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Hometown Soul Café Downtown Göttingen (Phase I and II) English Speaking Community Organizer Jeff Winchell - Founder.

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1 Hometown Soul Café Downtown Göttingen (Phase I and II) English Speaking Community Organizer Jeff Winchell - Founder

2 Founder Bio Father Writer, Performer Teacher in diverse areas Holistic systems evangelist Entrepreneur Conference and events producer Epicure (Foodie) Creative problem solver

3 Company Overview Giving English Speakers a Community Reminding customers of the sights, sounds, tastes and people of their homeland Target Customers: native English speakers, English speakers from multilingual countries (e.g. India, Kenya, Philippines), English- comfortable friends and family of prior groups Status – Seed funding round, café launch Jan 09.

4 Filling the Loss Expatriates left something behind in their homeland. Disconnectedness with ones past is often unconscious, but once recognized, solutions have vital significance Target market too small/fragmented for traditional marketing Non traditional marketing: word-of mouth, evangelism, network effect, co-operative. Unique, inexpensive operations

5 Target Market Size 868 residents from native English-speaking lands (e.g. USA, UK, Canada, Australia…) 753 residents from lands with English as the Esperanto (e.g. India, Nigeria, Philippines) 919 residents from lands where English is popular (e.g. Scandinavia, Greece, Holland) Est. 2500 English-comfortable friends/family 1/3 also have German citizenship, 40% will reside in Germany for 3 years or less

6 Solution Food & Drink (locally prepared as well as imported for take home) Library Special Events (Live TV, outdoor, holidays…) Family Classes Meeting Place/Networking TBA based on community needs

7 Benefits Reduced culture shock for continual influx of newcomers/relatively short-timers Provide English culture to dual citizens as supplement to the locals language-only focus German friends/family experience their friends foreign culture, improving holistic integration Opening up a space within that you didn't realize was closed

8 Barriers to Competition Requirements complexity Conservative strategies in a difficult financial environment – more so than traditionally conservative German business Lack of obvious high profit motive Germanys short history of facing integration issues Environment for English speaking foreigners favors academics, discourages entrepreneurs

9 Competitive Advantage Extensive experience in solutions with complex requirements Difficult financial environment reduces costs, encourages small-scale foreign investment Founder has no high profit motive Founder spent four decades in the worlds melting pot Entrepreneurial experience All employees are native English speakers

10 Go to Market Strategy Other Peoples Books Library rapidly increases networking effect/community buy-in Live special events, with high emotional impact and no competition build word of mouth Low-cost initial operation identifies 90% of the market before large operation begins. Customers business card advertising program Phase II: Franchising in other cities/lands

11 Business Model Very low cost rental in initial phase Government subsidized employment Low marketing costs through joint ventures, network effects and word of mouth Open book, fair, no gimmicks pricing model decreases time costs and increases sales Business Intelligence background and product sourcing to continually evaluate profitability

12 Key Financial Metrics/Goals Customers per month Referrals/Joint ventures per month Market penetration Positive Cash-Flow within 3 months Positive Operating Margin within 6 months Positive Net Profit within 12 months Repeat above 3 goals for phase II in 2 nd year 100 new customer contacts per month

13 Financing Requirements Seed Round of 10-15K for 1st year operations (1K via customer pre-pay program) Upon meeting phase I Operation Margin target begin 2nd round of 50-100K to launch full service central operation (phase II) by 2010 Upon meeting phase I Operation Margin target begin 3rd Round of 10-75K for location research, training and legal expenses to begin franchising (phase III).

14 Summary To create a soul space, a meeting place, a business, an organized community center, for English speakers living in foreign lands that opens up a space within that you didn't realize was closed. Profitably organizing the dispersed English speaking community for mutual benefit.

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