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Teaching Skills for the Retail Setting: The Way Cindy Martens-Pitts Project SEARCH Instructor Monroe #1 BOCES, Rochester, NY Jeanne Stewart Job Coach Lifetime.

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1 Teaching Skills for the Retail Setting: The Way Cindy Martens-Pitts Project SEARCH Instructor Monroe #1 BOCES, Rochester, NY Jeanne Stewart Job Coach Lifetime Assistance, Inc.

2 Introducing: The First Project SEARCH in Retail Interns

3 Project SEARCH at Innovative Ways of Supporting Retail Skill Development Retail Curriculum Specific Job Skills Customer Service Skills

4 Specific Job Skills for Departments at Bakery Cafe Front End Cashiers Pizza Produce Seafood Stocking: Grocery, Health and Beauty Care

5 Bakery: Create-A-Cake Job Skills Frost cupcakes Using machine to fill cannolis and cream puffs Reading recipes Measuring ingredients Using scale Taking and recording temps Decorating cakes

6 Bakery Skill Building In the classroom: Practice cursive writing on paper Practice cake writing using pastry bag filled with frosting and wax paper Practice closing clam shell containers Practice reading recipes Practice speed

7 Bakery: Service End Skills Bag rolls and bread Slice breads Make garlic bread Restock donut bar Filling/frost donuts Price with expiration date Customer Service

8 Service End Bakery Skill Building In the classroom: Worksheets and crosswords to learn/review product knowledge Match product description to picture of product Role-playing: waiting on customers Practice tying raffia around bread packages

9 Matching bread item to bag:

10 Use of Prioritized Job Task List

11 Café Job Skills Prioritizing tasks Using spray bottle Cleaning tables, chairs Cleaning trays Table setup Filling napkins and utensils Assisting customers

12 Use of Job Task List: Visual Cue Café Job Tasks 1. Move flowers & napkins. 2. Squirt table 2x and wipe clean. 3. Check the chairs to see if they need to be cleaned. 4. Squirt the chairs 1x each and wipe clean. 5. Push chairs back in. 6. Put flowers and napkins back in place. Intern carried this in her pocket and referred to it as needed.

13 Café Skill Building Wipe down tables in classroom: use timer to increase speed Use prioritized job task list Role-play interacting with customers

14 Front End Cashier Skills Alphabetizing Multi-tasking Basic computer skills Customer Service Counting back change Math Weighing skills Packing groceries Problem solving Organizational skills Chart Reading skills

15 Cashier Skill Building In the classroom: Alphabetizing: Practice using phone book, filing Learning Produce: Flashcard games for codes, seasonal produce review, produce department scavenger hunts Reshops: a way to learn the store Roleplaying: Practice customer service skills

16 Bagging Skills On the job site: Practice how to structure a bag so items are secure, using plastic, paper and recyclable bags.

17 Additional Cashier Learning Activities Money Skills: Practice counting out money, play Monopoly, counting by 20, calculator practice Relaxation Techniques: stretching, breathing, requesting help Worksheets to learn names of produce, procedures for staying organized, problem- solving, practice math skills



20 Pizza Job Skills Setting timers Using oven Cutting pizza Assembling pizza boxes Working with dough: rolling, stretching, shaping Weighing ingredients Following recipes Prepping vegetables Preparing chicken wings Cleaning the fryer Taking phone orders Customer service Product knowledge Maintaining a safe and clean working environment Packaging ready to eat food items

21 Pizza Skill Building In the classroom: Practice using utensils: knife, spatula Practice setting the timer Practice closing clam shell containers Practice taking phone orders

22 Practice using pizza cutter (play dough pizza):

23 NO - COOK PLAYDOUGH Printed from COOKS.COM 1 c. water 3 c. flour 1 1/2 c. salt 1/4 c. oil Food coloring Combine ingredients in bowl and mix. Add more flour if mixture is too sticky. Store in a plastic zip-lock bag.

24 Practice building pizza boxes:

25 Finished product!

26 Produce Job Skills Using box cutter Lifting up to 40 pounds Product knowledge Customer service Using scale Basic computer skills Alphabetizing FIFO Chart reading

27 Produce Learning Activities Identifying kinds of produce; flashcards matching, crosswords, worksheets Learning location: scavenger hunts Practice using scale Alphabetizing: practice using phone book, filing

28 Vegetable and Fruit ID ____________________

29 Seafood Job Skills Using knife Customer service Product knowledge Using a scale Reading recipe Cooking Wet hand/dry hand technique Use of transfer PICS scanner gun Measurement equivalents Wrapping products

30 Seafood Learning Activities In the classroom: Compile a notebook of Seafood Fact Sheets Worksheets to learn/review seafood knowledge Use of money to teach converting fractions to decimals

31 Using a Knife Cutting lemons daily in classroom

32 Using a Scale Practice weighing fake seafood using a scale in department: scallops made out of play dough and cardboard fish cutouts filled with beans for weight.

33 Health & Beauty Care Job Skills Use box cutter Follow verbal directions Organizational skills Customer service Assemble displays Condition shelves Work at a fast pace Sensitivity issues Product knowledge

34 HCB Skills Development Learn all the vocabulary associated with a Health and Beauty Care through worksheets: crosswords, matching activities. Make your own crosswords: puzzlemaker Practice using box cutter and scanner gun Practice assembling displays

35 Grocery Stocking Skills Customer service Lifting safety Recycle cardboard Operate equipment Use box cutter Use intercom/paging Build displays Know location of items Replenish shelves

36 Classroom Activities Match item to aisle location: flashcards Practice proper lifting techniques Practice using box cutter Practice using baler machine (in stockroom) Roleplaying: using phone, intercom

37 Customer Service Skills Curriculum INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE And KNOWLEDGE-BASED SERVICE believes in: There are very few behind the scene jobs at Wegmans, so development of customer communication skills is IMPORTANT!

38 Customer Communication Skills LEARNING ACTIVITY: Role playing with staff and fellow interns to practice communication skills. Understanding sarcasm: First Job Survival Skills video series Understanding figurative language: Idiom of the Day Prioritize job tasks: customers ALWAYS come FIRST!

39 First Job Survival Skills Video Series: James Stanfeld Company Teaches the skills necessary to enter and succeed in the workplace. Emphasizes the fact that work is not like what they see on television; work is not like school, and work is not like home.

40 Idiom of the Day: Calm before the storm

41 KNOWLEDGE BASED SERVICE makes the commitment that Every Day You Get Our Best The goals of KBS are: Helping customers make healthy meals easy Being knowledgeable about your departments products Being available to assist customer across departments Listening to the customer and asking questions to understand what customer needs Spending time on sales floors sharing with the customer what you know about the products

42 Be familiar with location of all products Be able to identify resources to use for obtaining knowledge about getting a quick easy dinner on the table Classroom Activities: Scavenger Hunts to learn the location of items in the store: students always carry a store map as a reference Become familiar with store references by using them: Website Menu Magazine Menu Cards Sale Flyer Idiom of the Day Role Playing to practice customer interaction skills Knowledge Based Service Skill Building Goals



45 Practice Navigating the Resources


47 Reading the Sale Flyer

48 Project SEARCH at Wegmans: Every day you get our VERY best! Need more information? e-mail: Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential. - Winston Churchill

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