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Football Supporters Federation Wales FSF Cymru Issue 24 Information for Welsh fans compiled by Welsh Fans. Montenegro v Wales UEFA European Championship.

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1 Football Supporters Federation Wales FSF Cymru Issue 24 Information for Welsh fans compiled by Welsh Fans. Montenegro v Wales UEFA European Championship 2012 Qualifying match Friday 3 September 2010 Kick off 7.30 Local (6.30 British time) Gradski City stadium Podgorica Montenegro v Wales UEFA European Championship 2012 Qualifying match Friday 3 September 2010 Kick off 7.30 Local (6.30 British time) Gradski City stadium Podgorica This information is produced to be issued free of charge to Welsh football fans. Thanks to the Home office,Foreign office and the FAW for help with distribution. Podgorica city stadium

2 Chairman/Treasurer... Vince Alm...+447814 779441 FSF Executive council member Secretary Paul Corkrey... 07903 619654 International officer/Home office Liaison F.A.W. Liaison officer Melanie Richards 07823 337791 Away match reconnaissance officer Neil Dymock +44 7852 305447 Assistants Tommie Collins, Gareth Dainton and Owen Williams FSF Cymru helpline number + 44 7905 861848 The Fans embassy will be run by Vince Alm and Neil Dymock assisted at various times by Gareth Dainton, Mel Richard, Owen Williams and Tommie Collins Vince will be based near Dubrovnik while Tommie and Neil will be based in Budva and also match. covering Podgorica. If you have any difficulties during your trip please contact FSF Cymru, they will do all they can to assist you. FSF Cymru will have access to and can liaise with the Welsh police officers and British embassy whilst in Montenegro. World in motion have arranged coaches for the return trip Budva to Podgorica on the day of the We have been informed that the majority of Welsh fans will be based in Budva. It is possible to contact Vince on an alternative number if help line is busy Vince Alm. +447814 779441 Welcome to Issue 24 of the FSF Cymru information guide. Once again we will endeavour to provide a service for Welsh fans and collate information from the Home and Foreign office which we will add to other information we gather from other agencies and our own reconnaissance trips. All of this will be put together in FSF Cymru information booklets and distributed free of charge to all supporters travelling to International away matches. The FSF Cymru reps will be based at the Forum Cafe Bar, 5 minutes from the Stadium from 4pm on Match day in Podgorica. FSF CYMRU – by Wales fans, for Wales fans - an independent organisation, committed to helping Wales supporters. MISSION STATEMENT To help and support Wales fans who travel away. Our role is to provide accurate and objective information, including a Risk Assessment: we convey what other agencies, such as police forces, government departments, and football authorities are recommending: we publish a comprehensive guide which is distributed free of charge to all travelling supporters: we operate and publicise a 24 hour Hotline for fans in difficulties: we arrange a Football embassy operation, at venues abroad, where we can offer advice, guidance and support as necessary. To work with the Football Association of Wales in all aspects affecting the fans, to ensure that the supporters voice is heard. A continuous, running dialogue is held with Mr Mark Evans, Head, International Affairs, we take supporters complaints, views to the F.A.W. for discussion. Mr Jonathan Ford, the new chief executive officer of the F.A.W. also attends meetings whenever he is available To take every possible action to eradicate any inter club rivalry when fans are following the Welsh national team Vince Alm Tommie Collins Neil Dymock

3 Gradski City Stadium Podgorica MEL MORGAN SPORTS 9-11 CHURCH STREET,EBBW VALE,GWENT,NP23 6BE 01495 302660 We recommend this company...they are probably the best independent sports suppliers outside of the major Cities Proud Sponsors of FSF Cymru Podgorica Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium, Its name literally means Under the Gorica stadium, Gorica being a hill near the city. To the left we see a photograph of the narrow stairwell that leads to the seated area that the Welsh fans will be based. Wales played Yugoslavia here in a fantastic 4-4 draw way back in 1982, there was a capacity crowd of 17,000 present that day. The stadium is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of FK Budućnost Podgorica It also serves as a venue for games that other Montenegrin teams play in European competitions, as it is the only Montenegrin stadium that fulfils UEFA standards. The two photographs above show the area where the Welsh supporters will be situated behind the goals

