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Year End Event 2011 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 ASPIRATIONS 2012.

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1 Year End Event 2011 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 ASPIRATIONS 2012

2 15 Main activities of F2F knowledge sharing with focus areas (WHAT) organised by CIOs for CIOs Communications with CIOforum Insider & Social Media Activities of F2F knowledge sharing with focus areas (HOW) based upon 2011 list Members and partners THANK YOU! CIOforum ACHIEVEMENTS 2011

3 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 15 MAIN ACTIVITIES OF F2F KNOWLEDGE SHARING WIT FOCUS AREAS (WHAT) ORGANISED BY CIOs for CIOs -CIOs/CEOs speakers : GSK, Pioneer, Sibelco, Delaware and CEOs BASF IT Services, IBM, Bull -Vision and Strategies with future of ICT in industry (CIO Café) – CIO Sibelco -Cloud Computing (2x Plenary Meeting and 2x CIO Café) -Social Media (1st Master Class / Plenary meeting) -BI Trends (CIO Café) & Simplification (CIO Café) -Benchmarking on SAP costs (not published) -Talent Mgmt, recruiting and motivation : 2x Plenary Meeting including story with Bobslee team coach -CIO 2020/IT 2020 (Plenary Meeting) 3

4 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 COMMUNICATIONS WITH INSIDER / SOCIAL NETWORKING CIOFORUM INSIDER (newsletter by CIOs for CIOs) - 4x Issues distributed - Distribution to members and sponsors - Growth in Linkedin (up to 143 members)


6 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 INTERFACES WITH SCHOOLS –Ongoing contact with more than 20 schools (presentations on ICT, participation in Curricula discussions) LEISURE EVENT –Successful network event with +80 members/sponsors in the Netherlands Biesbosch boat trip supported by Unicon, Reliance Globalcom, BT and Cegeka –Participation to the Hercules ICT trophy (1 sports team for the trophy, 1 petanque team) COMMUNICATIONS WITH INSIDER SOCIAL NETWORKING

7 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 15 MAIN ACTIVITIES OF F2F KNOWLEDGE SHARING WITH FOCUS AREAS (HOW) CIO PLENARY MEETINGS –Focus on Cloud (Supported by T-Systems) Howest Stress test, Barco case study and Microsoft Presentations –Focus on social media (support by Reliance Globalcom) BASF IT Services and IBM Presentations –Talent management/recruiting (support by T-Systems) Bull and schools, and session with Belgian bobslee Team coach –CIO future and CIO2020 (IBM) THANKS TO CIOS, COMPANIES AND PARTNERS

8 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 15 MAIN ACTIVITIES OF F2F KNOWLEDGE SHARING WITH FOCUS AREAS (HOW) CIO CAFEs –Focus on BI trends (supported by Keyrus) –Focus on Cloud (support by Terremark) –Cloud Computing Workgroup (EuroCIO at European Commission) –Simplification (Daniel Lebeau, CIO GSK) –Future of ICT in Industry (Ronald Smet, Sibelco)

9 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 15 MAIN ACTIVITIES OF F2F KNOWLEDGE SHARING WITH FOCUS AREAS (HOW) CIO MASTERCLASSES –First Master Class Social Media with 7 Belgian companies: AGFA, Umicore, Vandemoortele, Recticel, Melexis, Azlan and PSA Involvement of HR, Legal and Marketing –Benchmarking on SAP cost

10 MEMBERS AND PARTNERS THANK YOU! Achievements possible thanks to sponsoring partners and members contributions Engaged member participation (Executive and Operational Committee)

11 Improved structure (Board and Executive & Operational Committee) and official part of European CIO Association (400 companies, 100B IT budget) Starting 1/1/2012 New set up of events 3x3x3 and continuation of collaboration through website, quarterly Insider newsletter, communications and social networking Focus on main themes for CIOs Organisation of leisure event - 10 year event NEW IMPROVED CIOFORUM ASPIRATIONS FOR 2012

12 ORGANISATION BY CIOs FOR CIOs STRUCTURE CHANGE –Board consisting of only CIOs –Executive and Operational Committee (EOC) with lead by CIOs including the Board members and with also other CIOs PARTNER OF THE EUROPEAN CIO ASSOCIATION – Part of the European CIO Association starting January 1st 2012 (7 European companies) – Leading access to : European CIOs; European CIO/IT white papers and expertise Participation in Cloud Computing Workgroup, HR Workgroup, Suppliers Relations Workgroup CIOforum is represented in Board of EuroCIO (Freddy Van den Wyngaert) PARTNERS FEEDBACK/SUPPORT –Feedback and input of our sponsors collected at Sponsor meeting early in the year (Feb 9, 2012).

