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pag 5 ZOOM ON CONCEPT ZOOM is an indoor communication channel, that functions as a digital signage television with closed circuit at the metro stations.

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5 pag 5 ZOOM ON CONCEPT ZOOM is an indoor communication channel, that functions as a digital signage television with closed circuit at the metro stations in Bucharest, retail and Cash & Carry hypermarkets, café bars & pubs and airports. ZOOM delivers special programs, custom programs, made distinctive for all clients and suitable with the interests and the slots where we can find the public. ZOOMs mission: only relevant information or entertainment zoom sales kit © 2011


7 pag 7 WHY ZOOM The major trump and also distinctive point of ZOOM besides other forms of media: ZOOM is welcome. ZOOM increases value to the waiting time, in places where we can find the absence of the public sources of live-information or another source of entertainment. ZOOM is the only proximity television in Bucharest, for a massif and captive public that is moving in routine and has a real desire for a source of news and entertainment. zoom sales kit © 2011

8 pag 8 WHY ZOOM The efficiency of this media channel comes from the small costs that corresponds to a proposed reach (obtained from the frequency of the spread. In the area where you can find the plasmas, those are the only source of TV visual information. A different visual package helps in making the plasmas distinctive in the background. zoom sales kit © 2011


10 pag 10 ZOOM covers 4 major types of area: metro stations, hypermarket, café bars & pubs, airports. ZOOM IN is the name of the metro stations network. Specific: delivers proximity information. The segmentation of the content is possible for each station. ZOOM OUT is the name of the network in café bars & pubs. Specific: social platform for on-site communication. ZOOM BUY is the name of the network from Retail and Cash & Carry hypermarkets. Specific: shopper marketing device. ZOOM UP is the name of the network for airports. Specific: media channel for cosmopolitan public. ZOOM NETWORK zoom sales kit © 2011


12 pag 12 ZOOM IN PROGRAMS The main principle for the content of the programs is: APTNESS to the specific interests, time of the day and the public atitude. 60-70% of programs will be common for all the channels.The rest of 30 – 40% will be specific content for each network. General content: News, sport informations, weather forecast, daily news, proximity content (administrative news,general news,cultural news, traffic news, etc); Interaction: general information in real time and at the right place. Entertainment: humor, fashion, life style, celebrities, tops. zoom sales kit © 2011


14 pag 14 ZOOM ON THE ADVANTAGES ZOOM clients have exclusive advantages: The campaigns are focused and have right content for each client in a different and positive manner, more than the classic media. The spread of the visuals could be different by stations, stores, café bars & pubs, depending on the clients need. The visuals could also alternate (as a rule, we advise our advertising clients do adopt this tactic for avoiding the routine and increase publics receptivity) The possibility to modify a campaign in a short time (changing a visual mean while the campaign its still going on) zoom sales kit © 2011

15 pag 15 ZOOM ON ADVANTAGES Using ZOOM network, all good speakers have the convenience of using unique tactics in promoting their brands, their products and their services. Branded days. Free of costs or exclusively. Branded hours. Free of costs. Plus, we could broadcast complete programs for brand and product placement to maintain the utility value for public. For example, a program that has 10 minutes All about Easter - broadcasted in hypermarkets – or How can you stay connected – broadcasted in airports. zoom sales kit © 2011


17 pag 17 ZOOM IN / ZOOM by numbers and public ZOOM BY NUMBERS More than 700,000 passengers with the metro railway (43% people above age 15, all from Bucharest, according to Gallup, 2008 of October) 600 plasmas, 106 cm (42) diagonal. 16 plasmas for each station in all 44 metro stations. ZOOM ON THE PUBLIC 77% people under 55 years; 65% females (persons that have the decision for the budget of the family) 84% active people, busy people 89% have graduated the secondary school or the university 26% are changing at least once the train (increasing their exposure at ZOOM IN messages). zoom sales kit © 2011


19 pag 19 ZOOM IN / ZOOM on potential The public is younger than the media and so, better for speakers. Contains a big part from the active people (job speaking and average speaking) that television is loosing from 4 or 5 years. Until the moment of arriving the train, as long as people are staying on the platform they are more permissive to information. Our plan for ZOOM is to became, for people in Bucharest, their only source of proximity information, the most credible one and also a big network of websites dedicated to each station. zoom sales kit © 2011


