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The Broadway Cafe Karthik Gunasekaran – u

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1 The Broadway Cafe Karthik Gunasekaran – u3040423
Taranjot Singh – u Haoshu Dong – u Liu Yang – u

2 Agenda Introduction to the Café Problems Solutions Conclusion

3 Introducing The Café

4 Concerns of stakeholders
Owner worried about satisfaction of customers and popularity of cafe Customers not satisfied with service Competitors are concerned about cheap price and good quality Suppliers worried about supplying on time Staff thinks about salary and less que

5 Alter's Frame Work

6 Competitive Advantage
Porter's Five Forces Model Using Porter’s generic strategies Broad Cost Leadership Providing lowest prices Broad Differentiation Making our coffee ‘The Best” in all aspects and Excellent Service Focussed Strategy Setting sales target and achieving ‘n’ customers per day

7 Current Layout

8 Re-engineered Layout

9 E-Business Problems Incorrect Orders
Too many orders can slow down the website Orders can lead to decrease in sales of sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. as more people just order coffee

10 E-Business Solution The ordering system should be more precise and to the detail creating less confusion Don’t allow other users to start ordering unless the previous order is placed In store staff should upsell and give special discounts with coffee/sandwiches, salads, soups, etc.

11 System Development Problems: Lack of “Time and attendance software” .

12 System Development Solutions:
Using an employee to build a custom system. OR Purchasing a COTS time and attendance application and outsourcing custom development.

13 SCM – Supply Chain Management
Task: Define a way that you can revamp or reinvent your café using supply chain technologies. Contact more supplier partners Do more propaganda to attract more customer Leave customers strong impression to have more potential customers in the future

14 SCM – Supply Chain Management

15 Groupware Reflection Wikispaces is a tool which provides free wikis for everyone. Users can interact with other users and upload their documents and files which can be viewed and changed by all the members.

16 Activity Diagram

17 Advantages & Disadvantages
User can upload any document any time. User can make changes to any existing page. New pages are created easily just in one click. Disadvantages Everything should be on main page, bad navigation (Recent Changes). Upload doesn’t work if the file is already open. While inserting an image sometimes you get as a link and sometimes as a display.

18 Any Questions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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