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Intel Ocotillo Campus LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M Silver Certification A leading-edge building rating system used for designing, constructing, operating.

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1 Intel Ocotillo Campus LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M Silver Certification
A leading-edge building rating system used for designing, constructing, operating and certifying the world’s greenest buildings.

2 OC12: Fab 32 OC8: Office OC11: Bridge OC13: Em Gen OC10: Fab 22 OC9: CUB OC7: Sort OC2: Office OC4: Office MSB OC6: Cafe OC1: Fab 12 PROJECT BOUNDARY = OC3: CUB Note: The OC5 and NTS warehouse buildings have been removed from the project boundary and this submittal due to their inability to meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements of EAp2/EAc1.

3 LEED Certification of the Intel Ocotillo Campus
Project Intention: Certify the entire Intel Ocotillo Campus under United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (EBOM) with no capital improvements. Project Result: Intel Ocotillo certified its three generations of wafer fabrication plants, support and office buildings to USGBC’s LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M rating system to the Silver Level This is a world 1st for a semiconductor campus to have achieved this certification as an existing operating manufacturing based campus. Based off our research of ISMI and USGBC websites

4 LEED Certification of the Intel Ocotillo Campus
This is the world’s 1st semiconductor campus to achieve LEED certification for an existing manufacturing campus*. * Based off our research of ISMI and USGBC websites

5 Resources and Time Commitment
Time Line November the project began March Submitted for review after 2 years of required data collection March 2011 – Intel Ocotillo Campus has 12 of 14 buildings Silver Certified for LEED EBOM Resources – 5,500 man hours Approximately $500,000 for total cost of the project Higher cost due to 1st time for Intel and the USGBC 191 Documents submitted 110 questions from Green Building Certification Institute No other project in the history of USGBC/GBCI has had this level of scrutiny due to the complexity of the project Campus versus a single stand alone office Existing Building versus New Construction

6 Cost Benefit Analysis Item Cost Benefit Corporate Responsibility
($1000 cost of plaques) Invaluable 4000 hits in 1 week on the article, published on Yahoo, Bloomberg , etc... Energy Analysis Internal time First time there is a usable tool based off data to comprehend what uses energy on site Energy Audit $40K $15K savings per year Waste Recycling No additional cost 3% increase in recycling rate of 2009 vs 2008, revenue total $181K for 2009. Janitorial Cleaning Chemicals < RCRA waste a saving of $35/ton and lower risk Recycled Materials for paper, carpet tiles etc.. Negligible < solid waste, negligible savings Energy Star Appliances for Café’s Dependent ROI <2 year per piece of equipment Water meters Drive water conservation

7 Roadmap for Ocotillo LEED EB Project
Diagnostic Influence/ Strategy Measurement Performance Period LEED Certification and Application LEED Sustaining Phase I Q3 07-Q2 08 Phase II Q3 08- Q2-09 Phase III Q3-Q1 10 Phase IV Q2 10 Phase V Q2 10 -> LEED Registration Scope- Schedule/ Milestones Develop Initial Strategy Develop Energy Strategy and Tactics LEED Training ID internal data and documents to collect Define Performance Periods USGBC Engagement Develop methods to meet credits Policies and procedures development Submit application for certification Make adjustments to application based off response from USGBC. Develop an ongoing management philosophy Develop team for the long-term maintenance of certification Performance periods must end within 7 days of each other

8 If you want to certify a campus
Costs will be in the following areas: Editing/Submitting documents – 191 documents submitted Mechanical and site drawings Calculations PE Stamps Energy Audit (ASHRAE Level 1 Audit) Closure of Audit findings Site audits Training Consultants Get trained prior to considering this (USGBC LEED EBOM Class or schools)

9 What should you do first
Hire a consultant to provide a pre-requisite gap analysis Make sure you completely understand what is required “the devil is in the details” Understand where the meters/monitoring is and what data can be gathered to fill out the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager Energy Performance Rating Sub-monitoring/metering for lights, data center, cooling, IT, etc. System level metering

10 Focus Points for LEED Monitoring, Measuring and Managing: Understand true utility consumption by building/system and commitment to managing opportunities and forecast: Natural Gas for the Boilers, Café and hot water heaters. Electricity: data centers, Lighting, general exhaust for buildings, cooling and the major systems. Water: domestic water per building, landscape water and meter per cooling tower. Robust ongoing and continuous commissioning i.e. are your systems functioning per design Stress the point that Pre-Reqs are the foundation of the project and we cannot achieve certification unless every one of them is met.

11 General Submittal Data Needs:
Cross Section of each building Map of the Campus and building Number of people Number of people per shift Each Building floor area + type of floor Explanation of how a school operates Key Environmental Performance

12 Production Facility Campus
When looking at the Ocotillo Campus Site Plan, the discrete facilities that appear to be familiar buildings are generally not that at all These buildings house processes and systems that are interdependent, connected to one another by a complicated web of pipes, wires, tunnels, controls, resources, processes and distribution Control Personnel Monitoring Brains Body Tools Machines Processes Support Staging Process Utilities Inputs/Outputs

13 Sustainable Sites: Water Efficiency: Highlights
Roofs of the buildings are greater 78 SRI 20% of Intel’s employees take an alternative means of transportation 100% Stormwater retained on site Water Efficiency: Recycling 78% total water usage (5 million gallons per day) 100% of the irrigation water is non-potable 95% of Cooling tower water is non-potable

14 Highlights Continued Energy and Atmosphere: Materials and Resources
Semiconductor Industry Association benchmark data shows Intel’s Ocotillo Campus utilized 23-27% less energy than the average semiconductor campus 1200 monitoring points for energy usage via Demand Supply Utility Manager The No. 1 on EPA’s National Top 50 List of green power purchasers Climate Leader Materials and Resources Recycling 89% of solid waste (7100 tons in 2009) Utilizing LEED purchasing criteria to influence Intel’s renovations and purchasing Sustainable purchasing for furniture >60%, 47% for cleaning equipment Transparent Company with the public as shown via Project XL, Performance track and our results versus our environmental goals have been on the web for years and continues quarterly ISO14001 certified campus

15 Summary Devil is in the Details
Monitor/Measure and Manage the utilities There will be cost savings but it is dependent on the building This is labor intensive

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