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Ferryhill E-Café. This is the E-Café History The E-Café opened because it was identified that a youth facility was needed in Ferryhill. This was identified.

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1 Ferryhill E-Café

2 This is the E-Café

3 History The E-Café opened because it was identified that a youth facility was needed in Ferryhill. This was identified as anti-social behaviour was increasing significantly. Police have reported that since the E-Café opened in 2002 anti-social behavior levels have decreased. The E-Café first opened in 2002 and is still running now.

4 Opening Days and Times! Young People aged 8 to 10 years old Monday 4.15pm till 5.45pm Tuesday 4.15pm till 5.45pm Thursday 4.15pm till 5.45pm Young People aged 11 to 17 years old Monday 6.00pm till 7.30pm Tuesday 6.00pm till 7.30pm Thursday 6.00pm till 7.30pm Friday 6.00pm till 7.30pm

5 Meet Our Staff Laura Langdale is the E-Café Co-Ordinator. Laura graduated from Sunderland University with a BA Hons in Community and Youth Work and has over 9 years experience in working with young people. Gillian Lyle is the E Café Auxiliary and is new to the post as of May 2013. She has proven to be an instant hit with the young people. Michael is the E Cafés part time Level 3 worker and is new to the post as of May 2013. He is keen to engage with young people! LAURA

6 E-Cafés Musical Talent The E Café has 2 music facilities! There is a MC/rave room and a karaoke corner which both prove to be very popular with the young people.

7 Things to do… Some of our activities include: pool, table tennis, baking, party nights, trips and much more!

8 Gaming Activities Due to funding the E-Café has a Xbox 360 and Wii console which entertains the young people as well as the staff.

9 Being Creative! Creative imagination? Laura and the team assist young people in many arts and crafts activities including : drawing, painting pictures and window displays. We even make nice things for special occasions for our families and friends.

10 Quiet Time If you fancy chilling out and relaxing then the quiet area offers just that. You can watch a DVD or TV programme. Take up the challenge in our regular games and quiz nights.

11 The E-Café Garden Want a bit fresh air? Why not try some of our outside games? We offer a range of activities like basketball, volley ball, badminton, bowling and many more.

12 Due to funds raised by the E-Café members, staff are able to take young people out of the centre and let them experience a range of different activities! These have included: Ice Skating, Go-Karting, Roller Disco, Adventure Valley, Cinema and many more! Off Site Activities

13 The E-Café have done a number of outdoor activity weekends throughout 2012 and 2013! Activities include: kayaking, gorge walking, rock climbing, 50ft high zip line, orienteering and much more! Please have a look at just a selection of the photos we have taken!! Outward Bound Activities


15 New ICT Suite In 2013 The E-Café was kindly donated 4 PCs by Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College & 1 by Livin. This has allowed the young people opportunity to access the internet and other online facilities.

16 RAISING FUNDS FOR OTHERS! Each year we try to raise funds for other world wide causes. In 2010 we raised money for comic relief, that would help people around the world and make a big difference. The total money raised by the E-Café members was £187.00 2012/2013 will see us raise money for the local community and other great causes….watch the space for information!!

17 Money raised to help others…


19 Funding In 2009 the young people helped to raise over £2000. Since new management took over in August 2012 The E-Café has secured a number of new funding bids including O2 Think Big funding. The Co-op have given us £2000 towards issue based work shops through out the summer of 2013. We hold a number raffles and tombolas to help raise money along with helping in the communities on events such as Gala Day. The E-Café hosts Santas Grotto every year and holds various stalls through out the year to raise funds for the centre.

20 Refreshments Our tuck shop offers all kinds of refreshments. These include: mix ups cans of pop chocolate bars and if that doesnt tempt you then we offer freshly made toasties.

21 Comments from young people in 2011! I attend the E-Café because its the cool place to be. Rachael Hopper! I like the café because its crazy like me. Laura Clark! The games are fab. Ewan! The staff is bonkers. Caitlin! I like the activities. Bradley! To see my mates and the lasses. Liam! Its good fun and you can meet new people. Kyle B! I like to play games with Adam from Tyler! e. café because it is cool and my friends come. Laura Clark ! I

22 Comments from young people 2012! Laura has made a huge difference since taking over! Please stay with us!!! Amy There is sooo much to do and its an exciting new time for us! Connor I enjoy chilling out with the crew and being allowed to be myself! Cheers Liam Bin attending now for 5 years an still enjoy it. Matty New opening times are buzzing….sweet times! Kane What a difference 6 weeks makes….Lovin Laura and the crew!

23 Comments from young people in 2013! Loving the new set up! – Amy Freshly decorated and a friendly place to come – Liam Great staff who look after us – James We always have things to do – Adam It just keeps getting better and we keep getting more and more things! – Natalie We have been away on loads of trips – Connor So pleased it is open 4 nights a week for us! - Beth

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