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Weronika Domagała, Sara Mista TRANS-COMMUNICATION.

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1 Weronika Domagała, Sara Mista TRANS-COMMUNICATION

2 Trans-communication – those are attempts of communication with beings from other worlds beyond our space and time. The first attempts of trans-communication were in 1901 and 1902 when the ethnologist Waldemar Bogoras, participating in shamanic ritual during an expedition to Siberia recorded voices on the portable phonograph constructed by Thomas Alva Edison.

3 Trans-communication comes from spiritism - the belief which recognizes the existence of spirits and souls of the dead and the possibility of contacting them, usually with the help of the media, or people who are particularly gifted.

4 TRANCE Trance – is a communication with the spirits of people who are particularly gifted with this ability (called mediums) who during the trance may even be directly controlled by the spirit and speak with the voice of the deceased. Meetings with the medium spiritualists are called meetings." The purpose of the medium is often to help "lost and suffering spirits of those who died, f.e. in a sudden death in a car accident, or the ghosts seeking revenge on the other people. Meetings usually take place in the evening or at night in the room where all the windows are covered and the wooden table is in the centre of the room.

5 KLAUS SCHREIBER In 1985, the deceased people could be seen on TV for the first time, as in the opposition to the possibility of only hearing them. Klaus Schreiber, the technician, after conducting vast research, was able to see some of his dead relatives whom he previously contacted only by recording their voices on the tape recorder, on TV.

6 On January 7 th, 1988 Klaus Schreiber died. His obituary was: "Death does not exist. It is only a transition to another plain of existence. I am with you." This last sentence turned out to be true immediately after his death – one of his friends recorded his voice on the tape during the funeral of Schreiber. Since then, many people wanting to contact Schreiber were really able to achieve their aim.

7 The image of Anne Guigné (25.04.1911- 14.01.1922) when she was alive (left), and her image displayed on the computer screen. Friedrich Jurgenson, a Swedish researcher, picture taken during his life (left) and the photo of his ghost.

8 KNOWN SCHOLARS OF THE TRANS-COMMUNICATION Danuta Adamska- Rutkowka O. Agostino Gemelli Dr Konstantin Raudive Dr George Meek Prof. dr Ernst Otton Senkowski

9 Thank you for watching our presentation

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