21 pag 21 ZOOM IN // ZOOM BY PROGRAMMING Advertising spread: at least one spread of a visual with a 6 minutes loop time; Connected to the up - world. Weather forecast, traffic, general helpful information, news. Profitable: Personally financial helpful information, from economic news until convenience acquisitions, campaigns and tops of the most desirable products. Entertaining: At the last one third of the day and also in weekend, the discount is the main reason of all passengers. Interactive: display of short messages or e-mails from passengers or other people interested in communicate with this type of public, topographical sectional or not. zoom sales kit © 2011


23 zoom sales kit © 2009pag 23 ZOOM OUT / ZOOM by numbers and public ZOOM by numbers 74 locations in Bucharest; 7 locations in Iasi. 31% people from Bucharest are going at least once in a month in pubs and café bars, 14% are going 1- 3 times by month. It results that more than in Bucharest 750.000 people above the age of 15 are going out in pubs and café bars at least once in a month. ZOOM by public 50% are going out in the center of the city 64% have less than 34 years The social statute is more than average. The income its above the average - 36% from people in Bucharest have a revenue of 1.500 RON.


25 pag 25 ZOOM OUT / ZOOM ON POTENTIAL The advantage of this communication channel: Access to a relaxed public, out from the rhythm and concentrated at the daily problems. Are people that want to socialize, interested in the social statute, people sensitive at messages of temptations or sensitive to symbols of welfare. Teen agers and young people that considers significant their presence in café bars and pubs, a real positive experience, relaxant. Couples of the middle class or superior class, with significant income, above average, paying attention to all that can reveal standing. Are business partners that are changing the formal area of the office or the area of a conference room. For all these categories of public, ZOOM OUT could be an on site socializing platform and a real source of relevant entertaining. zoom sales kit © 2011


27 pag 27 ZOOM OUT// ZOOM on programming Distributes the advertising message - 8 minutes loop time Fashion Feminine classification & masculine Tops (music, phones, etc) Top movies High life news Travel & leisure zoom sales kit © 2011


29 pag 29 ZOOM BUY / ZOOM by numbers and public ZOOM by numbers Present in 8 chains of hypermakets;53 ; 23 stores Plasmas with 106 cm diagonal located at the pay offices On the average, the shopping visit for romanian people lasts 2 hours when buying about 30 products**. Bucharest: 49% from inhabitants (age above 15 years) are going out for shopping at least once in a week, in a hypermarket. The rest - 33% go out for shopping 1-3 times by month*. The utter: more than 1,4 millions of persons ZOOM by public 61% are females 27% are not coming to the store with a list.40% have written only the essential (often the product, seldom the brand) 70% are young (under the age of 35) 88% have graduated the secondary school and the university 9% are family orientated 56% are vulnerable at advertising//sensitive to brands zoom sales kit © 2011

30 zoom buy sales kit zoom

31 pag 31 ZOOM BUY / ZOOM on potential Efficient for brand construction, with a major relevance of the message at the place and in the moment that the product may be a number 1 product in shoppers mind. Efficient for increasing the sales. How? Using a primary appearance of a new product or remembering an existing buying necessity Efficient in increasing the consumption of services and products that are available in the commercial area of hypermarkets. Besides these real effects, the message of a brand or of a product that contributes to the repay in relaxing people and won the shopping battle could bring major benefits also for the brands in which case we couldnt talk about decision at the shopping place. zoom sales kit © 2011


33 pag 33 ZOOM BUY / zoom on programming Advertising broadcast – 8 minutes loop - time The programming segments have a meaningful length. (5 – 10 minutes). In segments interior it will be maintained the balance, between the infotainment and advertising. Therefore will be produced programs like all about… (pastes, oil, cheese, chocolate etc),.These programs will deliver for public elements of general culture and helpful information (recipes, tips & tricks etc) These programs are supposed to became an extraordinary context for brand & product placement) zoom sales kit © 2011


