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Sapna Agarwal 08-702 Vinay Agnani 08-703 Vaibhav Alone 08-705 Tejashree Bole 08-712 Smita Bommera 08-713 Pramod Kamble 08-730 Nupur Khanna 08-733 Sanjukta.

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1 Sapna Agarwal Vinay Agnani Vaibhav Alone Tejashree Bole Smita Bommera Pramod Kamble Nupur Khanna Sanjukta Mukherjee Reemis Rodrigues Neha Vyas Café COFFEE DAY A lot can happen over a cup of coffee

2 INTRODUCTION V.G. Siddhartha, chairman of the Bangalore-based Amalgamated Bean Company(ABC) Rs. 750 crore, ISO 9002 certified company Largest retail chain of coffee shop in India First café in 1996 at BANGALORE 873 cafes in 135 cities Each café, depending upon its size attracts between 100 to 300 customers daily. Mainly to attract teenagers, business meetings

3 It is a place where customers come to rejuvenate themselves and be themselves. Therefore, is a relaxed and fun hangout for the emerging urban youth. The company operates its cafes in various formats, such as music, book, highway, lounge, garden, and cyber cafes Tied-up with world space and micro sense By March he wants to expand the chain to 950 cafés.

4 Various divisions are: Coffee Day Fresh n Ground (which owns 400 Coffee bean and powder retail outlets) Coffee Day Xpress (which owns 895 Coffee Day Kiosk), Coffee Day Take away (which owns Vending Machines) Coffee Day Exports Coffee Day Perfect (FMCG Packaged Coffee) division

5 S-T-P-D Middle class and upper middle class youth Students, House wives, executives and youngsters People who value a great cup of coffee CCD seeks to target not just the youth but anyone who isyoung at heart. Medium Price Band 873 outlets in 135 cities Strong and Stable Parentage Right Locations Place a cafe in every possible location where some business can be generated. To be present in educational institutions and corporate campuses Third Place" away from the home and college or workplace for the young and the young at heart. Coffee Bar Fun Place Home and Workplace Café Coffee Day has its main consumer base in the age group of years. SEGMENTATIONTARGETING POSITIONINGDIFFERENTIATION

6 Coffee House Chain KNOWN UNKNOW N OverlookedIndifferent Unaccepte dAccepted Café HillelCafé Mocha Café Nero IllycaféBarista Coffee Heaven Coffee World Java Green The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cupps Coffee Costa Coffee McCafé Blenz Dunkin Donuts India Coffee House Allann BrothersStarbucks

7 Branding Communication Through Interactive Media Held Contest around a Very Popular Programme- Friends Tie up lot of youth brands

8 BRAND Identity Image Perception Position

9 VALUE PROPOSITION FOR CCD Functional - YES Emotional - YES Economic - YES



12 SERVICE BLUEPRINT - CCD Delivers the order Data entry SUPPORT PROCESS CONTACT PERSON (Back Stage) (On Stage) CUSTOMER PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Prepares Food / Drinks Informs about the order placed Customer Arrives at CCD Customer walks -in Line of interaction Line of visibility Line of internal interaction CCD exteriors Views Menu card Goes to the table Furniture CCD interiors Ambience Interior design CCD boy/girl Menu Places order Sits Chats Waits Makes the payment Leaves Requests for bill Greeted by CCD boy/girl Takes order Order received Eats Receives Food/Drink Accepts request Hands over the bill to the customer Bill generated Billing system Processes bill Delivery Tray Food & drinks Exit way CCD exteriors CCD boy/girl

13 SERVICE RECOVERY STRATEGIES ParametersYes/no Treat customer. fairlyYes Cultivate relationship with customerYes Learn from recovery experienceYes Fail-safe the serviceYes track complainsYes

14 ParametersYes/No Act quicklyYes Provide adequate explanationYes

15 DIMENSIONS OF SERVICE QUALITY Reliability Responsiveness Assurance Empathy Tangibles

16 Search Quality Experience Quality Credence Quality


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