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The Big Move! By: Jessica McCluskey. The Big Move by: Jessica McCluskey.

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1 The Big Move! By: Jessica McCluskey

2 The Big Move by: Jessica McCluskey


4 One day, in New York City, there was a happy family. It was June 15, 2012. The mom Caroline, father Frank, Billy the son and the daughter Josey, went to the park with their pet, Komoda, the Komodo dragon.


6 When they were at the park, Josey and Billy were playing at the playground. They were running around with Komoda.


8 Soon it started to get dark, so they started to walk home. They watched T.V. for a while. Then it was bedtime.


10 The next morning, Caroline was making breakfast, and it was a beautiful day. The birds where chirping. It was around 90 and it was as hot as an oven outside.


12 The family had to go to a relatives house that day. It was June 16, 2012. When they left the house and they left Kamoda at home.


14 Kamoda didnt like being left home alone, so Kamoda started getting into things. He got behind the T.V. CRACK!


16 Kamoda bit through the T.V. wire! The wire was still hot. It caught the rug on fire in minutes. The family still wasnt home.

17 9-1-1

18 The neighbors call Caroline and told her the house was on fire! The family rushed home.


20 The sirens on the fire truck were blasting. The fire truck finally got there. It seemed like a million years until they got there. It took hours to get the fire out. Luckily, Kamoda was fine.


22 The family started looking for a house the next day. The only house they could find was in California, so they started packing up the rest of their things. The family started to drive. It took about a week to get there. They lived happy ever after in their new home.

23 J e s s i c a M c C l u s k e y i s a S e n i o r a t t h e L a w r e n c e C o u n t y C a r e e r & T e c h n i c a l C e n t e r. S h e i s e n r o l l e d i n t h e c o s m e t o l o g y p r o g r a m a n d i s f r o m t h e W i l m i n g t o n A r e a S c h o o l D i s t r i c t.

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