4 British Embassy Information about Montenegro BRITISH EMBASSY PODGORICA INFORMATION FOR SUPPORTERS OF THE WELSH FOOTBALL TEAM MONTENEGRO SEPTEMBER 3 RD 2010 DOS AND DONTS IN MONTENEGRO 1.TRAVEL INSURANCE: Do make sure you are fully covered for unexpected losses or expenses, particularly if you are travelling on discount tickets. Do specify Montenegro in your insurance cover. 2. MEDICAL INSURANCE: Do make sure you are fully covered for medical treatment and medical evacuation. HEALTH There is a reciprocal healthcare agreement for British nationals, which entitles you to free genuine emergency treatment in Montenegro. However, the health system in Montenegro can suffer from a shortage of medicines and other essentials. Medical staff do not always speak English. In non-emergency cases, payment may be required and this would normally be made in cash. Therefore, you are advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance, which should also cover medical evacuation. 3. PASSPORTS: Do keep a separate record of your passport details, preferably a photocopy of the details pages with next of kin contact details. Do report a lost/stolen passport immediately to the local police. Police reports are needed to obtain a new passport. The British Embassy in Podgorica and The British Consulates in Dubrovnik only issue Emergency passports. See Passport Fee. A good idea is to scan your passport on your PC and e mail it to yourself, if you subsequently lose your passport you can check your e mails and all the details will be there. MONEY The official currency of Montenegro is the Euro. Credit cards and Travellers Cheques are accepted in many of the larger hotels and shops, and ATMs accept international bank cards. Only Bank of England issued bank notes are recognised or exchanged in Montenegro. Scottish and Northern Irish pounds sterling bank notes are not accepted. Serbian Dinars are not accepted, but can be exchanged for Euros.4 money 5. BELONGINGS/VALUABLES: Do leave passports/valuables in a safe place. Beware of bag and mobile phone snatchers especially in the camp sites, on the beach, public transport, restaurants, cafés and at the stadium. Dont leave them in your car if you are driving. Do ensure you know whom to contact to obtain emergency credit cards and replacement cheques if they are stolen. Do report the loss of valuables to the local police and obtain a written police report. Dont. Keep all your valuables in the same place, especially cash and credit cards, keep them separate 6. DRUGS: Dont get involved in any way with drugs. Penalties can be severe, heavy fines or imprisonment. Dont carry anything through customs for anyone else. FSF CYMRU HELP LINE + 44 7905 861848

5 British Embassy Information Montenegro WHAT THE EMBASSY CAN DO : Issue Emergency passports (one way) and Emergency Travel Documents (could be two-way); Provide information about transferring funds from the UK; Provide a list of local lawyers; Do all we can to contact you within 24 hours of being told that you have been hospitalised or detained; In an emergency and with your permission., contact your family and friends. WHAT THE EMBASSY CANNOT DO: Get you out of prison or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings; Give you legal advice; Investigate a crime; Get you better treatment in hospital or prison than is given to local people; Pay any bills or give you money; Make travel arrangements for you or find accommodation PASSPORT FEE: For an emergency passport is 89 Euros Documents required for a replacement lost/stolen passport : Passport application form C1, form for lost/ stolen passport Two passport size photographs Local police report of lost/stolen passport Any other identity e.g. driving licence Travel itinerary Lost or stolen passports You should report the theft of a passport to the local police so you can get a police report. Youll need the report for insurance purposes and to obtain a replacement travel document from us. You should note that some police authorities will not issue a report for lost passports. In such cases we do not require a police report. If your passport is lost or stolen you should contact the nearest British embassy or consulate. Youll need to complete an LS01 form in order for your passport to be cancelled. Identity theft is a growing crime. To protect your identity please bring or send this form to us as soon as possible. You do not need to wait until you apply for a new passport Please Contact Vince Alm or Neil Dymock FSF Cymru, who will have access to the Welsh police liaison officers and they will do all they can to assist you with any issues relating to the Embassy.. FSF CYMRU HELP LINE + 44 7905 861848

