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Young Centre Quarterly Report 01 April 2013 – 30 June 2013.

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1 Young Centre Quarterly Report 01 April 2013 – 30 June 2013

2 Table of Contents Introduction Operational Highlights Key performance information Good news stories Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

3 Introduction Welcome to the Young Centre quarterly report for the period April 2013 - June 2013. The Young Centre is comprised of an integrated set of services that provide long term pathways off the street for Brisbane young people. This is known in the Homelessness sector as a scattered site Foyer model. Our services include: The Night Cafe The Night Café provides a safe space away from the streets for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Since opening in 2001 the Night Café has provided free hot meals, showers, first aid, information and support to many of Brisbanes most vulnerable young people. Operated by staff and volunteers, the Night café provides a soft entry point for young people into the homelessness service system by connecting them With health, housing, legal and other support services. Housing program Young centre case workers support young people to access stable, safe and affordable accommodation. Case workers provide an immediate crisis response to homelessness, as well as supporting and assisting young people to access other medium and long-term accommodation. Life skills program The Young Centre delivers a comprehensive Life Skills program to young people at a dedicated facility at 93 Brunswick Street. The life skills program consists of a broad range of courses or modules aimed at building the knowledge, skills and resilience of homeless young people. Intensive personal support program Support is aimed at helping young people to build knowledge, skills and resilience needed to exit homelessness, secure and sustain accommodation and to make positive and sustainable life changes. Clients needs and goals are assessed using a holistic approach that considers the clients inter-related needs across a number of key domains of their life. Page 1

4 Operational Highlights Moved to new premise at 93 Brunswick Street: In April 2013, The Young Centre team moved to their new premises in Fortitude Valley. The new space provides a space for young people to access Youth Workers during the day and attend life skills workshops. Restructured the team to enable more efficient services for young people: In place of three separate teams, The Young Centre now has five Youth Development Workers that operate the Night Café, provide planned support to young people, and deliver life skills workshops. Return of Night Café to City Hall: In May 2013, the Night Café service moved from its temporary location in Milton and back into the remodeled café space in the basement of City Hall. Clearer referral pathways from Night Café to The Young Centre: Our focus this past financial year has been on connecting young people that access the Night Café to further support services, including The Young Centre. Our objective is to engage young people in planned support, with an emphasis on employment and furthering education. Distribution of rental subsidies to young people: Last financial year, The Young Centre received funds to subsidise rent for vulnerable young people. This means that young people can be supported to access the private rental market whilst securing employment or pursuing further study. Launch of weekly life skills workshops: The Young Centre team began running regular life skills modules late last year in the areas of Health and Wellbeing, Food and Nutrition, Housing, Employment and Training, Money, and Law. From 01 August 2012 to 31 July 2013, The Young Centre team has received 99 new referrals, an average of nine new referrals per month. Of these young people, 77 have been assigned a key worker and have received intensive support around various issues including housing, employment, education, development of life skills, advocacy, case coordination and brokerage. 68 young people have received both ongoing and one-off assistance with rent since August 2012. This assistance has permitted young people to access and maintain housing in the face of extreme financial hardship. Life skills programs continue to operate successfully with 192 young people attending sessions between October 2012 and July 2013. Life skills workshops are held weekly and Youth Development hours are scheduled daily for young people that require one-on-one assistance with activities such as resume writing, job searching, apartment/property searches, etc. Page 2

5 Page3

6 Good News Story 1 Aaron is a 19 year-old Maori male who has been accessing the Night Cafe service since August of 2011. Throughout this period, he has frequently been homeless and began engaging intensively with a Youth Development Worker from The Young Centre in August of 2012. Initially, supports involved the provision of food and resources for travel. Over time, Aaron identified some of his key barriers to homelessness and made a series of Action Plans with his Youth Worker. Because Aaron is a New Zealand citizen without Australian permanent residency, he is not entitled to Centrelink income. Aarons Youth Worker assisted him to acquire a NZ birth certificate which is needed to ascertain photo identification, such as an 18+ card. This essential document was required in his search for employment and housing. Not long ago, Aarons Youth Worker linked him with an employment service provider through a Centrelink assessment for vulnerable young people. Aaron was supported by them to successfully complete two training courses: 'First Impressions' and 'Winning Interview'. During the courses he impressed the job service with his early arrival and level of commitment. He went for a job interview the following week and was successful. Aaron has some outstanding legal matters and he has been supported by the Young Centre to access a lawyer from legal aid. His Youth Worker has assisted him in understanding the legal process and helped to ensure that he is making decisions in his best interest, with all relevant information provided to him. Through work done at the Young Centre, it was identified that Aaron also has memory loss issues caused by a brain operation at the age of seven. His lawyer is requesting an assessment to support his claim, which may be helpful in his court case where he is currently likely to face a custodial sentence. The Young Centre is currently providing housing for Aaron at a mens hostel close to his employment service provider and other services that he regularly accesses for support. This assistance will continue until Aarons income is stable and he is able to find a suitable unit to rent. This interim measure has given Aaron the stability to be successful in training courses, gain employment, take responsibility for his legal issues and have the space needed to make massive improvements to his life. Aaron's confidence has greatly improved and he believes that he can continue to maintain housing and employment. It is also his goal to stay out of trouble with the law and cease offending. Page4

7 With Aarons agreement, we have been able to more successfully co-ordinate an Action Plan with the other services he is accessing for support. This co-ordination has lead to better outcomes for Aaron. He has accessed a myriad of supports including practical /financial resources, employment services, housing and anger management courses. We have been able to develop a suitable plan in light of his memory difficulties with daily activities geared around the achievement of his goals of obtaining housing and employment. Aaron is a prime example of a young person that used the Night Café as a soft entry point to other services and he has achieved many successful outcomes as a result. Good News Story 2 Red Cross first met Shaye at Night Café when she was 14; she is now 17. At that time, She was living in unstable accommodation with her mother and did not feel safe. Red Cross have worked with Shaye in varying degrees since then to support her to find secure accommodation with her mother. Recently she and her mother were successful in their application for a private rental. Red Cross have provided brokerage to assist Shaye to purchase a bed and other household items. Additionally, Shaye is currently receiving a rental subsidy of $50 per week for six months in order to support her while she is studying. She is currently completing high school and TAFE subjects with the goal of studying nursing at university in the future. Shaye maintains weekly contact with her Youth Development Worker. Page5

8 Good News Story 3 Linda has been working with the Red Cross Youth Homelessness Team for the past two years. Her Youth Worker has been assisting with her to find suitable and stable accommodation. She recently moved in March from a Caravan Park into a boarding house in Fortitude Valley and Lady Bowen Trust funds were used to pay for the key deposit and one weeks rent for her room. Linda remained in the boarding house for one month until finding stable accommodation that was more suitable to her needs. Linda is now living in stable accommodation at a favourable location, being close to other service providers she attends such as Brisbane Youth Housing, Street Level and The Young Centre. She has been attending the Young Centre on a weekly basis for the Life Skills workshops. Linda has recently received support through the Lady Bowen Trust finds to start driving lessons which is something she has desired for some time as she says that a license will enable her the freedom shes always wanted. Working towards a goal of owning a car has also motivated her to think about budgeting and saving, plus potential TAFE courses and employment prospects. Lady Bowen Trust funds were also accessed to purchase some warm clothing for the winter months. This meant a lot to Linda, as affordability is an issue and although trying to lose weight, often finds that donation clothes are a poor fit. Page6

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