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Tropical Smoothie Café

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1 Tropical Smoothie Café
Brenna O’Regan, Amanda Newsome, Kemper Jones, Jeffrey Joyce, Chris Nguyen

2 Franchise Information
Upscale smoothie and deli café Founded in Tallahassee, Florida in Oct. 1997 195 domestic and 4 foreign franchises Healthy alternative to fast-food $75,000 in liquid assets and overall investment between $200,000- $300,000 to start a franchise Avg. size of store is 1,400- 2,400 sq. ft.

3 SWOT Analysis Strengths Few competitors in the NRV
Wide breadth of products Reputation Weaknesses Longer food preparation time Convenience Expensive prices

4 SWOT Analysis Opportunities Large potential market in the NRV
Uniqueness/ First of its kind in the NRV Future growth Threats Brand name recognition Substitutable products Climate Trends

5 Marketing Strategy Target Market Characteristics: Age 16-30, Female, White/Caucasian, Middle Class Market competitive advantage Ads in newspapers Daily smoothie promotions Coupons VIP Card Employee Customer Service training

6 Recommendation Consultant team recommends Tropical Smoothie be built.
Why? Site location & potential target market Extremely unique with few competitors Growth opportunities

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