6 Additional information from the British Embassy in Montenegro FSF Cymru make every effort to obtain as much practical information as possible. The following questions were answered for us by officials at the British embassy in Podgorica...many thanks to Marko, Lianne and Ana from the Embassy for all their invaluable help. Is there need to carry ID (Passport) with you at all times? It is advisable to have an ID with you, or a copy of your passport (if you decide to leave original in safe at the Hotel) in order to be able to prove you identity. Also it is useful to have a copy if your passport gets lost. Does the embassy offer 24 hour cover? If so, contact details for duty officer Embassy working hours are: Mon-Thurs: 0830-1630 Fri: 0830-1230 Tel: +382 20 618 010 Ulcinjska 8, 81000 Podgorica Global out of hours number is: +382 20 618 325 Are there many police stations in Podgorica, and is there a directory available? Main Police station in Podgorica is situated at ul. Jovana Tomasevica bb. (Look at the green arrow at the picture). Telephone number is +382 20 224 804. Are the any areas of Podgorica/Budva that should be avoided? Any particular care needed in any area? Any local scams Not particularly Is pick pocketing prevalent? Pick pocketing is not widespread. However, you should keep an eye on your valuables. When on the beach do not leave your belongings unattended. If you're going to do some sunbathing etc ensure to leave any valuables locked up in the hotel safe.

7 Additional information from the British Embassy in Montenegro Do you have location of tourists offices in Podgorica and Budva? Tourist organization Podgorica ul. Slobode 47 Tel: +382 (0) 20 667-535 Fax: +382 (0) 20 667-536 E-mail: Tourist organization Budva ul. Mediteranska 4 85310 Budva, Crna Gora Tel: +382(0)33 402-814, 402-815, 402-816; Fax: +382(0)33 402-550 Have you contact details and addresses for local hospitals/dentists? Emergency medical services Vaka Djurovića bb (100 m distance from the stadium) 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora Tel: +382(20)124 Local Health Centre Podgorica Address: Trg Kralja Nikole br.6 Tel: +382 (0)20 481-900,481-901 Fax: 020 481 999 E-mail: Dentist KURPEJOVIĆ Health Centre Stara Varoš – Pobrežje 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro Tel: +382 69 476 692 HEALTH CENTER IN BUDVA Popa Jola Zec b.b. Phone: + 382 (0)33 451 408 Are there likely to be any Embassy officials present at the game? Yes. There will be Deputy Head of Mission, Vice Consul and Consular assistant. What are the transport options late at night, after 11 pm, is it taxi only? Options for both day and night are taxi, since the local bus transportation is not regular. Taxi is quite cheap and the prices are 0.35 EUR - 0.5 EUR per 1 km, and minimum price per one ride is from 1.2 EUR - 1.4 EUR. Where are the main nightlife areas of Podgorica and Budva? At the city Centres. Are any bars open 24/7 Bars will turn music off at 1 am. Only clubs are allowed to work until 3am. Are there any particular local laws we should be aware of? No Is it ok to consume alcohol in the streets? Yes, but it is not acceptable to drunk and causing a disturbance

8 Additional information from the British Embassy in Montenegro What are the transports links like from the airport to the City and generally around the City itself also are the links good from Dubrovnik and Budva to Podgorica? Bus station Podgorica +382 20 620 430 Bus station Dubrovnik +385 60 305 070 Podgorica - Dubrovnik 06:00 Mon - Sunday Dubrovnik - Podgorica 19:00 pm Mon - Sunday Dubrovnik - KOTOR & BUDVA 10:30 19:00 Mon - Sunday 20:30 (Mon, Wed & Sat) Bus station Budva (tel: +382 33 456 000, usually hard to reach, best option is to visit bus station) Budva - Podgorica - Budva 10 - 20 lines per day, from early morning to late night What are the transport options late at night, after 11 pm, is it taxi only? Options for both day and night are taxi, since the local bus transportation is not regular. Taxi is quite cheap and the prices are 0.35 EUR - 0.5 EUR per 1 km, and minimum price per one ride is from 1.2 EUR - 1.4 EUR Is there segregation inside the stadium? Yes. Fans are separated with metal fence and police Is there a segregation policy outside the separate entrances? There will be separate entrances, divided by metal fence. Are match programmes produced and available...what is the cost? At the Football Association they said that at the moment they do not have plans to produce match programmes, but that it might happen to produce them before Is there a list of articles fans are forbidden to take into the stadium...can you smoke in the stadium last time coins were this still the case? Fans are advised not to bring metal coins. The Football association will speak with police not to confiscate metal coins for this game, but this is still the police matter and they will have to make a final decision on this. What is the policy re admission drunk fans? They will normally be allowed to enter to the stadium as long as they are not jeopardising other fans and/or players. Will Welsh fans be searched before entry? All fans will be searched before entry. Will fans be kept in the stadium after the game has ended? Yes, approximately for 30 minutes after the game ended. Are there any particular dangers around the stadium? No. Join the Football Supporters Federation free of charge

