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Café Conversations Altrusa International District Five.

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1 Café Conversations Altrusa International District Five

2 What is Café Conversation? Creates a collaborative dialogue New ways to make a difference Foster inquiry rather than debate

3 What a Café Isnt Not a place to press your ideas Not a place to network Not a place to hook up No ideologies are promoted

4 Lets Get Started

5 Café Agreement and Etiquette Open Mindedness Acceptance Curiosity Discovery Sincerity Brevity

6 What happens at a Café Conversation? Agreement Pick someone at your table to be the HOST Go to a NEW table Make sure everyone gets a chance to talk

7 RULES Contribute your thinking Speak your mind and heart Listen to understand Link and connect ideas Listen together for insights and deeper ?? Play, Doodle, Draw- writing on the tablecloths is encouraged! Have Fun

8 Question What is important and key if Altrusa is to be the very best at leading to a better community? Inclusive – Non-inclusive Clear- Unclear Flexible- Inflexible

9 RESOURCES The World Café The Conversation Café

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