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Schools Of The Future Presented by Fiona Farren and Claire Philipps.

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1 Schools Of The Future Presented by Fiona Farren and Claire Philipps

2 WHAT IS PLAY CAFÉ? LEAF was initiated in 2006 at South Bunbury Primary School We invite the families to come to us We visit them and listen to their story We help them prepare their child for kindergarten through a partnership with the Child Health Nurse

3 LEAF has: Developed a mechanism that gives us opportunities to positively interact with future students and families in our catchment area Reduced anxiety regarding school entry for families and their child Connected effectively with community service providers to improve outcomes for the students through early referrals and intervention strategies. Created a smoother transition to kindergarten. Facilitated an opportunity to transmit the school culture to families looking at the educational opportunities for their child. Supported families in our community to increase their social and support network through Play Café The Linking Education And Families Resource Package for schools is now available through WAPPA to members. A DVD will be available for purchase by the general public.

4 Partnership Formation: Community Health and DET Concern regarding school readiness Fewer families having 18 month or 3 year old child health checks Population growth but resources unchanged

5 Child Health Nurse at Play Café Building relationships with families and teachers Families given access to timely information Referral point

6 Family Orientation Opportunistic developmental screen (PEDS and questionnaire) Teacher information on preparation and structure of kindergarten Child Health Nurse talk on sleep, nutrition, immunisation, self- help skills, behavior.

7 Outcomes Increased numbers of children having 3 year health screen before kindy. Earlier referrals for allied health, vision, social work and nursing. Teachers have more information to plan for student support. Children/Families have timely intervention before school. Case studies


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