”alternative” scene and the home of the city’s indie/bohemian/hipster subculture. SoFo = South Of Folkungagatan Where to go: Debaser – indie music (Hornstulls Strand and Medborgarplatsen) Patricia – on a boat, gay-friendly Sundays (Södermälarstrand) Mosebacke/Södra teatern – terraces, world music, hip-hop (Götgatan) Legendary dives: Söderkällaren, Kvarnen & Carmen (Medborgarplatsen) Ugglan Boule&Bar – boule, sports, relaxed atmosphere (Närkesgatan) Marie Laveau– restaurants, bars and nightclubs (Mariatorget) Trädgården – hipster place (Skanstull) during winter season it is called Under Bron

18 Östermalm

19 Östermalm Östermalm is the posh part of the town, here you find the highest heels, champagne and the most extravagant parties. It is somewhat more expensive than the rest of Stockholm. Where to go: Strandvägen (numerous seaside boat restaurants, e.g. Strandbryggan) Sturecompagniet – restaurant, bars and clubs (Stureplan) Sturehof – restaurant and bar (Stureplan) Riche – hipsters and celebrity spotting (T-Östermalmstorg) Spy Bar – for the young and the beautiful (Stureplan) Berns – still the place to go ever since Strindbergs’ days (Berzelii park) Café Opera – Student Wednesdays (Kungsträdgården)

20 Kungsholmen och Vasastan

21 Kungsholmen och Vasastan
As these neighbourhoods are more residential, their nightlife is a bit calmer, consisting primarily of bars and more intimate, personal establishments. Especially popular with a slightly more ’mature’ crowd. Where to go: Orangeriet – sofisticated with a nice view (Norr Mälarstrand) Mälarpaviljongen (Norr Mälarstrand) F12 – outdoor club where all the club kids hang out during summer (Norr Mälarstrand) Tranan – classic bistro restaurant and bar (Odenplan) Anchor Bar – Classic rock bar (Sveavägen) Monk’s – Huge selection of beers (Sveavägen) Dovas – a classic dive with cheap bear (Fridhemsplan)

22 Norrmalm och Gamla stan

23 Norrmalm och Gamla stan
Relatively fewer places as this is an area mostly directed towards business, tourism and shopping. Mainly consists of small bars and pubs. Where to go: Victoria’s (Kungsträdgården) Wirströms Irish Pub (Gamla stan) Stampen – classic old jazz bar + Brazilian club ”Favela Viking” (Gamla stan) KGB – commie-decor, subculture clubs (T-Hötorget) Sjätte tunnan – medieval restaurant serving mead (Gamla Stan) Torget (Gamla stan)

24 Tack. Thank you. Merci. ¡Gracias. Danke. Grazie. Obrigado. Mulțumesc
Tack! Thank you! Merci! ¡Gracias! Danke! Grazie! Obrigado! Mulțumesc! Kiitos!


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