35 pag 35 ZOOM UP / zoom by numbers and public Zoom by numbers Bucharests Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport 57 plasma screens (1 with a diagonal more then 2,6 meters) ZOOM by public 50% from the people that are travelling outside of the country choose the airplane. Long exposure to ZOOM UPs messages: 30 – 60 minutes before check-in 45 – 60 minutes before embankment zoom sales kit © 2011


37 pag 37 ZOOM UP / zoom on potential The airport is the place of a beginning road. ZOOM UP is about destination. With zoom up, you take off before you take off. Its the best prepare for travel/ the best adaptation after landing. The airport is a modern place, civilized, cosmopolitan by excellency. As person, the presence in the airport confirms the affiliation (is the confirmation of a social statute understood as being high.) With the democratization of the flight, as an instrument of motion, the public that belongs to airport remains one with a social statute above the average, formed by persons that most appreciate the standing brands and products. zoom sales kit © 2011


39 pag 39 ZOOM UP/ ZOOM on programming Advertising Broadcast (4-8 minutes loop time) Principal categories: specific content Weather forecast/ destinations in function of the flights from the last 2 hours; Travel/ destination/helpful information: how to survive big cities, how to survive vacation, business protocol in different countries, cultural differences, etc Relaxation/ helpful destinations: best shopping, best dinning, best museums, best transport in different big cities. zoom sales kit © 2011



42 pag 42 For efficiency Ideal speaking, advertising Digital Signage could be adjusted to this media content. According to GFK studies – the attention of the buyers at the advertising visuals is no more than 7 seconds, because of this reason the Digital Signage visuals must be adapted in such a manner that the message will be understood independent of the preview of the visual (first or last ultimate seconds) First variant – mixed standard TV message and indoor (billboard) : TV campaign complete Second variant – propose the usage of Digital Signage as a media, closer to outdoor (only billboard) outdoor campaign completed zoom sales kit © 2011


44 pag 44 ZOOM ON rate card You will get detailed rate cards.xls size (Excel) It exists the posibility of making a campaign in the entire ZOOM network, on a single channel (in / out / buy / up) or combining more locations of a channel or more channels. The calculation is made for a visual that last 10 seconds, and for this we conssider index 1. This index increase direct proportional with the visuals duration (for example – for a visual that lasts 15 seconds, will calculate with index 1,5) Different prices for each location, in accordance with : traffic/ potential audience; area where is located the station (business area: office buildings, universities, comercial galleries etc.) zoom sales kit © 2011


46 pag 46 Technical information Technical conditions visual landscape format 1:.avi 720x430 16:9 format 2: Windows Media Video9 (WMV9) PAL, video bit rate 4Mb, resolution 720x430 16:9 Technical conditions visual "portrait" format 1:.avi resolution 430x720 format 2: Windows Media Video9 (WMV9) PAL, video bit rate 4Mb, resolution 430x720, format 9:16 fullscreen The material must be sent 2 days before the first day of broadcast. The visual must be send for preview and for obtaining the confirmation before the campaign starts.


48 pag 48 81 Hypermarket / cash & carry 16 Carrefour 2 Cora 4 Kaufland 23 Metro 11 Real 4 Pic 1 Artima 11 Malls 6 Airports 81Pubs and café bars 21 Medical clinics 7 Beauty salons 42 McDonalds 1 Funland 3 Romanian railway network Intercity SNCFR zoom sales kit © 2011


50 pag 50 OUR ZOOM NETWORKS subway stations (42 locations); airport (Bucharest - Otopeni airport, 57 screens, one with 260cm diagonal); TAROM aircrafts (incoming & outgoing flights operated with aircrafts having video system on board) universities (50 universities in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea); hypermarkets (national coverage for Carrefour, Metro, Real, Cora, Profi, Kaufland); bars & restaurants (60 locations in Bucharest, 13 locations in Iasi); banks (50 bank branches, 17 sucursale in Bucharest, 33 across the country); fast food (McDonalds – 40 locations in Bucharest and across the country, KFC); Beauty saloons; Medical clinics – 20 locations.

51 MONOPOLY MEDIA Address: 1A Ion Ionescu de la Brad Blvd. 2nd floor, district 1, Bucharest Tel: 021 269 34 41 / 29 / 36 contact


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