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PBIS Coaches Network September 12, 2013

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1 PBIS Coaches Network September 12, 2013

2 PBIS Coaches Network Meeting Agenda Welcome Introductions
OUR NORMS Confidentiality * Active participation * Professional use of technology * Assume best intentions Meeting Agenda Welcome Introductions Grounding Activity The Why? Coaching PD Coaches Self-Assessment Coaches Month to Month – “Year at a glance” PBIS Assessments Voices from the Field PBIS World Café Northern California PBIS Symposium

3 Introduction Beefs, Balloons, and Bright Ideas
Bright Ideas: Any ideas or things you would like to do/try Beefs: Challenge or Issue Balloons: Positives

4 Purpose of PBIS Coaches Network
This network works to continue building local capacity within districts for successful PBIS implementation. We will collaborate on strategies and solutions to on-going implementation needs, and share resources and the latest PBIS tools. Some topics: Coaching and facilitation Monitoring the district action plan Providing on-going PBIS professional development Calibration of evaluation and assessment tools

5 The Why?

6 Networking time…. Join a group of coaches you don’t know….5 per table
Choose a Facilitator/Recorder Each coach share their WHY about PBIS Common themes or what stood out for your group Share out

7 Coaches Self-Assessment and SMART Goals


9 Individual/Networking time….
Complete the Coaches Self Assessment Develop 2 to 3 SMART goals Find a partner when done Share your goals Choose 1 goal to share with the group

10 Coaches Month to Month “Year at a Glance”

11 Networking time…. Join a group with Coaches you don’t know….5 per table Choose a Facilitator/Recorder Share/discuss Is this tool useful? How will it help you as a coach? How has it helped you as a coach? Are your PBIS teams where they should be? What do you need to support your PBIS teams with?

12 PBIS Assessments
Measuring fidelity of implemented school-wide behavior support systems. Guides Annual Action Planning/Goals for PBIS Teams PBIS Assessment Overview PBIS Assessment Coordinator

13 PBIS Assessments Tier 1 Team Implementation Checklist (4x/yr)
School-wide Evaluation Tool (2x/yr) Self-Assessment Survey (1x/yr) Benchmarks of Quality (After 3rd year of implementation) Tier 2/3 Benchmarks for Advanced Tools (BAT) Monitoring Advanced Tiers Tools (MATT) Individual Students Systems Evaluation Tool (ISSET)

14 Networking time…. Find your table group with the matching shape on your name tag Choose a Facilitator/Recorder Share/discuss Do you currently use PBIS assessments? If you do, how have these assessments helped you as a coach? PBIS teams? If not, how do you assess fidelity of PBIS implementation? How will you use or continue to use PBIS Assessments?

15 PBIS Café Presents: PBIS Coaching Support

16 Why PBIS World Café?

17 Café-style conversations

18 Create a welcoming environment
Step 1: Small, round tables, candy, colorful markers, flip chart paper, sticky notes.

19 Begin with small table groups
Step 2: We begin at small tables. One person is designated as ‘ table host.’ Others number off one through three. Note the flip chart pages posted on the wall. We want to track creative doodling.

20 ? ? ? Pose an authentic question….
Step 3: We don’t know the answers to authentic questions --- the dialogue takes us on a journey toward meaning. Questions should generate light, not heat. Pose an authentic question….

21 As you share ideas . . . Doodle, Draw, Take notes
Throughout: Use the table cloth for your doodles. If you find you’re waving your hands around while you talk, put a marker between your fingers and draw, doodle, note. No ‘air doodling.’ Doodle, Draw, Take notes

22 LISTEN for connections patterns new ideas deeper questions
Throughout: You never know what will emerge, but you have to listen. new ideas

23 Step 4: Go to a new table to discover new ideas, questions, insights
Table hosts stay put and summarize the insights for the next group. Cross-Pollinate

24 Carry insights to the next table
When you change groups, carry the ideas from your previous table. Don’t bring your own baggage/agenda. Also mention “talking stones.” (If one person dominates the talk, then have an object --- I use the Remember stones --- that a person must hold to be allowed to talk. Carry insights to the next table

25 Repeat the process Step 5: You can change two or three times, depending on the time constraints.

26 Assemble our collective wisdom and share…
Step 6: After several rounds we gather as one and put our thoughts together. There are any number of ways to do this: use post-it notes to record ‘big ideas’ and put them on a separate sheet of flip chart paper; all-group discussion (with recorder); gallery walk of the doodle sheets; etc.

27 PBIS World Café Find a group of Coaches you have not worked with
Groups will discuss specific questions. 7 minutes for each group 3 rotations Thoughts and ideas should be written on the butcher paper on your table Share out….

28 World Café Questions… What are the outcomes and goals for PBIS in your district? What supports do your PBIS school site teams need to be successful? What supports do you need as a PBIS Coach to be successful?

29 PBIS World Café Team Share Out…..

30 PBIS Symposium…..Nov. 18th Volunteers PBIS School Site Highlight
PBIS School District Highlight PBIS Coaches presenting….

31 Are you ready to be an agent of CHANGE?

32 Northern California PBIS Technical Assistance Center Rebecca Mendiola, EdD, PBIS Coordinator Eleanor Castillo-Sumi, PhD, Consultant/Trainer Josh Harrower, PhD, Consultant/Trainer Linda Sun, Pro Expert/Trainer Myrna Zendejas, CSH Specialist Janeen Salcido, Admin Asst

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