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channeltraining DISH Network Sales Training Welcome!

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2 channeltraining DISH Network Sales Training Welcome!

3 channeltraining Customer Cycle

4 channeltraining Marketing Focus for Q3 Advertise monthly price with locals included in price

5 channeltraining How DISH Network Works

6 channeltraining Q 3 | A U G U S T 1, 2 0 0 9 DHA-24 Promotions

7 channeltraining Digital Home Advantage DHA-24 DHA-24 Best Lease Offer 24 month agreement required SSN and Credit Card required No activation fee Pass credit check UP TO 4 ROOMS FOR FREE including 3 HD ROOMS FOR FREE!

8 channeltraining Q 3 | A U G U S T 1, 2 0 0 9 HD/DVR Industry-Leading Equipment!

9 channeltraining Solo vs. Duo Receivers

10 channeltraining ViP722k HD Duo DVR Our most popular receiver! Up to 55 hours of HD DVR recording time (or 350 hours of SD DVR) Can support 1 TV or 2TVs Ranked #1 HD DVR by Shared DVR hard drive! Best of all: FREE as the primary receiver!! FREE HD DVR FREE HD DVR FREE HD DVR!!

11 channeltraining ViP 222k or 211k Either 1 or 2 rooms 222k supports 2 rooms (1 in HD, 1 in SD), or 211k supports 1 room in HD Both support external hard-drive configuration to convert to DVR Secondary receiver in most cases (sell 722 HD DVR first!)

12 channeltraining Q 3 | A U G U S T 1, 2 0 0 9 HBO/Showtime 3 months free $15 or $10 off for a year! Offers

13 channeltraining Offers New Classic customers shall receive $15 off their monthly bill for 12 months! –$180 OFF total! Eligible for New Customers who make a term commitment –Must sign 24-month –Eligible Programming: Classic Bronze 100 or higher (*TurboHD NOT eligible) Lock in your savings for a year! > TIP: Be sure to use the correct advertising message, lock in savings. Avoid any messages that promise a price lock.

14 channeltraining Offers Pricing Programming Package Monthly Package Price Monthly Overlay Credit Price After Credit Classic Bronze 100$39.99$15.00$24.99 Classic Bronze 100 Plus$44.99$15.00$29.99 Classic Silver 200$52.99$15.00$37.99 Classic Gold 250$62.99$15.00$47.99 America's "Everything" Pak$102.98$15.00$87.98 Classic Bronze 100 with DVR$44.99$15.00$29.99 Classic Bronze 100 Plus with DVR$49.99$15.00$34.99 Classic Silver 200 with DVR$57.99$15.00$42.99 Classic Gold 250 with DVR $67.99$15.00$52.99

15 channeltraining Offers $22 savings per month! NEW Customers –Qualified with DHA-24, DHA TOO and FlexTV Existing Customers –Qualified with sign up for AutoPay with Paperless Billing or provide a valid email address –Cannot receive HBO for free more than once per year All customers must maintain minimum programming service of: –Classic Bronze 100 –DishLATINO Clásico –International as Qualified Programming to receive promotional credits –TurboHD Bronze Charges will automatically apply to bill after the free 3 months if a customer does not call and cancel HBO/Showtime FREE for 3 months

16 channeltraining Additional Fees For Example: 1 HD Duo DVR, 1 HD Solo Classic Bronze 100 w/DVR $ 29.99 High-Definition Package $ 10.00 Additional HD Receiver (Lease fee) $ 7.00 Total $ 46.99

17 channeltraining Offers Same Business Rules New Customers who make a 24 month commitment –DHA-24 –DHATOO Charges will automatically apply to bill after the free 9 months if a customer does not call and cancel Cinemax offer has been discontinued effective immediately. DHPP free for 9 months continued

18 channeltraining The Key: Building VALUE! "In a down economy, value rules... success depends on delivering value, as well as low price." Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst, Enderle Group At the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 8, 2009

19 channeltraining GROUP DISCOUNT Installation Fee Waived! $ 99.00 12 Monthly Credits of $15! $ 180.00 12 Months of CineMax a Penny (With Ebill & AutoPay) $ 155.87 3 Months Free HBO/Showtime! $ 66.00 TOTAL GROUP SAVINGS$ 501.87 Every Touch Down, Every Game Only $5.99pm, (must have the Classic 200+)

20 channeltraining NFL Red Zone EVERY TOUCHDOWN. EVERY GAME.

21 channeltraining NFL Red Zone ONLY $5.99/month!! Must have Classic Silver 200 or higher DirecTVs Sunday Ticket costs about $350 per season (ouch!)

22 channeltraining Q 3 | A U G U S T 1, 2 0 0 9 Unreturned equipment feesCancellation fee Disclosures

23 channeltraining Disclosures New and Existing Customer Cancellation Fee updated to $360 prorated for months remaining in customer agreement 24-Month Commitment Offers –Prorated at $15/month multiplied by the number of months remaining in customer commitment period Cancellation Fee Update Even with this price increase the DISH Network cancellation fee is still lower than DirecTVs

24 channeltraining Disclosures Lease Unreturned Equipment Fees Receiver ModelFeeReceiver ModelFee 301/311/381 Solo Receiver $100.00 ViP 222/k HD Duo Receiver $200.00 322/322-1 Duo Receiver $100.00 ViP 612 HD Solo DVR Receiver $300.00 522/625 Enhanced DuoDVR Receiver $300.00 ViP 622/722/k Enhanced HD DuoDVR Receiver $300.00 ViP 211/k HD Solo Receiver $200.00 Outside Equipment (LNBF) $50.00

25 channeltraining Q 3 | A U G U S T 1, 2 0 0 9 Customer Retention

26 channeltraining Customer Onboarding 2/2/2 Calls! How does DISH Network help you retain your customer? DISH Networks New customer Onboarding E- mails: –Order Confirmation E-mail –Welcome E-mail –First Bill E-mail/First Bill Explanation –Day 30 E-mail – Quick Tips –Day 60 E-mail – Advanced Tips –Day 90 E-mail – Get More from DISH Network Exclusive offers such as: PPV Coupons with bills to good customers, CMT Concert Series, Dora the Explorer

27 channeltraining Review/Key Benefits Packages starting at just $24.99/month for 12 months! –Beats Cox/DirecTV every time! Free industry-leading HD DVR! Up to 4 rooms total for FREE! Free installation with 24-month agreement! Free HBO/Showtime for 3 months! TREMENDOUS SELLINGVALUE!

28 channeltraining Questions?

29 channeltraining Happy Selling!

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