13 ASPIRATIONS FOR 2012 NEW SET UP OF EVENTS, WEBSITE AND COMMUNICATION EVENTS 3x3x3 –3 CIO Global Perspectives (Former Plenary Meeting) –3 CIO Speakers Café (Former CIO Cafe) –3 CIO Master Classes WEBSITE and INSIDER COMMUNICATIONS –Insider Quarterly linked to agenda and activities –Social media usage

14 ASPIRATIONS FOR 2012 FOCUS AREAS (TO BE PRIORITIZED BY EOC) –CIO 2020 (or COO / CAO / CDO 2020) and IT 2020 (Master Class) –Update Social Media Initiatives (Master Class) –Virtualization (Cloud legislation, contracting, security & mobility, BYOD,etc..) (Master Class) –Benchmarking (best practices, costs, value of IT, etc..) –New Way of Working –Big Data –Talent Mgnt/Recruiting part of every focus area above LEISURE EVENTS – Focus on 10 Years CIOforum with another successful network party !


16 Business and Education CIOforum Year End Event 2011 December 5, 2011

17 Demographic Trends 17 Demand for ICT professionals rose 66% during 1999- 2008 Assumed that this will be 22% for next decennium Results in a requirement of 30,000 ICT professionals if above trends are reality and ICT education and policies sources remain unchanged Sources –Monitoring e-skills demand and supply in Europe (European Commission, 2009) –The Future of IT Professionals in the Mature Markets (IBM TEC, 2011) –De Arbeidsmarkt(en) in België: Evolutie : Vergelijk & Stand van Zaken anno 2007 (VIVES, Vlaams Instituut voor Economie en Samenleving, 2007)

18 Objective - Focus Major bottle-neck in business analysts and holistic project managers 18 Basic Broad Management Competences** Researcher Technical Competences** Practical Conceptual Hardware Designer Soft App Developer Bus Analyst/ Consult Infra Analyst/ Architect System Developer WebDesig ner/ Developer Project Manager Sales and Market Rep Infra Ops and Maint Helpdesk Officer Field Support Engineer 29%* 7%* *: based on CIOforum data 2008 ** : classification based on Agoria

19 Objective - Focus To increase considerably the inflow of the academic master students into Information Management Departments for Industry 19

20 Actions Continue what we did before, e.g. –Cloud Computing at HOWEST (Luc Delombaerde) –Explanation to Masters in Finance of Ugent (Betty Bogaert) –IT Governance project at KHK (Ronald Smet) –Explanation to Management School Louvain-la-Neuve (Luc Verhoeven) –... Develop a flyer/short summary text to seduce academic masters Identify target academic masters and get in touch with them Set up approach for CIO 2020 contest with schools planned for 2012 - 2013 Go for it !!!! 20

21 History - Overview Schools 21 SchoolCityCIO-Peter/MeterInfo Artesis Hogeschool AntwerpenAntwerpenFreddy Van den Wyngaert HogenheuvelcollegeLeuvenPeter Vermeylen Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst De Nayer Instituut MechelenPeter Bal KaHo Sint-LieveGentFreddy Van den Wyngaert Karel de Grote-Hogeschool vzwAntwerpenJoost Rommelaere HOWESTKortrijkLuc Delombaerde Katholieke Hogeschool MechelenMechelenAlain Wauters KHBO - departement IW&TOostendeVeerle Lozie KHK - Katholieke Hogeschool KempenGeelJoost Rommelaere Ronald Smet HU BrusselBrusselJoost Rommelaere KUL - Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenLeuvenPeter Vermeylen Universiteit GentGentBetty Bogaert LSMBrusselLuc Verhoeven Hogeschool BrusselBrusselJoost Rommelaere VUBBrussel Universiteit AntwerpenAntwerpenFreddy Van den Wyngaert REGALeuvenKristel Seymus XIOSHasselt

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