9 Additional information from the British Embassy in Montenegro Will there bars in the vicinity of the stadium, will they be open on match day? Bars within the stadium (outer part of the stadium) will be open until 15h. After that they will be closed. There will be a lot of bars open in the City centre (5 min from the stadium) Is alcohol sold in the stadium? No, only soda drinks. What would your advice be regards to currency exchange, cash point, bank, or exchange offices? Exchange offices in Montenegro are situated within banks. It is advisable to bring Euros or to use ATMs to get euro in cash. Also credit & debit cards are widely used (Master, Visa, Maestro and Visa Electron) and less common (American Express and Dinners). Finally, what sort of money should the Welsh fans pay for-? 1) A Pint of local beer, glass of wine, a spirit A pint of local beer 1.20 EUR - 3.00 EUR Glass of wine 2.00 EUR - 4.00 EUR A spirit 2.50 EUR - 4.50 EUR 2) A mid day meal Sandwich 1.00 - 3.00 EUR Hamburger 1.00 - 2.0 EUR Lunch at the restaurant 10.00 - 15.00 EUR 3) An average priced meal in the evening. Average price of dinner at restaurant 10 - 20 EUR Average cost of a local Taxi ride, or taxi from airport to City centre? 0.35 - 0.60 EUR / KM (1.2 EUR minimum charge) 5.00 EUR - 20.00 EUR Airport Podgorica - City Centre 90.00 EUR - 140.00 EUR Airport Dubrovnik - Podgorica 25.00 - 40.00 EUR Budva - Podgorica Red Line Taxi Tel: 19714 Email: City Taxi Tel: 9711 Email: Reservations:

10 Budva FSF Representatives will be based at Hotel Saki, IV Proleterska BB, Budva. Transport has been arranged to help fans get to and from the match in Podgorica and it costs £15 return, but please contact Neil Dymock on the FSF Cymru Helpline Number +44 7905 861848 as soon as possible and no later than 20th August as spaces are limited. Budva is a coastal resort sometimes named "Montenegrin Miami", because it is the most popular tourist resort in Montenegro with beaches and vibrant nightlife. The town Has a population of around 15,000 but that is increased many fold by the amount of tourists that visit especially during the warmer months. The town is situated is on the central part of Montenegrin coast, called "Budvanska Rivijera". There are as many as 35 beaches in the greater area, mostly rock and a little sand During the summer in particular, the day and night-life offers opportunities to enjoy theatre plays and performances, music events, cafe bars, disco's, and some very good night clubs Many nightclubs use go-go dancers to attract customers, and families might be offended by the open display of almost naked girls in the street. There is so much choice to suit all tastes and it should be ideal for football supporters. Some tourists may find Budva disappointing and cheesy because of the over-crowded beaches filled with chairs, umbrellas and constantly thumping house music, the carnival atmosphere, the litter on the streets, beaches and inside of old town, and the excessively high prices in relation to quality for accommodation, drinks, food and taxi service. There are a variety of bars and clubs to go out in Budva. There are many outdoor bars and cafes just located outside the walls of Stari Grad. Most play loud club style music. Bars are allowed to play music until 1am, when the crowds then move to some of the nightclubs. Always ask for a bill, as they must provide it by law. If you don't - it's possible that you maybe overcharged for your drinks, especially if they see you are a foreigner! Stari Grad (Old Town), (on the peninsula in Budva centre). The old town of Budva lies on a little island that was linked to the land by a sandbar and in time turned into a peninsula. It is surrounded by ramparts originating from the XV century including a medieval fortification system with city gates, defence walls and towers. The Old Town consists of narrow streets and alleys and small squares with precious monuments of different Mediterranean cultures that have marked the development of this town. You can enter in Old Town from one of five entrance doors.

