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Tackling Poverty and Empowering Producers Through Trade Fair Trade.

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1 Tackling Poverty and Empowering Producers Through Trade Fair Trade

2 What Is Fair Trade? Fair Trade is a global movement tackling poverty and empowering producers through trade Consists of consumers, campaigners, manufacturers, retailers, traders, governments, multilateral organisations, unions, development organisations, and, most importantly, the producers themselves Fair Trade envisions a better world where commerce is equitable and just. Fair Trade is about providing a hand up, not a hand out.

3 Why Fair Trade? 1.4 billion people in 2005 living in extreme poverty The current global financial crisis – and the oil and food price crisis that preceded it – will have plunged 130 to 155 million people back in to extreme poverty by the end of 2009 The number of chronically hungry people will climb to over 1 billion by the end of 2009

4 Why Fair Trade? The benefits from the globilisation of trade and commerce have not been evenly distributed. Many global supply chains have become entrenched with unfair pricing structures, labour exploitation and ecologically unsustainable practices.

5 What is Fairtrade Labelling? Fairtrade Labelling is a global network of non- government organisations pursuing the fair trade agenda through the certification and labelling of products, such as coffee, tea and chocolate. The Fairtrade Label allows consumers to identify products that meet agreed environmental, labour and developmental standards. Consumers are given the opportunity to effect positive change through their purchasing decisions

6 What is Fairtrade Labelling? The Fairtrade Label on a product means a better deal for developing world farmers, workers and their families through: A fair and stable price for their product Long term trading relations and advance payment Investment in local community development Support in gaining knowledge and skills needed to operate in a global economy Environmentally stable farming methods See for the full

7 COOPERATIVA CAFÉ TIMOR (CCT) EAST TIMOR At CCT the Fairtrade Premium supports a number of projects chosen by the members of the cooperatives: A health programme (the largest in the country) A business skills development program that provides members with training in bookkeeping, management, English language, and computer skills. A wholesale purchasing co-op that benefits the local community by providing consumer goods at reasonable prices to small retail outlets in rural areas. Tackling Poverty Through Trade

8 OROMIA COFFEE FARMERS COOPERATIVE UNION (OCFCU) ETHIOPIA AT OCFCU the Fairtrade Premium supports a number of project chosen by the members of the cooperative: 4 primary schools, and 17 additional classrooms have been built The health of farmers, their families and communities has also been addressed with the construction and running of 4 health posts, the purchase of medical equipment, and the provision of clean water for drinking and cooking thanks to 2 new water supply stations. The cooperative has installed a cereal grinding machine to reduce the cost to mill the grain for farmers. More money is now available to spend on other essentials. This has increased food security for farmers in the area.

9 Tackling Poverty Through Trade CAFE FEMENINO: A SUBGROUP OF COOPERATIVE CENTRAL DE SERVICIOS CAFETELEROS DEL NOR ORIENTE (CSECANOR), PERU Women make up around 20% of CSECANORs members. These women are organised into their own group under the name of Cafe Femenino. Café Femenino has given me the opportunity to show how important I am, Lily Leiva Alvitez, Café Femenino values women… Ive learned that self-esteem gives us the right to speak. Rosaria Guevara Diaz Cafe Femenino has driven womens emancipation in the region, girls are attending school, men are valuing women, women are finding themselves in positions of decision making and responsibility.

10 Fairtrade Labelling in Australia Coffee Tea Chocolate / cocoa Sports balls Cotton Nuts Sugar Rice Quinoa Chocolate Muffins Fairtrade Certified Products Available in Australia

11 Fairtrade Labelling in Australia Fairtrade Retail Sales in Australia

12 Fairtrade Labelling in Australia Fairtrade Licensed Businesses in Australia

13 How Can You Be Involved? Look for the Fairtrade Label when doing your weekly shopping Choose Fairtrade at your local café or ask your favourite café to stock Fairtrade Encourage your workplace, faith group, school, council or university to join the Fair Trade Communities Initiative. Take part in festivities of the annual Fair Trade Fortnight (May)


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