11 Budva Budva is full of cafes, bars, restaurants etc to suit the needs of all the Welsh fans...head towards the beach and you will pass by loads of places to have a snack, a meal, a few pints, and even entertainment. A lot of the disco bars are open air and the warm weather adds to the atmosphere Trocaado bar by day and by night when it gets very popular The Maltez and the Ambiente clubs...all these venues are quite close together

12 Podgorica The modern-day capital of Montenegro, Podgorica is by far the country's largest city. For that reason there's a lot to be said and done in Podgorica and the city's tremendous historic and cultural importance to Montenegro is hard to overestimate. In Podgorica, there are popular landmarks that can be easily accessed on foot including the soaring Millennium Bridge, King Nicola's palace, the modernist pro Monte building, and the Montenegrin National Theatre. Podgorica is the official commercial and cultural centre of Montenegro. It is home to the British embassy which is based at Ulcinjska 8,Gorica C, near the city centre. The name originates as far back as 1326 and the city is built amongst 5 rivers, The Zeta,Moraca, Ribnica, Clievna and Sitnica. Podgorica is full of new buildings, and plenty of green spaces and parks, the original city was virtually destroyed during the second world war. The City has an airport just 9 Kilometres away and also has excellent transit connections with other centres. Podgorica has a modified Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters. Although the city is only some 50 km from the Adriatic Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean, the proximity of the Dinaric Alps to the north alters its climate. The mean annual rainfall is 1,600 mm (63 in). The temperature exceeds 25 °C (77 °F) on about 135 days each year and the median daily temperature is 16.4 °C (61.5 °F). The number of rainy days is about 120, and those with a strong wind around 60. An occasional strong northerly wind influences the climate in the winter, with a wind-chill effect lowering the perceived temperature by a few degrees. Podgorica is particularly known for its extremely hot summers: temperatures over 40 °C (104 °F) are common in July and August. The highest temperature recorded was 44.8 °C (112.6 °F), on 16 August 2007. The average Temperatures for September are between 17 and 25 °C Snow is a rare occurrence in Podgorica: it rarely snows more than a few days per year. A census in 2003 put the city's population at 136,473. Useful numbers National Tourism Organisation Rimski trg 47.,81000 Podgorica, Montenegro Tel: +382 (0)20 235 155 Podgorica Police, 20000 Podgorica, Tel: +382(20)122 or +382(20)622222 Medical centre Urgentni centar Ljubljanska bb 20000 Podgorica, Tel: +382(20)412412 Lucy Jones will be based at the Hotel Best Western (photo above) This hotel is 25 minute walk from Stadium, down Bulevar Sv Petra Cetinjskog telephone Lucy +44 7970 704471 (Ticket enquiries)

13 Night life in Podgorica Night life can be found in the two main streets near the ground, there are a variety of venues available to suit all tastes Slobode Street Cafe / Bars Forum, Carine, Irish Pub, Korzo, Torzo, Nice Vice. (Around corner is Pub III) Njegoseva Street Cafe / Bars Corto Maltese, Berlin, Greenwich, Soul II Soul, Kaktus, Inter City, Cheers, Titograd, Sonata All within 5 minutes of away end of the football stadium The capital of Montenegro might not the most impressive city on the Balkan but its atmosphere is relaxing Mediterranean-like and nightlife caters for everyones mood and taste. The strict bouncers and macho-ambiance in some clubs will certainly not appeal to everyone but the crowd knows how to party long and hard. For a laid-back atmosphere and attentive staff it is recommended to visit Riter on Ivana Crnojevića Boulevard 23. This tiny medieval-themed knight club is very popular with locals and foreigners alike. Also Camelot (Slobode street) has a medieval theme and is decorated with attributes like armoured suits, weapons and even a guillotine. The trendy and beautiful crowd of Podgorica likes to hang out in Buda Bar on Stanka Dragojevića 26, a popular and Asian-decorated bar in front of the park.. Boćara (Decembar N°21 street 19), situated next to the former tennis courts at the entrance to the Suma Gorica park, is another great place to spend relaxing hours. Especially in summer this venue livens up thanks to a pleasant terrace under the pine trees and live music performances (soul and blues) and DJs doing their gigs. In Njegoševa street you can find several stylish and sophisticated bars like Inter City, Greenwich and Soul II Soul. The beach bar-styled Soul II Soul on Njegoševa street 34 is a favourite with young locals and in winter DJs drop by to heat up the atmosphere with disco and house music. Greenwich (Njegoševa street 27) is one the best places in town for live musical performances ranging from Jazz and Blues to Latino. Inter City is a cool designed bar attracting the local hip crowd and students. Many young clubbers head in weekends to Pub 111, a funky and great-designed bar on Ivana Crnojevića Boulevard 99. Rock-lovers should stop by OGP, an extremely popular bar on Balšića street 57 named after the 'General Construction Company' that (re)built much of Podgorica in the 50s. Besides rock there is also (live) R&B and funk on OGPs menu and it's recommended to come early in order to avoid a sold out house when arriving at this popular bar. St Patrick Irish Pub Slobode 73 Pub 111, FSF CYMRU HELP LINE + 44 7905861848

14 Area Map and Airport information Dubrovnik Airport There is an Atlas bus Transfer to Dubrovnik (Pile, Main bus station) upon arrival of every scheduled flight, the cost is 35 kn (5 euro)...This service is located outside the terminus building and the trip usually takes 30 minutes and is approximately 16 miles Taxi costs range from a minimum of 35 Euros single and 70 Euros return Taxi transfer to Budva range from a minimum of 115 Euros single or 220 Euros return. Podgorica Airport Location: The airport is situated eight miles (12km) south of Podgorica. Time: GMT +1 (GMT +2 in summer). Contacts: Tel: +381 (0)81 243 007. Getting to the city: A minibus service runs from directly in front of the terminal building. Taxis are available, costing in the region of 10 for the journey to the city. Various bus services operate from the airport to other Montenegro destinations. Car Rental: Several major car hire companies are represented at the airport. The FAW's Ticketing Officer, Lucy Jones, will be present in Montenegro to assist with ticket queries or problems. Her mobile telephone number is +44 (0) 7827 157 874. Please note it is unlikely there will be any spare tickets on sale in Montenegro. Tickets will not be on general public sale for the Wales supporters stand under any circumstances Budva

15 Supporters News Autumn 2010 The Welsh football supporters team that represented Wales in the recent fans friendship tournament in Lviv, Ukraine. The picture above was taken at the training camp in Krakow, Poland a few days before the tournament. This is the third year Wales have competed in the tournament. Wales supporters play matches all over Europe, mainly at the venues where Wales are playing matches, if you would like to watch these games or better still play in them please contact Neil Dymock on the FSF Help line number + 44 7905861848. Wales supporters are currently arranging a match in Budva for the Thursday evening..if you are interested in watching this game or better still playing please contact Neil on the help line number The photo picture below shows Welsh fans on the morning of the Croatia v Wales game in Osijek, visiting the Klasje Orphanage. This is one of three orphanages in Osijek all run by the same organization. Shirts and gifts were given to the children there and three digital cameras were bought for the homes to record birthday parties and happy occasions for the children. Gol, the Welsh Supporters charity organises visits to orphanages at away games and you can help by making a donation big or small on the website or buy purchasing a raffle ticket on one of the buses to the game. Before the Montenegro v Wales game in Podgorica Wales fans will also visit two homes for disabled children in the capital. The following day Wales fans will also be visiting the only orphanage in Montenegro. Based in the town of Bijela, 200 children will be eagerly awaiting the visit and that of the Wales Supporters team who have agreed to play a full scale 11-a-side game against the Orphanage Youth side Many thousands of pounds have been donated over the years and we should all be proud of the work these Welsh volunteers do.

16 Wear Red for Wales FSF CYMRU HELP LINE + 44 7905861848 Remaining fixtures Friday October 8 th 2010 Bulgaria HOME...Tuesday October 12 th 2010 Switzerland AWAY Saturday March 26 th 2010 England HOME...Friday September 2 nd 2011 Montenegro HOME Tuesday September 6 th 2011, England AWAY...Friday October 7 th 2011 Switzerland HOME Tuesday October 11 th 2011 Bulgaria AWAY

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